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Jiangsu carried out the ninth unified trial of air defense sirens, with 5,355 sirens sounding at the same time. More than 800,000 people participated in various drills_Xinhuanet Jiangsu Channel


Today is the 92nd anniversary of the September 18th Incident. On September 18, Jiangsu conducted its ninth unified air defense siren test, with 5,355 sirens sounding simultaneously across the province. Cities took this opportunity to organize drills and publicity activities such as population evacuation, project peacetime conversion, and protection of important targets. , the number of participating people and professional civil air defense teams reached more than 800,000.

With the approval of the provincial government, the provincial and municipal defense mobilization departments issued an announcement to the whole society through traditional and new media one week in advance. According to the scheduled plan, at 10:00 a.m. on September 18, advance warnings began to be sounded across the province; at 10:08, air raid warnings were sounded 15 times in a cycle; at 10:16, the air raid warning was sounded continuously for 3 minutes. Alarms sound. In order to ensure 100% sounding, national defense mobilization departments in various regions conduct testing and maintenance on the use of air defense sirens, sound coverage effects, site terminals and control terminals in their jurisdictions to ensure that all sirens are in good combat readiness.

This year, there are more ways to sound air raid sirens. For the first time this year, Nanjing used the urban emergency broadcasting system to simultaneously issue air defense warnings in rural areas involving agriculture, the Ming Dynasty City Wall, and some urban underground spaces to enrich the means of reporting air defense warnings and explore the coverage of warning sounds in urban underground spaces. Among the air defense sirens sounded in Zhangjiagang this year, there are 61 fixed air defense sirens, 16 vehicle-mounted sirens, and 3 lifting sirens. The alarm sounding rate is 100%; the city has 350 public electronic screens, 4108 The station’s outdoor emergency broadcast also participated in the siren test.

The sounding of air defense sirens across the province is under the unified leadership of the military and local authorities, and many places have set up special command centers for unified command. Under the unified command of the Suzhou Municipal National Defense Mobilization Office’s Air Defense Alarm Test Headquarters, various sectors under Suzhou’s jurisdiction simultaneously carried out air defense alarm tests, air raid emergency evacuation, emergency rescue, and publicity and education. During the Yangzhou alarm test event, a total of 7 on-site command headquarters were set up in the city to organize communities, government agencies, enterprises, schools, etc. to carry out various air defense and disaster prevention emergency drills and publicity activities. In addition to establishing a city-wide air defense alarm test command center, Nanjing has also set up sub-centers at civil air defense command posts or ground command centers in Jiangning, Pukou, Liuhe, Lishui, and Gaochun districts. The city command center issues orders to all alarm points and emergency broadcast points in the city. Send commands and broadcast signals through physical and wireless control systems.

Air defense warnings are the main means to report air conditions in wartime and disaster situations in peacetime, and to guide the masses to implement air defense and disaster prevention actions. Starting from September 15, various localities have successively organized relevant drills and publicity and education activities in conjunction with the air defense alarm test, as well as business training and practical assessment for alarm maintenance management personnel. On the 18th, combined with the air defense siren test, various localities simultaneously carried out multi-course drills, including wartime subjects such as population evacuation, emergency shelter, psychological protection, information protection, medical rescue, epidemic prevention and chemical prevention, as well as fire extinguishing, emergency rescue Emergency repairs and other emergency subjects.

Emergency evacuation organizations for multiple types of personnel must conduct drills in peacetime so that they can be organized in an orderly manner during wartime. As a megacity with a population of nearly 7 million, Nanjing has combined the research on the “Research on the Emergency System of Population Evacuation and Sheltering in Megacities in Wartime” to focus on strengthening the emergency evacuation organization methods for different types of people such as community residents, primary and secondary school students, and employees of commercial and residential buildings, enterprises and institutions. and process drills to provide verification and accumulate experience for organizing population evacuation and shelter operations in wartime. Xuzhou City mobilized many government agencies, enterprises and institutions across the city to participate in the performance. The traffic police department evacuated and guided the population at war, the health department was responsible for medical support and conducted rescue drills, the telecommunications department repaired base stations and opened emergency base stations, and the Red Cross demonstrated self-rescue and mutual rescue…


