Exchanges and cooperation between Guizhou and Taiwan continue to deepen: Economic and trade ties with “Taiwan” and join hands to “Guizhou”_Guizhou_Development_Taiwan


Original title: Guizhou-Taiwan exchanges and cooperation continue to deepen: Economic and trade cooperation with “Taiwan” and joint efforts to “Guizhou”

China News Service, Guiyang, September 18th, Title: Exchanges and cooperation between Guizhou and Taiwan continue to deepen: Economic and trade cooperation with “Taiwan” joins hands to “Guizhou”

Author Deng Wanli Zhou Yanling

From never eating spicy food to not liking it, from not being used to eating “Zhe Er Gen” to falling in love with it… Lan Zandeng, president of Guiyang Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprises Association and chairman of Guizhou Shoudeng Group, laughed and said that he is an authentic “Guizhou” people”.

He first came to the mainland in 1994 and chose to develop in Guizhou two years later. He started a business and built his dream here, and brought some of his relatives from Taiwan to live here. He has already been deeply integrated into this land.

36 years ago, with the joint efforts of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the long-term isolation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait was broken. The door to cross-Strait exchanges and exchanges was opened, and the exchanges and exchanges between Guizhou and Taiwan were also opened.

Guizhou, located in the hinterland of southwest China, had relatively weak transportation infrastructure in the 1990s. In addition to the Guizhou veterans in Taiwan who are returning home, Lan Zandeng is one of the earlier batch of Taiwan compatriots to seek development in Guizhou.

“I still remember that I had to fly to Hong Kong first, then take the green train from Hong Kong to Guizhou, which took about three days,” Lan Zandeng said.

Having worked and lived in Guizhou for nearly 30 years, Lan Zandeng has been a witness, participant, and beneficiary of Guizhou’s economic and social development. He said that the development and changes of Guizhou can be described in four words, “earth-shaking”, especially in terms of transportation conditions.

“The development and changes in Guizhou well reflect the growing strength of the motherland. I am very fortunate to have seized the opportunity in the best of times and become one of the builders of the motherland.” Lan Zandeng said that every time he returns to Taiwan , they all have to tell their relatives and friends about the rapid changes they have experienced in mainland China.

Guizhou, like other places on the mainland, has always complied with the common wishes of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, adhered to the concept of “one family on both sides of the Taiwan Strait”, and actively created conditions for exchanges and cooperation between Guizhou and Taiwan. In recent years, more and more Taiwanese compatriots have chosen to settle down, live, start businesses and work in Guizhou.

The data picture shows: July 19, the signing ceremony of the “Guizhou-Taiwan Herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Development Matchmaking Conference”, which is one of the series of activities of the 2023 “Guizhou Taiwan Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation Symposium”.Photo by Yang Xiaomin

Deepening exchanges and cooperation is in the common interests of Guizhou and Taiwan. In 2012, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the People’s Government of Guizhou Province signed the “Memorandum on Promoting Exchanges and Cooperation between Guizhou and Taiwan”, pushing exchanges and cooperation between Guizhou and Taiwan to a new height.

In the past ten years, Guizhou has organized teams to carry out promotions in Taiwan many times, and celebrities from all walks of life in Taiwan have also visited Guizhou. Compatriots from the two places have come and gone in terms of tourism, education, investment, etc., and they are getting closer and closer. The closer.

Liu Rui, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and director of the Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, said that exchanges and exchanges between Guizhou and Taiwan have changed from one-way to two-way, from indirect to direct. Exchanges in the fields of economy and trade, science and education, culture and sports have become increasingly frequent, and exchanges and cooperation have achieved positive results. .

Among them, the “Guizhou Taiwan Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation Symposium” held since 2013 has built a platform for economic and trade cooperation between Guizhou and Taiwan, and also provided opportunities for more Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese youth to seek career development in Guizhou.

Using the “Guizhou·Taiwan Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation Symposium” as a bridge, Guizhou continues to strengthen liaison with Taiwan’s major industrial associations such as the Taiwan Federation of Industries, the Federation of Commerce, the Association for the Advancement of Industry and Commerce, and the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises. Economic and trade cooperation involves agriculture, tourism , Chinese medicinal materials and other fields.

According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, Guizhou has provided financial support of 1.027 billion yuan in 202 batches to Taiwan-funded enterprises in terms of project support, tax rebates, and employment stabilization subsidies, and 113 project agreements have been signed between Guizhou and Taiwan. Since 2023, economic and trade exchanges between Guizhou and Taiwan have continued to flourish, and 28 Taiwan-funded enterprises have been registered in Guizhou.

“A large number of Taiwan compatriots have realized the value of life while integrating into the development of the mainland.” Lan Zandeng said that the Guiyang Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association had less than 50 members when it was first established in 2006, and has now grown to more than 300 members.

The data picture shows: the conch herb planting base built by the Taiwan-funded enterprise Baiteya in Liupanshui, Guizhou.Photo by Yang Qianyu

Guizhou Baiteya Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd., a Taiwan-funded enterprise, settled in Liupanshui, Guizhou in 2018. After nearly five years of cultivation and development, the company has built the Conch Wangsi fragrant herb planting base, which has standardized and standardized the entire process of fragrant herbs from planting to sales.

Zhang Jian, the person in charge of Baiteya Company, said that the company will complete the construction of the national standard park in 2025. While achieving good economic benefits, it will also contribute to the development of local agricultural tourism and rural revitalization.

If Taiwanese compatriots stay, we must be able to retain them. In recent years, Guizhou has continued to issue a series of policies to benefit Taiwan such as the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting Economic and Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation between Guizhou and Taiwan” to create better and more convenient conditions for Taiwan compatriots to invest, start a business, find employment, study, and live in Guizhou.

Qiu Zhiliang, a Taiwanese compatriot who has been in Guizhou for more than 10 years, said frankly that when he first came to Guizhou, he did not plan to stay long, but the attentive services of the governments at all levels in Guizhou and the warm care of his compatriots made him gradually adapt to and like the life here. .

Today, Qiu Zhiliang’s two children are studying in Guiyang. He also brought his mother to Guiyang, and the family lives happily. His family opened a private Taiwanese restaurant in Guiyang and developed a souvenir industry, combining Taiwanese and Guizhou specialties to promote “Guizhou goods”.

“The mainland’s implementation of equal treatment for Taiwan compatriots not only brings us development opportunities, but also allows us to better integrate here and take root.” Qiu Zhiliang said that here, he personally felt that “both sides of the Taiwan Strait are one family.” (over)Return to Sohu to see more


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