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People’s Daily praises Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone: Promoting reform and innovation achievements to promote high-level opening-up – Economy – Southeast Net

People’s Daily praises Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone: Promoting reform and innovation achievements to promote high-level opening-up – Economy – Southeast Net
People’s Daily praises Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone: Promoting reform and innovation achievements to promote high-level opening-up – Economy – Southeast Net

On November 3, the sixth page of the People’s Daily published “Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone – Promoting Reform and Innovation Achievements to Promote High-level Opening Up”, focusing on “promoting institutional integration innovation”, “serving cross-strait integrated development” and “deepening joint construction” “One Belt, One Road” three aspects, a detailed introduction to the progress and achievements made by the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone since its establishment.

Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone——

Promote reform and innovation achievements to support high-level opening up

People’s Daily reporter Fu Wenshiyu

The Pingtan area is taking the lead in piloting the reform of the “one license, one code” commercial registration system; the Xiamen area’s international trade “single window” connects more than 40 departments and provides one-stop processing of cross-border trade business; the Fuzhou area realizes the first domestic bulk commodity transaction The offshore resale business was successfully implemented… Since its listing in April 2015, the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone has been cultivating a test field for deepening reform and expanding opening up, and has launched a total of 20 batches of 622 innovative measures.

As of June this year, a total of 127,800 new enterprises have been added to the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone, with a registered capital of 2.78 trillion yuan, 8.3 times and 12.5 times respectively before the listing. The Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone is divided into three areas: Pingtan, Xiamen and Fuzhou. With an area of ​​less than 1‰ of the province, it has introduced about 1/4 of the province’s new foreign-invested enterprises and contributed about 1/6 of the province’s foreign trade. Import and export volume.

Promote system integration innovation

Focusing on key areas and key links, Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone continues to promote system integration innovation.

Pingtan District pioneered the “Six Ones” comprehensive service model for commercial registration, and took the lead in implementing measures such as “commitment filing + full online processing” for opening B&Bs, and the institutional transaction costs of enterprises have been continuously reduced.

Not long ago, Zuo Chang from Dali City, Yunnan Province came to Guanjiang Village to invest in the construction of a B&B because he was optimistic about the prospects of Pingtan International Tourism Island. “Pingtan has introduced a no-face-to-face approval policy. Registration can be completed on your mobile phone without having to make a trip.” Zuo Chang told reporters.

“Practitioners submit their applications online, and we conduct ‘parallel’ reviews offline. Those who meet the conditions can complete the registration within 7 working days, achieving ‘access and approval to operate.'” Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Administrative Approval Bureau People’s Livelihood Introduction by Yang Ping, Director of the Service and Qualifications Management Office.

Fuzhou Area sets high standards for economic and trade rules and promotes institutional innovation in areas such as investment, trade, finance, and interim and ex-post supervision.

“We have established a ‘negative list + pre-establishment national treatment’ foreign investment management system, implemented institutional innovations such as multi-department parallel processing of enterprise registration, and formed a full-chain facilitation measure from enterprise registration to cancellation and exit.” Fuzhou Area Management Committee Policy Li Fafa, director of the Regulations Research Office, said.

The Xiamen Area Management Committee organized more than 10 departments such as the Municipal Port Office and Customs, as well as more than 20 service companies such as banks and cargo stations, to jointly build a “single window” platform to provide enterprises with port customs clearance, cross-border trade, logistics, government affairs, and finance. In other aspects, services such as “multiple windows, multiple acceptances, and multiple declarations” have been changed to “one window, one declaration, and one processing.” As of the end of September this year, the “single window” for international trade in the Xiamen area has connected more than 40 departments, launched a total of 101 basic service functions, and served 17,505 companies and institutions.

Liu Huade, a customs declarer at the Shipping Department of Xiamen Shenyue Customs Technology Group Co., Ltd., said that in the past, customs declarations had to be squeezed into a small cubicle near the port joint inspection hall and running back and forth to various windows. Now, it can be done sitting in the office. “The ‘single window’ allows customs clearance.” Efficiency has increased by more than 50%, and the workload of department outlets has doubled.”

The hard work in the experimental fields has allowed batches of institutional innovations to take root in various places. According to a relevant person from the Fujian Provincial Free Trade Office, 35 innovative achievements in the three areas have been replicated and promoted across the country, and 7 pilot experiences have been included in the best practice cases of the national free trade pilot zones.

Serving the integrated development of both sides of the Taiwan Strait

The Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone is actively exploring new paths for cross-strait integrated development. Pingtan, Xiamen, and Fuzhou have taken the lead in opening up to Taiwan in more than 50 fields, introducing various projects such as manufacturing companies and securities companies, and establishing cross-strait agricultural and fishery product transactions. Center, Cross-Strait Advanced Materials R&D Cooperation Center, Cross-Strait Precision Medicine Collaboration Laboratory and a number of demonstration projects.

