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Quanzhou, Fujian holds cultural tourism economic development conference to create Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day atmosphere-China Overseas Chinese Network


China News Service, Quanzhou, September 16 (Wu Guanbiao) On the 16th, the “World Heritage City” Quanzhou in Fujian held a cultural tourism economic development conference to promote the in-depth integration of cultural tourism through a series of policies and activities and create a Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day festival atmosphere.

On the 16th, the “World Heritage City” Quanzhou in Fujian held the 2023 Quanzhou Cultural Tourism Economic Development Conference.Photo by Lin Kaiyu

In 2021, the “Quanzhou: China’s World Marine Trade Center in the Song and Yuan Dynasties” project was successfully included in the World Heritage List. With the successful application as a World Heritage Site, the development of Quanzhou’s cultural tourism industry has ushered in new opportunities. In the first half of 2023, Quanzhou City received 38.1592 million tourists and achieved tourism revenue of 43.183 billion yuan. The growth rates of both indicators ranked first in Fujian Province.

With the theme of “Ten Springs and Ten Beauties·Co-construction and Sharing”, this conference focused on the integrated development of culture and tourism, and set up a development conference on “Integration of Culture and Tourism, Co-construction and Sharing” and a promotion seminar on “Integration of Culture and Tourism, Co-construction and Sharing of Quanzhou” , “Cultural Tourism Integration, Quanzhou Sharing” series of activities will create a platform for publicity and promotion, exchange and docking.

“In recent years, Quanzhou has firmly seized the opportunity of its successful application as a World Heritage Site and opened up a new pattern of developing cultural tourism economy.” Lin Xiangdong, director of the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, said that with the expansion of tourism opening to the outside world and the opening of the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway With the successful holding of the Cultural Tourism Economic Development Conference, Quanzhou’s cultural tourism resources, Taiwan compatriots, and transportation location advantages will become increasingly prominent, and there is great potential for developing the cultural tourism economy.

At the development conference, Quanzhou City hired the first batch of 19 experts in the high-quality development of cultural tourism economy, and signed contracts for 39 cultural tourism projects with a total amount of 42.312 billion yuan; Chen Xiaohui, deputy mayor of Quanzhou City, conducted a “Promotion of Quanzhou City under the New Situation” Policy Interpretation of “Several Incentive Measures for High-Quality Development of Cultural Tourism Economy”.

Chen Xiaohui pointed out that the “Incentive Measures” proposes 26 specific measures from five aspects: supporting cultural tourism enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, stimulating the vitality of cultural tourism consumption, and supporting the improvement of Quanzhou ancient city’s business formats. Some preferential rates are among the highest in the province and even the country. It is highly targeted and has Quanzhou characteristics.

It is understood that the series of activities of the conference are planned to be extended to October 6. During the event, the Ten “Springs” and Ten Beauties Cultural Tourism Consumption Season, the “Crafts·Fu” Intangible Cultural Heritage Master Exhibition, and the World Heritage Cultural and Creative Boutique Exhibition will be held. The highly interactive cultural and tourism themed activities promote the roaming routes of Quanzhou ancient city, create a Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day festival atmosphere, and display the cultural heritage and tourism charm of “Song and Yuan China·Maritime Silk Road Quanzhou”.

On the 16th, Quanzhou City launched the Ten “Springs” and Ten Beautiful Cultural Tourism Consumption Season activities.Photo by Lin Kaiyu

“Next, Quanzhou will further explore its tourism resources and cultural advantages, continuously optimize the service environment, standardize service behaviors, improve service quality, and comprehensively enhance the tourist experience.” Cai Shengsheng, mayor of Quanzhou City, said that he sincerely hopes that guests from all over the world will visit Quanzhou, wander around Quanzhou, feel the fireworks on earth, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of world heritage. (over)


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