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Guizhou spares no effort to create an “Enterprise Home” to ensure full completion by the end of this

Guizhou spares no effort to create an “Enterprise Home” to ensure full completion by the end of this
Guizhou spares no effort to create an “Enterprise Home” to ensure full completion by the end of this

The picture shows the “Enterprise Home” area of ​​the Guizhou Provincial Government Service Center.Photo by Luo Ming

China News Service, May 26th (Luo Ming) Guizhou Province recently issued the “Guizhou Province’s Work Plan for Creating a “Enterprise Home””, focusing on the “Five General Offices” of government services, and making every effort to create a full chain, all elements, and a full cycle The “enterprise home” of the service will be fully completed before the end of the year.

According to reports, Guizhou Province has given full play to the advantages of rich government service resources in the government service hall, direct contact with the business masses and the one-network coverage and synergistic linkage of Guizhou government service network. , centering on the full life cycle, full element guarantee, and full business chain, create an “enterprise home” that integrates functions such as “enterprise business services”, “enterprise appeal reception”, “beneficial enterprise policy fulfillment”, and promote the upgrading of enterprise-related service resources. Centralization, smoother channels, and more efficient services.

The “Plan” requires that, on the basis of continuing to deepen the “one-network-one-window service”, “cross-provincial service”, “province-wide service” and “one-certificate service”, it is necessary to list-manage enterprise-related service matters and establish enterprise service Specialist team, perfect enterprise service system, implement enterprise digital service. In the “enterprise home”, we provide enterprises with appeal collection, demand application acceptance, and personalized and customized services.

At the same time, create the “Enterprise Home” special area of ​​the Guizhou government service network, improve the enterprise digital space, vigorously promote the application of enterprise electronic seals, electronic signatures, electronic materials, etc., and provide enterprises with full life cycle digital services.

In terms of information release on government-related enterprise resources, sort out government-related enterprise-related resource information on tax support, entrepreneurship support, vocational skills training, social security, financial services, registration, rights and interests protection, and maps of commercial sites, and adopt a variety of effective methods. Organize and carry out policy interpretation by means of methods, and continuously improve policy awareness.

In terms of promoting the implementation of preferential policies for enterprises, standardize and improve the implementation process of preferential policies for enterprises, implement the “double commitment” of the competent department of preferential policies for enterprises and the financial and taxation department, timely fulfill and give feedback on time, and improve the efficiency of the implementation of preferential policies for enterprises. Promote the application-type preferential enterprise policy “enjoy without application”, determine the preferential enterprise policies that target enterprises can enjoy based on basic information such as enterprise size, industry, and output value, and provide door-to-door cashing services.

In terms of expanding financial service channels, promote the integration of the provincial big data comprehensive financial service platform and the Guizhou government service network to realize multi-channel display of debt financing, equity financing, credit services, banking financial products and other information. Use “Enterprise Home” as the entry point for declarations of development support funds, industry support and subsidized loans, etc., provide listing counseling and other services, and provide enterprises with “one-stop” consulting services such as credit financing, financial business, and support policies.

At present, 28 government affairs service centers in Guizhou Province have piloted the establishment of “Enterprise Homes”, and the establishment will be fully completed before the end of the year. (over)


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