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Jiangsu players won 13 gold medals in the 2nd National Skills Competition (with list of gold, silver and bronze medal players)_Xinhua News Network


Jiangsu players won 13 gold medals in the 2nd National Skills Competition (with a list of gold, silver and bronze medal players)

Intersection News The second National Vocational Skills Competition concluded in Tianjin on the evening of September 19. After four days of fierce competition, Jiangsu players won 13 gold medals, 14 silver medals, 16 bronze medals and 93 winning awards.

The gold medal projects won by Jiangsu this time include concrete construction, electrical installation, fine woodworking, industrial machinery, water treatment technology, chemical laboratory technology, business software solutions, baking, sugar art/pastry production, CAD mechanical design and industrial robot system operation. dimension.

Tian Run, 19 years old from Jiangsu Urban and Rural Construction Vocational College, is the gold medal winner in this concrete construction project. Talking about the reason for winning the award, the young man modestly said that everyone’s level was actually about the same, just because he played stably and made no mistakes. Zhou Yangfeng, who won the gold medal in the same group as Tian Run, said that Tian Run was the hardest-working person in the school. He often arrived at the construction site at 8 a.m. and practiced until 10 p.m. before returning to the dormitory. Concrete construction work requires dealing with steel and cement. The work is hard and you can easily get injured if you are not careful. Many students give up after learning for a while. Tian Run said that because he has loved construction since he was a child, he is not afraid of hardships no matter how hard he endures.

With the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, the scale and capacity of the manufacturing industry have expanded. This competition closely follows the development of the industry and has added 20 new occupations and digital technology skills projects, such as all-media operations, Internet marketing, etc. Two teachers, Yang Dinghongyang and Wang Cunwei from Changzhou Technician College, won the championship in the new professional project of industrial robot system operation and maintenance. “This professional project has only been open for three years in our school. One of us studied electrical engineering and the other studied mechanical manufacturing. I am so happy to get the gold medal.” Yang Dinghong said that industrial robot system operation and maintenance technology involves A variety of disciplines, in addition to robot control technology, also require players to have multiple skills such as computer programming and visual system control. Currently, this type of work is widely used in intelligent manufacturing industries such as robot grabbing and palletizing.

The National Vocational Skills Competition is a comprehensive national vocational skills competition with the highest standards, the most competition items, the largest scale of participation, and the highest skill level held since the founding of New China. The 109 competition events of this competition attracted 4,045 contestants from 36 delegations across the country, and 142 contestants from Jiangsu participated in all competition events.

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