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Hainan Wanning Taxation: Meticulous service and heart-warming banners bear witness to the true feelings_Enterprise_Taxpayer_Company


Original title: Hainan Wanning Taxation: Fine services and heart-warming banners bear witness to true love

“Caring about the company and doing our duty with due diligence” “Warm service and superb business”. Recently, Xinhua (Wanning) Electric Power Investment Co., Ltd. and Hainan Qiurun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. sent two banners to the Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau of Hainan Province to express their gratitude to the tax cadres for their meticulous and thoughtful services.

“Our project has just started, and there is a huge demand for invoicing. Thanks to the efficient service of the tax department, the application we submitted was quickly approved, and the project construction process will not be delayed.” Mr. Wang, a financial officer of the two companies , Mr. Sun said.

It is understood that the total investment of the 100MW agricultural photovoltaic complementary power generation project in Longgun Town, Wanning City, Hainan Xinhua, jointly invested by the two companies, is 680 million yuan. After the completion of the project, the average annual grid-connected power will be approximately 158.6542 million kilowatt-hours, which will save approximately 47,834.25 tons of standard coal for the power grid every year. Accordingly, it will reduce a variety of atmospheric pollutants every year, including 131,365.69 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which will be instrumental in promoting the green development of Wanning City. Improving social and economic benefits is of great significance. The project is currently in the preliminary construction stage. The invoice amount issued in August this year was more than 40 million yuan, and the tax declared and paid was more than 2 million yuan. In September, the invoice amount is expected to be 100 million yuan. In order to meet the needs of enterprises for issuance of large-denomination invoices, after receiving the application for invoice increase and approval of the enterprise, the Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau immediately accepts and processes it, organizes personnel to conduct on-site verification as soon as possible, and handles the matter for the enterprise on the same day. application matters. At the same time, in order to further reduce the tax-related risks of enterprises, the Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau listed the two companies as key tax households for tracking management, urged the enterprises to improve management information in a timely manner, and continued to provide invoice risk warnings.

The company sent two banners to the Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau (Photo courtesy of the Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau of Hainan Province)

“The banner sent by the taxpayer not only represents gratitude and affirmation, but also represents the responsibility and responsibility on the shoulders of the taxpayer. The satisfaction of taxpayers is a strong driving force for us to provide good tax services. We will continue to provide good tax services. Work.” The tax cadre said after receiving the banner.

The company sent two banners to the Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau (Photo courtesy of the Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau of Hainan Province)

The “red pennant” reflects the “blue tax”, and the two pennants express the strong sentiments of tax collection and acceptance. “This year is the tenth year that the tax department has continuously carried out the ‘Spring Breeze Action for Convenient Taxation for the People’. The Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau will always adhere to the theme of ‘Providing benefits to the people and modernizing services’, guided by the needs of taxpayers and payers, We will proactively provide services to the frontline, optimize service measures, further promote the “Spring Breeze Action for Convenient Taxation”, implement various preferential tax policies, and continuously optimize the tax business environment of Wanning City,” said the relevant person in charge of the Wanning Municipal Taxation Bureau. (Chen Xuelin)Return to Sohu to see more


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