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Questioning the government of Hainan | Many villas have grown taller and “fatter”, and the renovation and expansion of the Qianzhouwan villa area in Boao continues to be prohibited – News Center – Nanhai Net


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News from New Hainan Client and Nanhai Net on November 1 (Reporter Su Guichu) Recently, Qionghai citizens reported that some owners of the Qianzhouwan villa area in Boao renovated and expanded their original villas before moving in. The phenomenon of renovation and expansion has existed for many years and is not an isolated case. After renovation, the villas have become taller or “fatter” and have completely changed their appearance. In response, the Qionghai Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau stated that all the villas in the first, second and third phases of Boao Qianzhou Bay had been remodeled. After on-site verification, it was confirmed that the remodeling of dozens of villas was illegal, and the case had been transferred to the Qionghai Municipal Administrative Comprehensive Bureau. Handled by the Law Enforcement Bureau.

Villa under renovation.Photo by reporter Su Guichu

Qianzhouwan is located in Boao Town. When you walk into the community, you will find green trees everywhere. The community was completed and put into use around 2011. It mainly consists of Inland Sea villas, holiday apartments, and landscaped bungalows. Among them, Neihai Villa is developed in three phases, all of which have been completed so far.

The reporter saw on Islands G and E of the second phase villa area of ​​the community that two villas were under construction. There is a villa on Island E that is being renovated. There are still piles of sand at the construction site. The expanded wall has been poured with concrete and the scaffolding is still standing. A large amount of building materials were piled inside the house. Looking at the building site, it can be seen that the villa is being renovated with additions on both sides. A villa on G Island was even rebuilt on the side with pilings being driven, and the concrete mixer was still parked on the first floor.


Villa under renovation.Photo by reporter Su Guichu

The reporter visited the site and found that the renovated or expanded villas have either grown taller or “fatter”, and some have even converted the original elevated floors into rooms.

“Each villa area has a property area of ​​100 square meters. They are all built near the river, and the first floor is generally elevated.” Ms. Li, director of the Qianzhouwan Property Management Office of Hainan Longcheng Property Service Co., Ltd., said that the property owner found that the owners of the villa area had renovated and expanded the property. The behavior will be stopped and the owner will be given a rectification notice within a time limit. If the owner does not listen, the relevant situation will be reported to the comprehensive administrative law enforcement department for processing. Previously, it was discovered that the owner of G9B villa was undergoing renovation, and the community security guards had kicked out the construction workers.


The villa is being renovated to add another storey.Photo by reporter Su Guichu

Regarding the renovation and expansion of the owners of the Qianzhouwan villa area in Boao, when the reporter interviewed Wang Zhengfu, the leader of the urban management squadron of the Boao Town Government, he said that the renovation and expansion of buildings in the community is the responsibility of the Qionghai City Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, and they are only responsible for daily street occupation. Road management, outdoor billboard renovation and other work.

Fu Chuance, leader of the mobile squadron of the Qionghai Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, said that if community owners renovate or expand, they must first deal with the local management. If the local management cannot solve the problem or needs coordination, they will deal with it. However, because he had just taken office, he did not know much about the situation in Boao Qianzhou Bay. As for whether the renovation and expansion of the villa owners in the community were illegal construction, it needed to be determined by the Qionghai Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau before they intervened.

“We have previously investigated and dealt with illegal construction activities by owners of Qianzhouwan Villa District in Boao and transferred the cases to the Law Enforcement Bureau for processing.” Wang Zaishen, director of the Land and Space Planning Office of Qionghai Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, told reporters that the first and second floors of the community There are varying degrees of illegal construction in the villas in the first and third phases of the community. The bureau has handed over dozens of illegal construction cases in the villa area of ​​the community to the Qionghai Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau for handling. New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net, and Nanguo Metropolis Daily will continue to pay attention to the handling of cases that have been transferred.

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