Deep integration of cross-strait industries——

The Xiamen area supports the establishment of the “Taiwan-invested Board”, a regional equity trading market with the theme of cross-strait finance, to promote the display and trading of Taiwan-funded enterprises; the Fuzhou area strengthens cross-strait advanced manufacturing cooperation and develops antibacterial ultra-thin glass and QR code decoding chips. Cross-strait advanced The manufacturing technology service center serves enterprises more than 30,000 times a year on average.

As of June this year, the three areas had a total of 3,097 new Taiwan-funded enterprises with contracted Taiwanese capital of US$8.09 billion, accounting for 27.8% and 29.8% of the province’s total in the same period respectively.

Smooth cross-strait economic and trade cooperation——

27.088 million votes, worth nearly 7.61 billion yuan… On the afternoon of October 18, on the big data display platform of Pingtan Cross-border E-commerce Park, the data flashed and jumped, reflecting the booming development of cross-strait e-commerce transactions. “Pingtan has opened shipping routes to Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, and shipping goods can arrive at the port in as little as 5.5 hours at the fastest.” said Zuo Min, chairman of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Landai Logistics Co., Ltd.

In 2022, the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone’s cross-border e-commerce export shipments to Taiwan exceeded 17 million, with a value of over 10 billion yuan, accounting for approximately 70% of mainland China’s total cross-border e-commerce exports to Taiwan.

Promote employment and entrepreneurship for Taiwan compatriots——

On October 7, Fang Yu, a Taiwanese compatriot in Taiwan, completed the application for a professional qualification certificate on her mobile phone and changed her “Nanny Single Level” professional certificate to a “Nanny Level 3” qualification certificate. In the future, she can engage in corresponding work in mainland China.

Su Bin, director of the Human Resources Management Division of the Party and Mass Work Department of the Party Working Committee of the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, said that Taiwan compatriots’ professional qualification certificates can be checked online at any time. Taiwan compatriots can continue to participate in training and examinations in the mainland with this certificate. Currently, the certificates are renewed. The number of Taiwanese compatriots has reached more than 2,000, and nearly 10,000 people have been trained and employed.

“We are the first to pilot allowing Taiwanese compatriots to use their Taiwan Compatriot Certificate or Residence Permit to apply for registration of mainland enterprises and build a cross-strait youth innovation, entrepreneurship and maker base.” said a relevant person from the Xiamen Area Management Committee.

Up to now, more than 1,100 Taiwanese companies and teams and more than 2,600 Taiwanese youth have settled in the Cross-Strait Youth Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Maker Base in the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Deepen the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”

Fujian is an important area of ​​the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone is deeply integrated into the overall pattern of jointly building the “Belt and Road”, promoting the construction of a two-way investment platform and building an important node for interconnection. As of September this year, the negative list for domestic and foreign investment in the Pilot Free Trade Zone has been reduced to 27 items, with a total of 5,157 new foreign-funded enterprises.

On the afternoon of October 16, a cargo ship from overseas slowly docked at the Jiangyin Port Area of ​​Fuzhou Port. “The next stop is bound for Xiamen Port, and the goods are mainly raw materials for clothing, shoes and hats, and furniture.” Su Xingxiao, deputy manager of the operation department of Jiangyin Terminal, said that there are currently 61 routes in the port area, including 11 “Silk Road Shipping” routes.

Fujian has accelerated the construction of international logistics channels and opened intercontinental freight routes to Europe and the United States. China-Europe (Xiamen) trains have been operating stably. As of the first half of this year, a total of 1,263 trains have been shipped, with a cargo value of 31.203 billion yuan.

More and more companies are “going out” to invest and start businesses in the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone. “During the project advancement, the Fuzhou Area Management Committee provided us with thoughtful and professional services and provided guidance in aspects such as project capital increase filing, support fund declaration, and risk prevention,” said Li Peikui, project manager of Fujian Jiahe Energy Co., Ltd.

In June this year, a cross-border e-commerce company in Xiamen had its funds frozen due to an intellectual property dispute. “After investigation and verification, the company did not infringe the rights. We immediately used the foreign legal service network to submit a defense to the court and apply for a hearing, and within one month we helped the company unfreeze the funds.” said Xue Ni, head of Yingke Haisi International Legal Service Center.

Focusing on risks such as trade disputes and legal disputes, in 2021, the Xiamen area will start the construction of the Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District Free Trade Pilot Zone. Up to now, the Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District has gathered more than 1,260 legal, pan-legal and legal technology companies offline, and connected more than 2,500 legal institutions of various types online, building a “Belt and Road” international commercial and maritime dispute settlement system, accepting cases from There are more than 1,300 commercial and maritime cases from more than 40 countries and regions, with the subject amount exceeding 10 billion yuan.

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