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Chaoyang, Beijing: Create a first-class talent development ecosystem and launch the city’s first “Employment Mobile Service Station”


People’s Daily Online, Beijing, September 18 (Reporter Gao Xing) The reporter learned from the 2023 Beijing CBD International Business Season “Yiye” Chaoyang Construction Press Conference that Chaoyang District continues to build a superior policy environment, improve service efficiency, and optimize the human resources market development, create a world-class talent development ecosystem, promote employment in all aspects, introduce and cultivate talents, and make every effort to build a “suitable industry” sunrise.

Chaoyang District has 2.27 million employees, ranking first in the city.

At present, Chaoyang District has formed a diversified industrial pattern dominated by modern service industries, supported by high-tech industries, and developed by cultural and creative industry clusters. The tertiary industry accounts for as much as 93.9%. Chaoyang District has 2.27 million employees, ranking first in the city. The scale of employment continues to expand and the employment structure is increasingly optimized.

Chaoyang District is actively building an employment policy system with district characteristics. Since the beginning of this year, Chaoyang District has provided 800 million yuan in financial support for urban and urban-level employment policies to 2,627 companies, involving 100,000 people. At the same time, Chaoyang District has also given full play to the effect of entrepreneurship in driving employment, revised and improved the “Chaoyang District Entrepreneurship Implementation Measures”, continued to carry out the “Three-year Action Plan for Financial Support of Small and Micro Entrepreneurship Enterprises in Chaoyang District”, and applied for 460 million yuan in entrepreneurial guaranteed loans for small and micro enterprises. .

The city’s first “Employment Mobile Service Station” improves employment service efficiency

“Chaoyang District ranks first in registered enterprises and employees in the city, and multiple employment services account for more than 1/5 of the city. Therefore, Chaoyang District has built a ‘two-wheel drive’ employment service system of public services and market-oriented services.” Chaoyang District Meng Zhe, deputy director of the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, introduced at the press conference that Chaoyang District has continuously improved the efficiency of employment services, optimized the “Ganghui Chaoyang Zhida Community” employment brand, created the first “Employment Mobile Service Station” in the city, and will ” “Mobile Station” has entered communities, business districts, parks, night markets, supermarkets and other places, and launched “one-stop” employment services including career guidance, resume diagnosis, job recommendation and other links.

At the same time, in order to provide more convenient and faster services to various employment groups, the Chaoyang District Public Employment Service Hall has launched a series of “practical services for the people” projects such as “delayed services”, “online services”, and “door-to-door services”. It provides efficient employment services to more than 500,000 people every year.

An average annual investment of more than 20 million yuan is invested in optimizing the development of the human resources market.

Chaoyang District also has excellent human resources market services. Chaoyang District has the city’s only human resources service industrial park approved as a national human resources characteristic service export base. The “Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Human Resources Market in Chaoyang District” was issued to promote the implementation of 11 supporting policies, with an average annual investment of more than 20 million yuan. At present, there are more than 1,700 human resources service agencies in the district, accounting for about 40% of the city’s total, with annual operating income exceeding 100 billion yuan and average annual service visits exceeding 20 million.

In the next step, Chaoyang District will also issue the “Opinions on the High-Quality Construction of a National Human Resources Characteristic Service Export Base in Chaoyang District” to promote the “bringing in” of human resources service trade, guide human resources service trade institutions to “go overseas”, and innovate human resources. Financial service support for trade in services and other means will further support human resources service trade institutions with high quality, efficiency and good prospects to become bigger and stronger, and improve the internationalization of human resources in Chaoyang District.

In addition, in order to better give play to the important supporting role of skilled talents in economic and social development, Chaoyang District promoted the construction of a joint industry-education training base for high-skilled talents, held the first vocational training summit conference, and strived to create a new highland for industry gathering. At present, Chaoyang District has launched 19 supermarket projects for training in urgently needed and urgently needed occupations, with an employment rate of 92.74%. It accurately meets the training needs of the job market and gives priority to the approval of private vocational skills training institutions for new occupations, occupations in people’s livelihood fields, and urgently needed occupations. Chaoyang District now There are a total of 96 private vocational skills training institutions and 91,000 highly skilled talents in the region.

Build a guarantee system covering 8 types of services with the “Phoenix Talent Card” as the carrier

“Plant a sycamore tree to attract the phoenix.” The “Phoenix Plan” implemented in Chaoyang District builds a high-level talent policy system covering outstanding talents, leading talents in various fields, and outstanding young talents. Over the years, the “Phoenix Project” has continued to innovate and develop, accurately recruiting high-level talents in various fields at home and abroad. In response to the needs of the construction of “two zones” and the construction of digital economy demonstration zones, the “Phoenix Plan” has added high-level talents in the field of digital economy. Yu Zuoze, deputy director of the Chaoyang District High-Level Talent Service Center, said that according to this year’s latest talent recognition situation, the recognized talents as a whole show the characteristics of high professional level and outstanding internationalization.

In order to serve the “Phoenix Plan” talents well, Chaoyang District has formulated and promulgated the “Chaoyang District “Phoenix Plan” High-level Talent Service Support Measures” to build a “Phoenix Talent Card” as a carrier to cover 8 types of service guarantees such as medical care, travel, and housing. system to achieve “one-stop service” for talent services.

In the next step, Chaoyang District will continue to create a talent development ecology of “near and far away” and focus on promoting the implementation of a number of key projects such as international talent apartments, international hospitals, and international schools. At the same time, we will accelerate the attraction of high-level innovation entities such as international science and technology organizations, international think tanks, regional headquarters of multinational companies, and foreign-funded R&D headquarters to drive an international high-level talent cluster. Utilize overseas platforms such as Beijing CBD International Investment Liaison Station and Wangjing Overseas Liaison Station to lay out a global investment and talent recruitment network. Improve the “Phoenix Plan” high-level talent recognition support policy, focus on strategic “top talents” and high-growth “young talents”, further increase the number of talents and optimize the talent structure.

(Editors: Bao Congying, Gao Xing)

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