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Find out the winning code of Henan’s competition in 2023. The national mainstream financial media watch Henan’s in-depth research activity officially launched_Current


  Poster reporter Zhou Chen reports from Henan

On the morning of May 22, hosted by Henan Radio and Television Station, organized by Henan Radio and Television Elephant News Center and Elephant News Client, the activity of “Explore the Code of Henan’s Competitive Advancement – 2023 National Mainstream Financial Media Look at Henan Deep Research” was officially held in Zhengzhou start up.

This is a brand event held by Henan Radio and Television for six consecutive years. This year, the interview team will go deep into various parts of Henan, and fully present the high-quality development achievements of Henan’s rise in central China. What “black technology” does the high-standard farmland in the Central Plains have? How does the Henan culture of “C position out of the circle” hide its development code? In advanced manufacturing factories, how to embody “Henan Wisdom… These new images and achievements of Henan’s development will be presented to more people through the pens, computers, cameras and mobile phones in the hands of journalists across the country.

40 mainstream media reporters gathered to learn from the changes in Henan’s high-quality development

Henan is an important birthplace of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. “When you reach out and touch it, you can see the culture of Spring and Autumn, and when you step on it, you can see the bricks and tiles of Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty”, which is a true portrayal of Henan.

Under the leadership of the new Henan Provincial Party Committee, Henan has seized the major opportunities of superposition of national strategies, anchored the “two guarantees” and implemented the “Ten Strategies”. ; The construction of high-standard farmland continues to make efforts, and the foundation of food security is more stable… Henan’s high-quality development continues to achieve new breakthroughs, creating new development momentum and new advantages.

At the launching ceremony, Lu Shenyong, a member of the party group and deputy director of Henan Radio and Television Station, presented the flag to the interview group. Liu Linjun, head of Henan Radio and Television Elephant News Center, welcomed the 40 mainstream media reporters from across the country who came to participate in the event. He said that in New Under the leadership of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, Henan has firmly followed the “Huashan Road” of innovation-driven high-quality development, rebuilt and revitalized the Provincial Academy of Sciences, and created “double first-class” universities and “dual aircraft carriers”. The vitality of innovation has become more prominent. Driven by the integrated development strategy of culture, tourism, culture and creativity, the ancient Henan culture continues to shine in the new era. The ancient capital Luoyang’s “C position out of the circle” and Henan Radio and Television’s “Chinese Festival Wonderful Tour” series have gone to the world, witnessing Henan’s cultural industry flourishing.

“Today’s Henan is a progressive Henan, an innovative Henan, and a youthful Henan. I look forward to working with you to measure the development path of Henan with your footsteps, and to use your pen and camera, mobile phone and computer to capture the profound changes in the Central Plains. The new image of Henan and Henan will be passed on to more friends.” Liu Linjun said.

 Six years as a day to create the brand activity of “Looking at Henan through mainstream media integration”

Hosted by Henan Radio and Television Station, the national mainstream integrated media watching Henan event has been held for six consecutive sessions.

On behalf of the media interview team, Sun Yun, a reporter from Zhejiang Daily, said that in the past six years, under the careful arrangement and thoughtful organization of Henan Radio and Television, the annual viewing of Henan has become a platform to show the beauty and changes of Henan’s development and development. window. In the following itinerary, the members of the interview team will use vivid pen and ink, timeless pictures, and wonderful shots to interpret an innovative and developing Henan that is changing with each passing day, a Henan that is courageous and hard-working, and a Henan that strives for the day and night and is more brilliant Henan, spreading the new style and new changes of the ancient Central Plains to more people.

During the event, the interview team will cross multiple counties and cities, and will walk into Kaifeng’s high-efficiency smart agricultural industry cluster, the last bend of the Jiuqu Yellow River, the Chinese Jujube Museum, Songshan Shaolin Temple, only Henan·Drama Fantasy City, Jianye Film Town and God Capital Interviews and investigations in Luoyang and other places.

It is understood that under the background of media integration, Henan Radio and Television Station is guided by the concept of “integrated communication, transformation and development, useful and effective”, and implements the development strategy of “dual platforms, multi-brands, and strong protection” to build a new mainstream media group. The goal is to build an all-media communication system based on content construction, advanced technology as support, and innovative management as guarantee. Integrate the main news forces of the whole Taiwan, establish the Daxiang News Center of Henan Radio and Television Station, promote the reform of the system and mechanism to stimulate endogenous power, and make great strides towards the strategic development goal of “further building an all-media publicity pattern and strengthening the main position of news and public opinion guidance”.

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