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Dutch companies look forward to sharing and win-win, optimistic about China’s service trade


Yang Weilian, vice president of Philips, was interviewed by reporters

The reporter interviewed at the headquarters of Philips

International Online Report (Reporters Gu Xin, Lu Mu) The 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center and Shougang Park from September 2 to 6. This year’s Service Trade Fair focused on hot topics such as green and low-carbon, digital technology, and the degree of internationalization has been further enhanced, attracting new and old friends from different countries to gather together.

This year is the third time for Royal Philips to participate in the CIFTIS. This Dutch company, which established its first joint venture in China as early as 1985, now regards China as its second “home market”. Philips hopes to combine global innovation with local demand through the Service Trade Fair to achieve shared win-win results and continue to deepen pragmatic cooperation in trade in services.

William Yang, vice president of Philips, who just returned to the Netherlands after his visit to China, was deeply impressed by this visit. According to him, he was amazed by the innovative achievements of the Chinese partners. Chinese experts have creatively used artificial intelligence in the field of medical imaging, effectively improving medical efficiency. The innovation capability of Chinese companies is becoming a new driving force for Philips’ localization and continuous investment in China. “Philips is increasing the localization process in China. We currently provide a lot of medical testing instruments and digital solutions. Almost 90% of our products are manufactured in China, including our five factories in China and our cooperation in China. Partner. I have seen with my own eyes in China that the CT equipment we produce uses artificial intelligence technology provided by Chinese suppliers. Much of our progress and investment in China has benefited from the characteristics of the Chinese medical system. There are 37,000 in China Hospitals, this uniqueness requires more localized innovations and solutions. This is what we are working on.”

Against the background of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the increasing instability in the international environment, the Service Trade Fair has come as scheduled and has become an important platform for the world’s new products, new technologies, and new achievements to debut. As the influence of this platform continues to grow, Philips has joined the “circle of friends” of the Service Trade Fair more firmly.

William Yang said that as a European company that has participated in the Service Trade Fair for three consecutive years, Philips is based on cooperation with local Chinese technology companies, combines global innovation with local needs, cooperates with local universities, enterprises and hospitals, and works with China to deal with the Challenges in the field of healthcare. “Philips is excited and delighted to participate in the service trade fair for the third time. In the first year, we focused on the field of digitalization; last year we focused on the detection of some serious diseases such as cancer; this year we will show our cooperation with Chinese companies under the global environmental protection system innovative cooperation.”

For a long time, the Service Trade Fair has focused on low-carbon energy, carbon economy, carbon neutrality, green technology and other fields, displaying the latest achievements and technological applications in the field of global environmental services, and encouraging relevant enterprises to carry out innovation and cooperation. William Yang noticed that EU-China cooperation in the field of health and green economy has become an important growth point of bilateral cooperation. At the same time, China’s ambition in addressing climate change has also attracted global attention. It is worth mentioning that the efforts made by the Chinese government in the green transformation of medical institutions have already taken a leading position in the world. The future cooperation between the Netherlands and China in this field will set an example for the world. “China can contribute a lot to the world in dealing with health and climate change, and the world will trust China more. In fact, the medical industry accounts for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. So it is our responsibility to make hospitals greener. China It is also aware of this and invests in environmental protection in the medical field. The Dutch government is also doing the same. The Netherlands and China will find better solutions and cooperation through digitalization, better technology and higher efficiency. In In the field of health and environmental protection, we have a wide range of opportunities for cooperation.”

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