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Guilai Art Museum opens, nearly 100 fine paintings by 75 Chongqing artists debut for the first time



Event site (photo provided by the organizer)

On October 29, the opening ceremony of “Art Without Boundaries – Invitational Exhibition of Works by Chongqing Famous Art Masters and Guilai Art Museum Opening Exhibition” was held at Guilai Art Museum. At the exhibition site, exhibits from 75 artists were all on display, including the “Xinhua Daily” made of ceramics, the large-scale “Green Arrow Chewing Gum” made of fiberglass and lacquer, and the 150-centimeter-diameter “Giant Large” made of imitation weathering steel. “Ball” sculptures and other sculptures are a feast for the eyes of the audience.

The theme of this exhibition is “Great Art without Boundaries”, which comes from the famous artist Jiang Bibo’s rich and eclectic artistic path and the fearless artistic spirit of always putting national interests first and putting them into practice. This exhibition brings together outstanding domestic old, middle-aged and young artists, aiming to convey China’s diverse, inclusive and open cultural ideas and national spirit in the new era to a broad audience.

It is reported that this exhibition includes a total of 76 works. The exhibited works dig deep into the treasures of Chinese culture, cast new trends of the times, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, show new actions and responsibilities in the new era, tell Chinese stories and Chongqing stories with emotion and effort, and use fine masterpieces that keep up with the times to pioneer A new realm of literature and art in Chongqing.

Currently, Guilai Art Museum is digging deep into regional cultural resources and is committed to exploring the application of humanities and art in real life, the research and application of rural cultural tourism, and spatial aesthetics. With the four dimensions of studying cultural core, shaping cultural brands, promoting cultural tourism industry, and telling Chinese stories as its main research directions, it serves the society through art exhibitions, cultural salons, art research, cultural tourism IP and other ways. This exhibition provides a platform for in-depth exchanges and cooperation between Chongqing art masters, practitioners, researchers, and enthusiasts, stimulates the public’s interest in art, enhances the prosperity of the art market, and contributes more Chongqing power to the development of contemporary art.

“The fearless spirit of the times and the eclectic artistic path contained in the theme of great art without boundaries are what we are scarce in our current era. As young art workers, we must not only dare to move forward when facing the background and challenges of the new era, In addition, we must inherit and carry forward the excellent ideas and the spirit of the times of our predecessors.” Li Dingqi, director of Guilai Art Museum, said.

It is understood that this exhibition is guided by the Chongqing Artists Association, sponsored by the Chongqing Literary Volunteers Association, Chongqing Beibei District Culture and Tourism Development Committee, Chongqing Beibei District Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and hosted by Guilai Art Museum. The exhibition period is From October 29th to November 23rd, it lasts for 26 days.

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