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The Old Summer Palace has released three autumn tour routes. The most beautiful autumn scenery is waiting for you! _Ginkgo_Tourist_Avenue


Original title: Yuanmingyuan released three autumn tour routes. The most beautiful autumn scenery is waiting for you!

At present, the forest inside the Old Summer Palace is fully dyed, and the reeds and remnants of lotus in the lake, together with the colorful leaves on the shore, form a poetic watercolor painting, attracting many tourists to stop and watch and take photos. On November 3, the Old Summer Palace released three autumn tour routes, inviting citizens and tourists to check out the most beautiful autumn scenery.

Many colorful leaf ornamental tree species are planted in the Old Summer Palace, such as ginkgo, ash, maple, maple, cotinus, etc., forming multiple colorful leaf viewing areas in autumn. But only ginkgo exaggerates the autumn mood to the extreme with just one color. From the junction of the three gardens of Yuanmingyuan to the west entrance of the Xiyanglou site, there is a ginkgo avenue nearly a kilometer long. After an autumn wind, it has now ushered in the best viewing period. Pieces of yellow leaves swirled and fell, and the ground was golden. The children stepped on the fallen leaves and listened carefully to the unique clicking sound of autumn; some tourists picked up the fallen leaves, carefully looked at its texture and veins, and chose the ones they liked best as bookmarks; some tourists arranged the ginkgo leaves into pictures. , spell it out, check in and take photos, and keep this beautiful memory forever.

In order to create a better autumn landscape for tourists, in recent years, the Old Summer Palace has implemented slow sweeping of fallen leaves, leaving a viewing area for colorful leaves for tourists to enjoy. Every late autumn, Ginkgo Avenue in Yuanmingyuan becomes a popular photo-taking place for tourists.

In addition to Ginkgo Avenue, there are also patches of ginkgo distributed along the Ginkgo Trail between the east gate of Old Summer Palace and the ruins of Xiyanglou, the southwest corner of Fuhai, and the western part of Old Summer Palace. The ginkgo landscape is expected to last until mid-to-early November. In addition, the colorful leaves at the Lion Grove, Pingxiang Pavilion, Chunze Zhai, Pinghu Qiuyue, Jiexiu Shanfang, etc. are also worth seeing.


The water area of ​​the Old Summer Palace accounts for about two-thirds of the entire garden area. It is a waterscape garden. In autumn, the remaining lotuses in the water, the reeds on the lakeside and the colorful leaves on the shore complement each other, forming a unique autumn landscape of the Old Summer Palace. The reed landscape is mainly distributed in the Jade Linglong Pavilion, Lion Grove, Fuhai and other areas of Changchun Garden. “The reeds are green and the white dew is frost.” In early November, the reeds on the shore will reach their best viewing period. The autumn wind blows and turns over large reeds, which fall like snowflakes under the sunlight, taking people away from the hustle and bustle and feeling the beauty of ease and comfort. .


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