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Tencent increases investment in Guizhou to help create an innovation zone for digital economy development |


The cooperation between Tencent and Guizhou is further deepening. On May 26, during the 2023 China International Big Data Industry Expo, Tencent Cloud joined hands with ecological partners to sign a package of cooperation agreements with local governments and Guizhou enterprises to help Guizhou build a digital economy development innovation zone and contribute to the high-quality development of Guizhou’s real economy.

(Li Qiang, vice president of Tencent Group and president of government and enterprise business)

Li Qiang, vice president of Tencent Group and president of government and enterprise business, said that digitalization is a new engine for social development and progress, and the digital economy has become an important starting point for a new round of international competition. Tencent has been deeply serving the digital transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries in Guizhou for many years. At present, it has introduced 74 partners in Guizhou, with a cumulative output value of over 3.2 billion. In the future, Tencent will still make full use of cutting-edge technologies to accelerate Guizhou’s industrial upgrading, and cooperate with Guizhou in more fields such as industry, energy, medical care, and education to help the development of digital China.

Tencent in-depth assistance in the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries in Guizhou

At present, the construction of digital China has entered a new stage of overall layout and comprehensive promotion, and Guizhou has always been a pioneer in the integration of digital and real. Statistics show that the growth rate of Guizhou’s digital economy has been ranked first in the country for seven consecutive years. The breadth and depth of digital-real integration in various industries in Guizhou are evolving to a higher level.

Li Qiang said that as a leading technology company, Tencent has continued to help the high-quality development of the real economy with more than 20 years of technology accumulation and experience. “In the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries in Guizhou, Tencent has been deeply involved, and has landed in the Gui’an Seven Star Data Center and the Digital Economy Industry Base, and has launched in-depth cooperation in digital government, digital finance, and rural revitalization.”

For example, in the field of digital government, Tencent has created a mobile office platform “Guizhengtong” for civil servants in Guizhou Province. As of February this year, it has achieved full coverage in 9 cities and prefectures and 88 districts and counties in Guizhou Province. In the field of digital finance, Tencent helped Bank of Guizhou realize the first full-scale business migration of a domestic bank to the cloud. In just three months, 108 business systems were migrated to the cloud, and more than 50 new systems were built to realize service, platform, and sharing.

In fact, Guizhou has continued to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation in recent years, and has achieved fruitful results that are obvious to all in promoting rural revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization. Tencent is both a witness and a participant. As early as 2011, Tencent began to contribute to the rural revitalization and development of Guizhou. At present, in terms of intangible cultural heritage, ecology, and talents, Tencent has helped Guizhou create a number of rural industries with local characteristics.

In Tongguan Village, Liping County, Tencent built the Eco-Museum of Dong Nationality Dage, which not only protects and inherits Guizhou’s intangible cultural heritage, but also brings local villagers a stable income of more than 300,000 yuan per year. Tencent launched the “Rural CEO” and “Cultivator Program” to train key talents for rural governance in Guizhou, and further promote the sustainable development of Guizhou’s rural revitalization.

Li Qiang said that based on the solid foundation of cooperation in the past, the cooperation between Tencent and Guizhou will be further deepened. On the one hand, Tencent will use its rich accumulation in model algorithms, data, computing power and application levels to form a joint force with Guizhou’s complete data, policies and industrial configuration, and jointly seize the opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence; on the other hand, Tencent will Give full play to its advantages in smart parks, smart retail, digital factories, and smart marketing to help Guizhou build a more competitive industrial cluster and drive the development of the regional digital economy.

“Rural revitalization” has become the focus of heated discussions, and digitalization is a necessary means

During the forum, “rural revitalization” was a topic discussed by experts and scholars. Liu Guicai, former chief engineer and researcher of the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that many achievements have been made in the construction of digital villages, but there are still problems such as unclear resource base for agricultural development, serious information network islands, insufficient development and utilization of data resources, and insufficient digital technology innovation capabilities. The bottleneck should focus on improving infrastructure support capabilities, technological innovation capabilities, and network security capabilities, speed up the process of agricultural digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and promote green and high-quality agricultural development.

(Yao Yizhao, Vice President of Tencent Cloud)

Yao Yizhao, vice president of Tencent Cloud, said that digitalization is an important means to promote the development of the real economy, and it is also an important support for the revitalization of rural areas and rural industries. In the process of assisting rural revitalization, Tencent must do a good job in industrial boosters, resource connectors and digital toolboxes, connect Tencent’s technical resources, ecological resources and local resource endowments, and promote the upgrading of local rural industries through digital tools , enhance rural governance capabilities and improve people’s livelihood.

Xia Zhu, general manager of Tennong Lexiang (Guizhou) Technology Co., Ltd., is concerned about the contradictions between high-quality resources and low value, the conflict between new consumption and old products, and the problems of high imitation and weak adaptation in the integrated development of rural industries. Tengnong Lexiang’s “Overall Solution for Rural Revitalization Integration Demonstration Sites” leads rural business entities to implement characteristic projects such as AI smart planting, digital adoption, brand marketing of agricultural products, VR science, teaching and research, and digital creation of intangible cultural heritage through the establishment of local characteristic IPs. , to create an urban-rural integrated immersive experience consumption place, and promote the high-quality development of rural tourism.

