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Huawei appears at the China-ASEAN Expo to jointly expand new space for the integrated development of China-ASEAN construction industry with technological empowerment – Economy and Technology – People’s Daily Online


Original title: Huawei appears at the China-ASEAN Expo to jointly explore new space for the integrated development of China-ASEAN construction industry with technological empowerment

On September 16, the 20th China-ASEAN Expo (referred to as the “ASEAN Expo”) opened in Nanning, Guangxi. With the theme of “Building a Homeland in Harmony and Sharing a Shared Future – Promoting High-Quality Development of the Belt and Road Initiative and Creating an Economic Growth Center”, this year’s China-ASEAN Expo will focus on digital economy, green economy and other fields to help strategic emerging industries develop internationally. market to promote exchanges and cooperation in multiple fields. The China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation and Development Achievements Exhibition (referred to as the “Achievements Exhibition”) was held at the same time to showcase the latest scientific and technological achievements in the industry.

As a leader in the space intelligence industry, Huawei’s whole-house intelligence brought its stable, reliable, flexible and universal “1+2+N” space intelligence solution to the exhibition to showcase a “good house” that is green, energy-saving, safe, healthy and comfortable. “standard.

  Digital and green drive China-ASEAN economic development, and the construction industry is in urgent need of intelligent transformation

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of China-ASEAN strategic partnership and the 10th anniversary of the proposal to build a closer China-ASEAN community with a shared future. Currently, the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area 3.0 negotiations are progressing steadily. The 3.0 negotiations are committed to improving the openness of the economic and trade fields between the two sides and expanding mutually beneficial cooperation in emerging areas such as digital economy, green economy, and supply chain connectivity.

From version 1.0 to version 3.0, expanding from traditional fields to digital and green emerging fields, multi-field cooperation between China and ASEAN is further deepening and upgrading. The digital economy and green economy are key to in-depth cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, and are also accelerating a new round of transformation and upgrading in construction and other industries.

At the CAEXPO, a pragmatic platform for promoting China-ASEAN regional economic integration, the construction industry has always been an important sector. Under the development trend of construction industrialization, digitalization, and green transformation and upgrading, the intelligence of building space will also create more cooperation opportunities between China and its “Belt and Road” partners, including ASEAN, under a new round of technological and industrial changes. Opportunities to promote regional economic integration and achieve win-win results.

  Following the trend of space intelligence, Huawei creates stable and flexible solutions

As a leader in the field of communications and connectivity, Huawei has developed three independent and controllable core technologies through its green, low-power and highly reliable HiSilicon chips, the world’s first all-scenario distributed operating system Hongmeng OS, and the gold standard for intelligent hardware interconnection, Hongmeng Intelligent Connect. , has created a leading space intelligence industry chain and provided “1+2+N” stable and flexible space intelligence solutions for the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

Since the launch of version 1.0 of Huawei’s whole-house intelligence in 2021, it has continued to improve the “five highs” experience of high reliability, high control, high intelligence, high senses and high satisfaction. Whole House Intelligence 4.0, released in May this year, has brought about a revolutionary upgrade in interactive experience, continuously leading the development of the space intelligence industry and driving more consumers to actively join the wave of space intelligence.

At the China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation and Development Achievements Exhibition, Huawei created a whole-house intelligent immersive experience area based on the three themes of green energy saving, safety and care, and health and comfort, presenting a three-dimensional presentation of Huawei’s whole-house intelligent solutions to bring architectural space The coming seven major changes include connection, interaction, ecology, sensory enhancement, scene customization, space management and AI energy saving, and design/channel chain reconstruction, demonstrating the “Chinese model” of space intelligence.

Shao Yang, Chief Strategy Officer of Huawei Terminal BG and President of the Whole House Intelligent Product Line, said that Huawei has achieved an ultra-stable connection of “where there is power, there is network” based on the first highly integrated scalable host and completely independent and controllable PLC power line carrier technology. , energy-saving and more environmentally friendly; it introduces enterprise-level professional security cameras to conduct AI detection of the space perimeter to protect the safety of the whole house in real time; it uses the HarmonyOS AI engine to create lighting that conforms to natural rhythms, providing users with a comfortable and healthy environment. Huawei’s “1+2+N” whole-house smart solution is widely applicable to various space types such as residences, hotels, schools, hospitals, offices, conferences, etc. It has industry-leading capabilities in enabling the intelligent transformation of building spaces and promoting the development of regional digital economy. Leading edge.

  Huawei’s innovative technologies empower the construction industry and lead the development of the spatial intelligence industry

In recent years, the housing construction field is building a new generation of high-quality housing construction and development model with the core of “letting people live in better houses” and “improving housing quality”. The 2023 National Work Conference on Housing and Urban-Rural Development pointed out that we should take the industrialization, digitalization, and greening of the construction industry as the direction, continuously improve the quality of construction, build good houses for the people, and make the people’s lives more convenient and comfortable. As Chen Wei, deputy director of the Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said, a “good house” should be a house that the people like, want to live in and can afford. Its main characteristics are safety and durability, health and comfort, intelligence and convenience, economical and practical, Great service.

Using technological progress to drive the industrialization, digitalization, and green transformation of construction, and building high-quality housing that is safe, durable, long-lasting, fully functional, beautiful, comfortable, healthy, and of good quality, with good operation and maintenance management services, is to achieve the goal of “let people live in good houses.” key measures.

Huawei’s previous iterations of whole-house intelligence have always focused on improving the value of the “user” and “manager” of buildings, continuing to lead industry development through technological innovation, and helping the construction industry create smart and good houses. For space users, Huawei’s whole-house intelligence uses a smart central control screen to stably control the whole house with one screen, zero learning cost for visualization, and smart MINI to switch scenes with one click, making space changes easy and space easy to control; super fast control Combined with light, shadow, music and other atmospheric facilities, users can design high-sensory scenes and obtain a minimalist and magical new smart space interaction experience. For space managers, Huawei’s whole-house intelligent innovation adopts “behavioral power-saving mode”. Through AI super-sensing sensors, it can automatically sense whether there are people or people in the space, achieving non-sensory power saving and meeting the requirements of low-cost building space scenarios such as offices, hotels, and schools. Carbon energy saving needs. In addition, Huawei’s whole-house intelligence also provides building managers with a set of manageable and maintainable low-cost operation and management tools. Smart devices and scenes can be viewed and controlled remotely, opening up the data flow between the end of the space and the city’s main body, and activating It has become the terminal cell of the development of the construction industry.

Huawei’s whole-house intelligence provides convenience for people to improve their quality of life and enjoy smart life. At the same time, it activates a new engine for growth in the construction industry and will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In the future, Huawei will continue to optimize the “good house” model that people yearn for with independent and controllable innovative technologies and stable, reliable and flexible solutions, use space intelligence to create a new growth pole and new power source for the high-quality development of the construction industry, and expand China’s -ASEAN construction industry integrates and develops new space, leading the development of global space intelligent industry.

(Editors: Cao Miao, Li Yuan)

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