An air raid alert is an order. Amid the sirens, about 3,000 teachers and students from Liyang Sunshine City, Wuliting, Wanxi and other communities, as well as Zhuqi Middle School, Matian Primary School, Yanhu Primary School and other schools, conducted air defense evacuation drills. After the drills, they carried out national defense mobilization and patriotism education. publicity. A total of about 5,000 cadres, students, civil air defense professional team members, civil air defense volunteers and the public participated in various types of drills in Huai’an that day. Huai’an District practiced the transition of civil air defense projects from peacetime to wartime, Huaiyin District organized basic command post opening drills for war, and civil air defense command information assurance The center contacted and coordinated the Huaian Blue Sky Rescue Team to organize a water search and rescue drill… The live broadcast of the drill site was transmitted to the municipal civil air defense basic command post. A total of 8 sets of civil air defense mobile command posts, 5 drones, and 38 vehicles of various types were used that day. 20 pieces of equipment and equipment of various types. After the alarm test, Yancheng also conducted an emergency rescue drill for water life-saving robots.

After suffering an air attack, it is necessary for the military and civilians to coordinate rapid emergency repairs and restore production and living order. In particular, it is necessary to organize the protection and emergency repairs of important economic targets. After the air defense siren sounded that day, Jurong immediately carried out a comprehensive exercise to eliminate the consequences of air raids on Jurong Huadian Company, an important municipal economic target unit. The Yangzhou City and Hanjiang District Development and Reform Commission, Emergency Bureau, Fire Rescue Brigade, Friendship Hospital and Yangzhou Blue Sky Rescue Team conducted the “Yangfang-2023B” important economic target protection drill at Jiangsu Lihuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The participants were energetic, skilled and acted quickly, practicing emergency evacuation, fire extinguishing, chemical decontamination, medical rescue, municipal emergency repair and other subjects. Civil air defense satellite video conferencing, “Beidou + 5G”, and ultra-short wave digital trunking systems were widely used in the drill, which not only ensured the smooth implementation of the drill, but also tested the performance of the protective and rescue equipment.

As in previous years, schools are the focus of drills and publicity education. After the first alarm sounded in Zhangjiagang, students from Chengnan Primary School in the classroom immediately covered their mouths and noses and squatted under their desks. Students from Hexing Primary School’s “Youth Military Academy” even pulled up camouflage nets to conduct battlefield simulation drills. At the High-tech Zone Campus of Taicang Experimental Primary School, teachers arrived at the designated location as quickly as possible and organized students to evacuate in an orderly and timely manner according to the route. Teachers and students arrived at the underground garage civil air defense project in batches, and the teacher quickly counted and reported the number of people. The newly built Civil Air Defense Education Hall of Yangzhou Wenfeng Primary School opened on the same day, and many campuses in our province also invited professional emergency rescue forces to conduct on-site science popularization. At Donghai County Vocational Middle School, the Blue Sky Rescue Team and others brought a batch of diving, rescue, and ambulance equipment to the site to promote national defense mobilization knowledge; Changzhou Economic Development Zone No. 2 Experimental Primary School organized students to visit fire emergency equipment and observe the rescue of the wounded after the air defense evacuation drill. Demo.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial National Defense Mobilization Office said that the annual air defense siren test is intended to remind the general public to remember history and national humiliation, and to continuously enhance the concept of national defense and civil defense awareness. The drills held across the province comprehensively tested the actual combat capabilities of the national defense mobilization teams, tested the operating conditions of equipment and facilities, and ensured that the national labor departments can effectively perform their missions. National labor departments at all levels will continue to plan and deploy the construction of air defense warning systems and civil air defense facilities across the province to effectively improve the effectiveness of wartime air defense, peacetime services, and emergency support.

Xinhua Daily·Junction Point Reporter Chen Yuefei Correspondent Provincial National Defense Mobilization Office

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