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The “Several Policies and Measures to Promote the Sustained Recovery of the City’s Economy” recently issued by Suzhou mentioned that it is necessary to continue to improve people’s livelihood and well-being, ensure high-quality and full employment, optimize the population settlement policy, improve the multi-level elderly care service system, and orderly promote public welfare. Resources are open and shared.

As a college graduate, Ge Yiding participated in Suzhou Bank’s campus recruitment last year. After a series of standardized vocational training and scenario drills, he officially started his career and became the Account Manager of the Corporate Business Department of Suzhou Bank Industrial Park Branch.

“After I entered the bank, I mainly studied in the retail wealth and personal loan lines for half a year. Now I have successfully transferred to the corporate business account manager. I hope that what I have learned can be put to use in my work at Suzhou Bank,” Ge Yiding said.

Among the 30 newly introduced policies and measures, Suzhou proposed in the section on ensuring high-quality and full employment that this year it will recruit young people aged 16 to 24 who are in the class of 2023 and those who have not been employed within 2 years of leaving school and are registered as unemployed, and sign labor contracts. Enterprises that have paid unemployment, work-related injury, and employee pension insurance premiums for one month or more will receive a one-time job expansion subsidy of 1,500 yuan per person, and actively carry out the “Famous Enterprises Give Excellent Jobs” campaign. The 17 companies organized in the first batch have provided 475 positions for employment assistance.

In addition, Suzhou has also released ten major measures to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship, and is expected to hold more than 1,500 offline and online recruitment activities to make every effort to do a good job in employment and entrepreneurship for young people such as college graduates.

Feng Wenbin, manager of the Policy Planning Center of the Human Resources Department of Suzhou Bank Co., Ltd., said that since 2022, a total of nearly 1,000 fresh graduates from colleges and universities have been introduced. Suzhou Bank is actively recruiting job-seeking fresh graduates by expanding positions and staff, and also hopes to rely on government platforms to recruit more suitable talents.

Zheng Ruihan, deputy director of the Employment Promotion and Human Resources Mobility Management Division of the Suzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said that college graduates are the focus of key groups. Suzhou has introduced a series of support policies for the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will also optimize its policies for employment and entrepreneurship. A series of employment services for college graduates to strengthen assistance to college graduates from needy families. In addition to the “Famous Enterprises Offer Excellent Jobs” campaign, it also provides services in other aspects, such as smoothing communication channels for information between supply and demand, providing youth groups with one-time job expansion subsidies, career guidance, and employment service stations at their doorsteps.

To all, for all. Suzhou is continuing to improve its multi-level elderly care service system. It will increase the government’s purchase of elderly care services and attract professional social forces to continue to provide diversified and personalized home and community elderly care services for the elderly.

It was noon, and in a nursing home in Gusu District, many elderly people were dining and relaxing in the lobby. Table tennis, chess, singing…the entertainment life here is also colorful.

Currently, there are 184 elderly care institutions in Suzhou. Before the end of this year, the city will build 1,200 new elderly care institution beds. In addition, Suzhou has completed aging-friendly renovations for 12,000 households, adding smoke alarms and smart sensor lights to the homes of the elderly.

Luo Lin, director of the Elderly Care Service Department of the Suzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, said that on the one hand, the policy system will further improve the construction subsidies for elderly care institutions and team support policies; secondly, Jiangsu Province has also recently launched subsidies for elderly people living in the Private institutions will provide a subsidy of 1,100 yuan; the third is to increase the amount of purchased services; the fourth is to introduce a professional team to operate and manage related facilities and provide door-to-door services for home care.

The “Policies and Measures” propose to encourage the orderly opening of urban public spaces in various places and support qualified market entities to carry out commercial activities, outdoor exhibitions and other activities.

Source: Suzhou News

Reporters: Shen Yiyun, Zhao Lingyun

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