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What will the exemplary smart market bring to the lives of Chongming people?


“Going to the market now feels like going to the supermarket. It feels very comfortable!” Aunt Wang, a citizen who lives in Chengqiao Town, is a frequent visitor to Tianfeng Market in the city. She is full of praise for the new changes of this “time-honored” market.After renovation and upgrading, there are about50The 20-year-old Tianfeng Food Market has unveiled a new look. The originally damp and dark space has become bright and tidy, and buying and selling vegetables has become smarter with the addition of digital tools…

Reporters were recently at2023At the 2019 Chongming District Smart Market and Ecological Market Construction Project’s “Open the Door to Do Practical Things” promotion meeting, it was learned that the district has now built a municipal-level demonstration smart market1Home, standardized vegetable market18Home and district-level ecological markets13Home, this year’s construction projects are also in full progress.

2021In 2019, Shanghai launched the pilot construction of a demonstration smart market. Tianfeng Food Market is the first demonstration smart market in the region, showing the direction of future construction and improvement of Chongming Food Market. When you walk into the market, a large smart screen the size of a TV is displayed above the entrance. Data is constantly scrolling. Information such as vegetable prices, today’s inspections, customer flow analysis, and real-time transaction amounts are presented one by one. On the interactive electronic display below, you can also directly query information such as merchant names, main categories, reference vegetable prices, random inspection announcements, shopping guides and other information. The standard electronic displays at each stall include merchant information, business licenses, food business licenses, etc. Smart electronic scales are connected to the Internet and can be scanned to pay, making shopping and selling vegetables more intelligent.

Before buying food, it has become a habit of many customers here to check the screen to know the price of food that day.“The prices of vegetables are clear at a glance, which is very convenient for young people who occasionally come to the market to buy vegetables.”90Later customer Ms. Chen said that she doesn’t come to the market often and is not familiar with vegetable prices. With this smart system, she feels more at ease. Aunt Wang, a citizen, said, “The information on the screen is very comprehensive, including vegetable prices and test results. It is very worry-free to buy vegetables.”

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The introduction of smart systems is a win-win for citizens and the market.“For example, the receipt printed by the smart electronic scale comes with a QR code, and customers can know it by scanning it.10The origin of various meat dishes. “Li Jun, the person in charge of Tianfeng Market, said that through the smart system, citizens can know the prices and test results of the dishes, making the market more transparent and fair. In addition, if there is a transaction dispute or a customer loses something, the market management staff can help with the purchase and sale through monitoring and playback The two parties mediate differences, resolve misunderstandings, or help customers retrieve items in time. Yue Yongmei, a merchant at Tianfeng Market, said that she sold vegetables at the market before the market was renovated. Nowadays, the place is becoming more and more intelligent, which is convenient for both merchants and customers. .

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The demonstration smart market is a quality improvement based on standardized markets and ecological markets. The reporter also learned at the promotion meeting that this year, Zhongxing Town Food Market and Changxing Town Yuansha Food Market are making every effort to promote the construction of smart food markets and upgrade some hardware and software configurations.For example, smart farmers’ large screens will be able to display more product information in real time; smart electronic scales will integrateartificial intelligenceIdentification technology can automatically identify products, accurately weigh, and quickly calculate prices; the smart pesticide residue detection system can quickly detect pesticide residues, making it more accurate and efficient. As more food markets are equipped with smart “brains”, “high-end” food markets will become more and more popular, and people’s “vegetable baskets” will become more comfortable and secure. ‍

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