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“Post-90s” returnees return to their hometowns in Loudi, Hunan to become “new farmers” to explore new models of modern agriculture- China News Network Hunan

“Post-90s” returnees return to their hometowns in Loudi, Hunan to become “new farmers” to explore new models of modern agriculture- China News Network Hunan
“Post-90s” returnees return to their hometowns in Loudi, Hunan to become “new farmers” to explore new models of modern agriculture- China News Network Hunan

“Post-90s” returnees in Loudi, Hunan Province return to their hometowns to become “new farmers” to explore new models of modern agriculture, Loudi, May 27th (Fu Yu, Li Jiandong and Tan Xiaobin) can not only carry a hoe up the mountain, roll up his trousers to go to the field, but also operate modern agricultural machinery such as drones and smart rice transplanters. In Yaoqiao Village, Serpentine Mountain Town, Loudi, Hunan, Xiao Yuan, a “post-90s” returnee female master who returned to her hometown to become a “new farmer”, is trying to explore a new model of modern agriculture that can be replicated.

In Yaoqiao Village in early summer, green hills, orchards, paddy fields, and ponds are intertwined. The “old farmers” and “new farmers” each operate hoes, shears, and modern agricultural machinery in the mountains and fields, forming a beautiful mountain scene. Township pictures. This is the countryside that Xiao Yuan has carefully carved for 4 years.

Xiao Yuan was born in 1994. In 2019, she ended her 7-year study career in Russia, and returned to her hometown of Yaoqiao Village with her entrepreneurial dreams and homeland feelings. “On the one hand, I want to get close to rural life, and at the same time, I want to do something meaningful to myself, society, and the countryside.”

Over the past four years, Xiao Yuan has transferred more than 2,400 acres of land in Yaoqiao Village, including 1,195 acres of characteristic orchards dominated by golden tribute pomelo, 968 acres of ecological rice, and the rest are fish ponds, forests, and private houses for leisure and sightseeing agriculture. wait. She also established a professional team to take care of fruit forests, rice, aquatic products, etc., and spent money and efforts to build roads and open up wasteland, and led the villagers to go up and down the mountains, so that the rural area of ​​Yaoqiao Village can be transformed into a “green village” with fragrance of melons and fruits and abundant harvests in all seasons. bank”.

Xiao Yuan operates a rice transplanter at the organic rice production base.Photo provided by the interviewee

Xiao Yuan, who grew up in the mining area, improved and applied the mine car equipment, and installed single and double-track “S-shaped rail cars” in the orchard, which greatly improved the efficiency of manual transportation of fertilizers up the mountain and harvesting fruits down the mountain; Point-to-point irrigation facilities realize scientific, precise and efficient fruit tree irrigation. With the support of the local party committee and government, Xiao Yuan led the “old farmers” to step on the fields with bare feet, and made good use of machinery to transform more than 300 acres of wasteland into high-standard farmland with “fields in blocks, connected ditches, connected roads, and machine-friendly farming”. .

During the critical period of poverty alleviation, Xiao Yuan invested and set up a factory to expand the village’s agricultural products such as hot sauce, tempeh, and radish, and led agricultural technology experts to send agricultural production technology to the villagers to increase farmers’ income. In 2020, she helped 2,091 impoverished households in Serpentine Mountain Town get rid of poverty on schedule through industrial assistance and the establishment of an interest linkage mechanism with villagers. In 2021, she led more than a dozen left-behind women to make hot sauce, and worked hard to build a job workshop for left-behind women. She was named “The Most Beautiful Poverty Alleviation Person in Loudi City” and “The Most Beautiful Technological Worker”.

Efforts to explore a new model of modern agriculture that can be replicated and a sustainable road to rural revitalization and development, Xiao Yuan actively explored the joint development of village collective economic organizations, agricultural management entities, and housing cooperatives, and established a scale of 15,000 mu in cooperation with surrounding large grain growers. The above-mentioned farmer planting and breeding professional cooperative association seeks to cooperate with technology companies to start “order-based” agriculture, and has repeatedly given lectures in colleges and universities, calling on more young people to devote themselves to rural revitalization and inject youth power into rural revitalization in the new era .

In recent years, in the countryside created by Xiao Yuan, poetic landscapes are the theme, retaining nostalgia is the concept, and industrial revitalization is the carrier. A number of rural tourism projects that combine “homestay + catering” have also been included in the development plan. Hunan Yuanrongkai Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., founded by her, pays more than 800,000 yuan in land lease fees to villagers every year, benefiting more than 2,000 villagers from 603 households; providing villagers with 32 long-term jobs and more than 190 seasonal jobs, benefiting farmers on average The income increased by more than 28,000 yuan, and the annual income of the village collective economy was increased by 150,000 yuan. She was also awarded the “National Women’s Contribution Model”.

In today’s Yaoqiao Village, the infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect, the income of the villagers is more substantial, and there are more places for leisure and entertainment in their spare time. “The life of the villagers is getting better and better. In addition to the efforts of the higher-level party committee and government and the village committee, Xiao Yuan who returned to his hometown has contributed a lot.” Song Youchu, Secretary of the Party Branch of Yaoqiao Village, said.

“Whenever I see a little bit of change or progress in the countryside I live in, I will have a sense of gain and belonging. I hope to lead more villagers to make the agricultural industry bigger and stronger, and strive to achieve common prosperity.” Xiao Yuan She said that the new journey of Chinese-style modernization has begun. As a “new farmer” and a representative of the Provincial People’s Congress, she will devote herself to the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, so that green water and green mountains can truly become golden mountains and silver mountains, and better drive the development of the rural economy. (over)

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