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Write a fiery chapter of youth and forge a colorful military life

Source: Baoji Daily
Release time: 2023-09-18 16:52

On September 16, on the occasion of the 23rd National Defense Education Day, our city held a farewell event for recruits in the second half of 2023 to warmly send off the recruits to the military camp (see the picture above). Mayor Wang Yong issued the order for the departure of new recruits, and Duan Xiaolong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech.

At Baoji South Station, the soldiers who were about to set off were dressed in military uniforms and wore red flowers on their chests. They all held their heads high and looked heroic. They lined up neatly and had high morale. 22-year-old recruit Cao Yuchen said that he has dreamed of joining the army to serve the motherland since he was a child. After joining the army, he must study and train hard, repay the people of his hometown with excellent results, and contribute his own strength to the national defense cause. The farewell event was short and warm, but also full of Baoji’s characteristic elements. The recruits received titanium cup souvenirs when they set off. A patriotic heroic song composed by Baoji musicians was played on the spot, allowing everyone to go to the military camp with their nostalgia and hometown music to make contributions.

Duan Xiaolong sent a message to the new recruits, hoping that they would not forget their original aspirations, cherish their time, study hard and practice their skills, strengthen their modern military theoretical literacy, improve their ability to win mechanized, informatized, and intelligent wars, and strive to contribute to the modernization of national defense and the army. At the same time, we should not forget our hometown, tell the story of Baoji well, and show Baoji people’s good demeanor of advocating morality and courtesy, being harmonious and tolerant, dancing to the sound of chickens, and being open and innovative in current affairs and events. Relevant departments at all levels in the city must do their best to provide preferential care to military families and serve as strong backing for young officers and soldiers who have made meritorious deeds in the military camp.

Municipal leaders Ding Shengren and Zhang Wei attended the event.

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