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The opening ceremony of the first National Youth Youth Association will be held on November 5 with a lighting ceremony to present the “energy-gathering ring” of


Xinhua News Agency, Nanning, November 1st (Reporter Lu Xianting) The reporter learned from the press conference of the opening ceremony of the First National Student (Youth) Games held on the 1st that the opening ceremony of the Youth League will be held at 8 pm on November 5th. Held at the Guangxi Sports Center, the opening ceremony has a carefully designed lighting ceremony. The torch tower will be completed on site, and then the “energy gathering ring” representing the light of youth will be lit.

The picture shows the scene of the press conference for the opening ceremony of the Youth Association. Published by Xinhua News Agency (photo by Wang Xi)

The creative planning of the opening ceremony of this Youth Youth Conference reflects the concept of “green, sharing, openness and integrity”. It follows the requirements of “simple, safe and exciting” and takes “youth, unity and friendship” as the keynote and ” The theme of “Chasing Dreams, Youth is More Wonderful in the New Era” highlights students, youth and local characteristics, highlights the vitality, contemporary nature and growth, highlights the integration of sports and education, pays equal attention to culture and sports, and integrates art and technology.

The opening ceremony lasts about 70 minutes and is mainly divided into two parts: sports ceremony and cultural and sports performances. There is a warm-up performance before the opening ceremony. The cultural and sports performance is themed “On the Track of Youth” and includes three chapters: “Mountains and Rivers of Youth”, “Relay of Youth”, “Run of Youth” and the epilogue “Long Live Youth”. At the end, a green and low-carbon lighting ceremony will be integrated with the performance, and the original theme song “In the Name of Youth” will be released.

The torch relay and lighting ceremony are the highlights of this opening ceremony. The fire of the Youth League was collected from Hepu County, Beihai City, Guangxi, the departure port of the ancient “Maritime Silk Road”. On October 23, the torch relay started from Hepu, passed through 14 cities in Guangxi, and will arrive in the capital Nanning on November 5. On the day of the opening ceremony, 6 torchbearers will pass 5 torches, and the last torch will be held by outstanding student representatives and athlete representatives and passed to the main torch tower.

On October 23, the torch collectors lit the cauldron. On the same day, the first Youth Conference torch collection and torch relay activities were launched at the first port of the Maritime Silk Road in Hepu County, Beihai City, Guangxi.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Hua

Sein Fei, the chief director of the opening ceremony, revealed that the torch tower and lighting ceremony took “youth energy gathering” as the creative core. “The torch tower will not be visible during the ceremony and performance. The actors relied on their own spirit and strength to complete the construction of the torch tower on site, practicing the concepts of green, low-carbon and environmental protection, and achieving ‘energy-gathering and environmental protection’. ‘The ignition, the burning of the slight fire, the light of youth is connected to the sky.”

Zhang Ziying, deputy director of the large-scale activities department of the Youth Association Executive Committee, introduced that the opening ceremony rehearsal has entered the stage of refining and improving the program, and has carried out synthesis, lighting, rehearsal and other related work, and will begin full-element synthesis rehearsal on October 15. . Two rehearsals and two all-element rehearsals have been completed so far, and a preview will be held on November 3.

The first National Youth Conference will be held in Guangxi from November 5th to 15th. The competition will include 39 major events, 51 sub-events, and 805 minor events, including 370 in the campus group and 435 in the open group.

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