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Football youth from Yushu, Qinghai go to Beijing for training: The bigger the stadium, the bigger the field of vision – China News Service


China News Service, Xining, November 3rd: Qinghai Yushu football boys went to Beijing for training: The bigger the stadium, the bigger the field of view

Author Pan Yujie Qi Xiujuan

“It’s my first time to play football in Beijing. The grass is very soft and I can run more powerfully. We train with games and it’s very relaxing. During the game, our opponents are very united and active. We should learn from them…”

After the Beijing training camp, 13-year-old Nanka Zhaxi, a student at the Yushu (Haidong) Branch of the High School Affiliated to the Minzu University of China, wrote down his feelings about the training in his diary.

From October 20th to November 3rd, the Education Bureau of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province organized 20 special youth football recruits from the prefecture to go to Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club for training. During this period, the students received professional guidance from youth training coaches and played multiple teaching games with the Guoan echelon and youth training network clubs.

The picture shows Yushu football boy Ga Malongzhou taking a photo with Beijing Guoan head coach Ricardo Suarez.Photo by Danzhou Nima

Duoguo, a teenager from Yushu who has just entered the first grade of junior high school, is agile and plays the left forward position in the game. “The students from Beijing are very skilled and flexible, but we are not to be outdone.” He said with a smile: “On the field, I made no mistakes most of the time. After a few games, I became happier and happier. Although the team has just been formed, But everyone also learned to cooperate with each other.”

It is understood that the training courses include basic technical movements of football, offensive and defensive techniques and tactics, physical fitness training and learning of game rules. The coaches use scientific and interesting methods to allow students to gradually improve their football skills and physical fitness.

“Not only did the children learn, but I also learned a new lesson.” Yang Chen, a youth football coach who went to Beijing with his students, just came to teach at the Yushu (Haidong) Branch of the High School Affiliated to the Minzu University of China six months ago.

“In every class, the coaches are imparting professional football knowledge and new training concepts.” Yang Chen said, “From warm-up to technical coordination, even the most basic stretching movements should be carried out scientifically, and future training should also be Be more systematic and break down goals.”

The picture shows students from the Yushu (Haidong) Branch of the High School Affiliated to the Minzu University of China taking a group photo during a friendly match with Beijing No. 18 Middle School.Photo by Danzhou Nima

“Although they lost to the Guoan echelon in the game, the children were strong-willed and dared to fight on the court. The coaches liked them very much.” Garma Danzhou, section chief of the Health and Arts Section of the Sports Committee of the Education Bureau of Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province, said that next year’s plan Continue to organize training camps to achieve normalization.

Nankazashi has been playing football since the second grade of elementary school. “I used to play on the grassland, and then I played in a small playground near my home. This time I experienced the big stadium in Beijing.” He said that there are many elders and friends who love football around him, and his dream is to become a professional football player when he grows up. .

The picture shows Yushu football boys returning to Qinghai after going to Beijing for training.Photo by Xue Di

While participating in the training, the students also visited scenic spots and historic sites, visited the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Workers’ Stadium, visited several middle schools in Beijing to observe and communicate, and “took a class together” with current students. “Football is a window for children to communicate with the outside world, through which they can continuously acquire knowledge and broaden their horizons.” said Nima Danzhou, full-time deputy secretary of the Party Branch of the Yushu (Haidong) Branch of the High School Affiliated to the Central University for Nationalities.

Sun Meihong, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Yushu Prefecture Education Bureau, introduced that in recent years, with the support of Beijing’s counterparts in aiding youth, Beijing and Yu have continued to carry out Yushu rural teachers to study in Beijing, and Yushu high school students have experienced traditional intangible cultural heritage and the beauty of Chinese characters in Beijing. and other brand cultural exchange activities to continuously deepen the exchanges, exchanges and integration of young people from the two places. (over)

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