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Embarrassing Xi Jinping?Guizhou distillery was fined more than 100,000 yuan for applying for a trademark | Literary prison | Guizhou distillery was fined for applying for a trademark |


[Voice of Hope, May 26, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Li Hui) The wind of “literary prison” is getting stronger and stronger. A winery in Guizhou was warned and punished for applying for a trademark whose homonym is similar to “Xi Jinping”, and its agency was also heavily fined.

After talk show actor Li Haoshi (HOUSE) was severely punished and investigated for using Communist Party slogans to describe wild dogs, and artist Yue Minjun was criticized on the Internet for not being cute enough to portray Chinese party leaders, policemen, and soldiers, recently a restaurant in Guizhou The factory is also lying in the guns of this “literary prison”.

On May 24, someone posted on the WeChat official account that a winery in Guizhou applied for the trademark “Pingjing Xijing Bottle” in 2021, and designated it for use on beer and liquor products. On April 20, the Guizhou Market Supervision Administration issued a notice that the agency of the trademark was fined 100,000 yuan, and the applicant was fined 10,000 yuan.

As for the reason for the punishment, the post stated, “Looking at these five Chinese characters alone, there is nothing wrong with them. But if you read them together, it is similar to the pronunciation of the names of our national leaders. And cleverly, these five characters start from the middle. The pronunciation of the text is the same no matter whether it is read to the left or to the right. Presumably, the applicant must have racked his brains. This applicant has a little understanding of trademarks. He must know that it is absolutely necessary to apply for those three characters naked. No. Then use your brain, play with homonyms, and use five characters to “disguise”. Chinese characters are extensive and profound, with tens of thousands of homophones. Seeing that this character is far from those three characters, It’s another five characters with different pronunciations. Isn’t it safe to use them to apply and “fool” the examiner? Besides, haven’t there always been cases of successful homophonic applications in the trademark industry?”

In the end, the author of the post said with emotion, “This case may overturn your cognition. Trademarks are not as simple as you think. For ordinary people, it is not that you can apply for whatever you want; for professional agencies Said, if there is not enough professional blessing, the fine of representing a trademark can be used to drink a burst of northwest wind!”

In fact, the CCP’s literary inquisition is not new. In addition to the recent incident of Li Haoshi’s wild dog and Yue Minjun’s paintings vilifying the family members of CCP officials, some people have made an incomplete statistics on the CCP’s literary inquisition. Only from July 19, 2017 As of May 17, 2023, there were as many as 2,150 cases of punishment for the CCP’s “literary inquisition”.

“Yahoo News” published a commentary article on the 26th that: In the 21st century, which has entered the Internet era, the CCP defies the trend of the times, ignores human rights and promotes “literary inquisition”. Therefore, even if China is isolated from the world, it will not hesitate to put the people behind the iron curtain of thought.

Recently, two men in Henan were detained and fined for playing dirge music for parade floats.

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