Wang Xianyu, deputy general manager of Yunjing Cultural Tourism Technology Co., Ltd., said that whether it is from the perspective of rural promotion, tourist service, supervision and management, or from the perspective of tourists’ information acquisition, tourism experience, and word-of-mouth evaluation, the digital construction of rural tourism The necessity is beyond doubt. Create a service platform for tourists in the rural areas of Yima Tour, which can assist tourists in making travel decisions and push marketing to potential tourists before the tour. During the tour, it can provide map-based intelligent self-guided tours, tour guides, navigation, and consultation on catering, accommodation, entertainment, etc. Service, travel complaints and feedback can be seen after the tour, which is conducive to improving tourist satisfaction and promoting high-quality tourism.

Fan Zhiliang, chairman of Guizhou Leyun Technology Co., Ltd., said that taking advantage of the huge tourism consumption and terminal consumption market demand in cities to further boost the development of agriculture and tourism service industries in rural areas will become an important strategy to promote the harmonious development of urban and rural economies. Guizhou should seize the opportunity to establish a more direct and lasting end-to-end digital intelligent service operation integrating access, production, distribution, service, cloud computing and other capabilities through continuous enhancement of urban and rural basic service capabilities and digital link capabilities system, which will more effectively promote the development of rural multi-dimensional industries.

Xu Ning, chairman of Guizhou Youte Datalink Technology Co., Ltd., said that county economic development is the core of rural revitalization. The county area has a relatively complete economic system and relatively abundant resource elements. Its economic structure includes both towns and villages. The industrial system covers all links of production, distribution, circulation, and consumption. Strengthening the overall planning and integration of various elements within the county is an important way to promote high-quality rural revitalization.

Tencent Cloud joins hands with partners to help Guizhou’s high-quality development in an all-round way

On the same day, Tencent Cloud signed a package of strategic cooperation agreements with local governments and enterprises in Guizhou, focusing on rural revitalization, rural medical care, rural tourism, and industrial transformation, and comprehensively and in-depth support for high-quality development in Guizhou.

Lin Ziniu, chairman of Shenzhen Zhongmai Medical Technology Co., Ltd., said that since 2015, with the support of the Guizhou Provincial Health and Health Commission, Zhongmai Medical and Tencent have joined hands in Longli County, Qiannan Prefecture to carry out a pilot digital hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. After eight years of exploration , Constructed a five-level medical homogenization service system linked by provinces, states, counties, townships, and villages to solve many problems in the development of rural medical care in my country.

For example, through the introduction of AI-assisted diagnosis support and the application of “one-click connection, step-by-step empowerment” in clinical scenarios, the trust problem of the public’s distrust of grassroots medical institutions can be solved; The technical problem that is difficult to break through the isolated island; through the establishment of two mechanisms, the cooperation of specialist alliances and the performance policy of the medical community, the problem of complex collaboration between medical institutions at the provincial, state, county, township, and village levels is solved; the state-owned platform ” Investment-construction-operation” integration plan, solve the problem of rural medical information construction and so on.

The “Longli experience” was further replicated and promoted to Qiannan Prefecture at this number of expos. Technical means such as blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence will also fully assist Guiyang and Bijie to promote innovation in the medical and health industry . On the same day, Tencent joined hands with Zhongmai Medical and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the governments of Qiannan Prefecture, Guiyang City, and Bijie City to promote digital hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, help the sinking of high-quality medical resources, and further solve the problem of “difficulty in seeing a doctor” for ordinary people.

Tencent Cloud has joined hands with many partners to continue to promote the high-quality development of Guizhou’s rural tourism and other industries. Yunjing Cultural Tourism and Tencent Cloud further deepen the cooperative relationship, relying on “tourism + big data”, jointly promote the formation of a cooperation system based on core resources such as big data, and create a group of distinctive, diverse formats, first-class services, large-scale Developed rural tourism products and projects.

The Yunyan District Government of Guiyang signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Tencent Cloud and Tengnong Lexiang. Relying on Tencent Cloud’s advanced technology and cultural and creative resources, integrating into the code chain traceability and brand protection capabilities of Tencent Anxin Platform, using Tengnong Lexiang’s innovative platform architecture capabilities, perfect local implementation and operation capabilities, and online and offline market channels, relying on Yunyan District Good location advantages, build an innovative rural revitalization industry empowerment platform, and work together to create benchmark projects such as digital agriculture and integration of agriculture and tourism to help revitalize rural industries.

Tencent Cloud is also working with partners to actively promote industrial digitization in Guizhou. Guizhou Torch High-tech, Tencent Cloud, and Youte Datalink signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Combined with the development needs of Nanming District, Guiyang City, the three parties will cooperate in personnel training, smart parks, rural revitalization, pastoral complexes, smart business circles, and industrial Internet. Carry out cooperation to help Nanming District’s industrial upgrading and transformation and the high-quality development of the digital economy.

The Yunyan District Government also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Tencent Cloud and Leyun Technology. Relying on the advantages of Yunyan District’s industries, policies, and location, the three parties will jointly build a Joyful Yunyan-Smart City operation service platform system to continuously improve consumption in the district. The vitality and the development momentum of small, medium and micro enterprises will jointly promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the physical industry in Yunyan District.

Guizhou Materials Group International Trade Co., Ltd. and Tencent Cloud have reached a strategic cooperation framework agreement, based on the material trade cloud platform, through digitalization to help the upgrading and transformation of the local commercial circulation industry, optimize the business environment, and promote the integrated development of the real industry and the digital economy .

In the future, Tencent Cloud looks forward to working with more partners to jointly help the development of Guizhou’s real economy, create a highland for digital economy innovation in the new era, and accelerate the construction of digital China. number: copyright articles, unauthorized reprinting is prohibited. See Reprint Instructions for details.

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