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Macau resort launches walking fitness and street walking tour | TTG China


Photo Credit/ Prudence Liu (TTG ASIA MEDIA)

(Zhang Guangwen/Macau interview report) The reporter learned during Sands China’s “Sands Travel DiscoverMacau2023 ” large-scale inspection event that corporate teams visiting Macau are increasingly favoring outdoor activities, and include hiking fitness and street activities during business events. Walking itineraries are increasingly popular. Based on this, a variety of hiking tours have emerged, and many integrated resorts in Macau have also launched related new methods.

Photo Credit/ Prudence Liu (TTG ASIA MEDIA)

Take Sands China as an example,Corporate groups can choose to explore the Macau Peninsula, visit Sena Road (Sa Li Tau Market), October 5th Street, Garumiye Circle, A-Ma Temple, and at the same time, visit the local market and the oldest temple in Macau. Or take a leisurely Coloane tour and visit the Lai Chi Wan Shipyard area, Coloane Village, St. Francis Church, Guan Yin Temple, and Tam Kung Temple to learn about the history of Macau’s shipbuilding industry and taste local fishery products and Portuguese egg tarts. The World Heritage Cultural Tour, which combines ancient and modern Chinese and Western cultures, covers the Guia Fortress, Macau Museum, the Fortress, Ruins of St. Paul’s Arch, and Senado Square. It is also good to lead the team to visit local snacks and local specialty shops. choose. In addition, if you want to get away from the crowds and give your body a thorough exercise, you can walk the Coloane Walking Trail around the island to experience the 8 kilometers of nature.

Prefer the combination of active muscles and modern artFor groups, you can go to Yiyu Street, Three Lanterns, Macau Cathedral, and Amarantea Square to discover the details of Macau’s street art and appreciate the local life and unique architecture. Groups who like to eat while walking can also go on a journey to find local specialties in Macao and deeply experience the charm of Macao as a gastronomic capital. For example, explore famous Macau restaurants, street snacks and special souvenirs such as Nanping Yaxu Restaurant, Shixiang Peanut, Hongxin Coconut Ice Cream, Jinyan Western Butter Cake Portuguese Food, Senado Cherry Liqueur Specialty Store, Baijiachang Herbal Tea Shop. The recently opened tour trail to the site of the Ik Long Firecracker Factory can also be combined with the Longhuan Portuguese Charm Residential Museum and Portuguese ceramic tile painting experience, providing the team with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the history of Macau’s firecracker industry and appreciate the architectural charm of Portugal.

among,“Yiklong Firecracker Factory Site Tour Trail”It is open from 6 am to 7 pm every day. Its total length is about 400 meters. It is built with the inheritance of historical memory as a guide and combined with environmental characteristics, allowing visitors to experience the natural beauty of the symbiosis of historical buildings and trees. Walking along the road, you can see the pulp diversion area, waterways, ponds, cannon-cutting rooms and warehouses of the firecracker factory. You can also use the navigation system to watch videos of the firecracker production and production processes at that time. In the next stage, the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau will gradually use the park space at the former site of the Yilong Firecracker Factory on the basis of the only remaining and relatively well-preserved firecracker industrial ruins in Macao to add parent-child adventure rides, provide children’s experience activities, and plan Recruiting specialty coffee shops and performance projects.

In addition, teams that are interested in extreme thrilling activities can include a trip to the Macau Grand Prix to visit the Macau Guia Racing Track and the Grand Prix Museum to experience VR speed, or go to the Coloane Circuit (Go-Kart) to experience small racing, or It is to experience the fun of walking at an altitude of 233 meters at the Macau Tower and overlook the 360-degree panoramic view of Macau.


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