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Reporters listen to the sound of springs on the Lishui River |


Sina Hebei

May 26 11:15
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Original title: The reporter listened to the sound of the spring on the Lishui River |

The sound of the water was so loud that the magpies and crows chirped and the willows danced… A few days ago, the reporter strolled in Nanmingshui Village, Xindu District, watching the river rushing out of the mountains, which not only brought endless beauty and hope to people, but also It has witnessed the effectiveness of the ecological civilization construction of Taihang Spring City.

Walking the scene: the world of water painted by winding waterfalls

Nanmingshui Village is located in the shade of the mountain. As soon as I entered the village, there was a huge sound of running water in my ears. According to the reputation, the Lishui River, which is about several feet wide, is like water from the sky, rushing from the deep mountains and valleys like pearls and jade. Due to the large drop in the terrain, every time the water passes through a cliff, a series of waterfalls will be formed, which are layered and surging, which is spectacular.

The Lishui River, originating from the Hebei-Shanxi watershed, has been flowing for many years, winding and cascading waterfalls. The water potential becomes larger and louder near the village, just like the silver stream of the Milky Way falling into the world. Fertile land. Going up the river, the higher you go, the narrower the river, the faster the water flow, and the higher the splash of the waves. All visitors are amazed at the magic of nature.

About 100 meters to the south of Nanmingshui Village, the river is raised in steps, and every time it is raised, there are “squeaky” waterfalls pouring down. Standing on a high place, looking back suddenly, there is a world of water, the hometown of waves. Countless streams criss-cross through the green trees and bushes, some are narrow, some are wide, some are curved like snakes, and some are straight like lines, shining gold and silver, flowing endlessly.

The stacked waterfall extends to the Mingshui spring at the foot of the mountain, and connects to the Tianhe mountain water vein, which flows continuously all year round. Standing on the small bridge, I suddenly found that although the rainbow trout in the river is in the torrent, it seems to be strolling in the courtyard, with its tail swinging slowly, playing and playing with the current and waves from time to time. Looking at the scenery of Taoyuan in front of me, savoring the small bridges and flowing water, the trivial matters of life have long been thrown out of the sky.

Recalling the past: turbulent clear water watering the fruits of victory

During the Anti-Japanese War, Lishui River made great contributions to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and to the independence and liberation of the nation. At that time, the Eighth Route Army made full use of the endless water energy of the river, built two workshops for the arsenal in Mingshui Village, installed large wooden water turbines, and used water as power to drive lathes to manufacture small steel cannons, grenades and guns. Ammunition and other weapons.

Together with the workshop, there are also water mills and water mills, which not only process rice noodles for the Eighth Route Army and villagers, but also grind gunpowder for the arsenal. During the Anti-Japanese War period, the water in this small river drove the water turbines to work day and night, tireless and tireless, and never stopped making guns for the anti-Japanese fighters in front. At the same time, water energy was also used to make paper and leather, which made a great contribution to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

“Upstairs and downstairs, there are electric lights and telephones; the iron ox goes down to the ground, creaking.” This was the life that the people of the village yearned for in the early 1950s. According to the memories of the old people in the village, because of the good and large water in this ditch, a small hydropower station was built in the village in the 1970s. The completion of the hydropower station made the villagers bid farewell to the oil lamps that have been used for thousands of years, and truly realized the dream of night as day.

“When the electric light was on for the first time, don’t mention how happy and excited people were!” Feng Xianchao, a villager in the village, recalled. Whose lights are the brightest.

What Lishui River brings to the villagers are endless good memories, but she herself is just like it has been for thousands of years. never stop…

Exploring the origin: the continuous stream makes people dream back to the Iron Horse Jinge

Although the village is said to have a close relationship with Huangchao, the mention of the word “Mingshui” always reminds people of Li Shimin, who has been unparalleled in the army since ancient times.

The northern branch of Gumingshui originated in Xindu District. From the first month to March of the fifth year of Tang Wude (622), Li Shimin fought and defeated Liu Heita’s army here, laying a solid foundation for the Tang Dynasty to rule the world. Where the north branch of ancient Mingshui came from, and whether it was related to Nanmingshui Village, it is impossible to test. It is left to the endless imagination of today’s people, listening to the sound of surging water, and dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty.

However, it is well documented that Nanmingshui Village is indeed a thousand-year-old village and is related to the Tang Dynasty.

According to legend, the village began with the Huangchao Uprising at the end of the Tang Dynasty, and people lived here at that time. Later, the Feng family moved from Fengjiagou to settle here during the Qianlong period, and the ancestors moved to the grave in the fifth year of Jiaqing. Because of the beautiful mountains and clear waters and abundant water resources here, the village is named Mingshui. Later, because Songjiazhuang Town also had Mingshui Village, and the two villages had the same name, the former Xingtai County Place Name Office changed Mingshui Village, Bai’an Township, to Nanmingshui Village in 1985 according to its geographical location.

“Whether it is Li Shimin or Huang Chao, they are just passing by in history.” Feng Xianchao said, but this water has been flowing continuously for thousands of years. In their view, this water is a gift from Taihang Mountain, which has nurtured generations of children for thousands of years. People from Taihang Mountain moisten things silently and moisten this land.

Looking to the future: green water and green mountains bring gold and silver

As the sun sets, the water and the sky are the same color, only the Lishui River in front of you is still flowing. Standing on the bank of the river and looking around, the golden river water exudes a charming halo, accompanied by swaying weeping willows and lightly dancing and singing birds, between the movement and the stillness, a vivid picture of mountain dwellings is in front of you.

In recent years, Nanmingshui Village has actively done a good job in water works and cooperated with the improvement of the village environment to make the village look clean and hygienic, with a beautiful environment. There are square pavilions and rockery fountains in the garden at the entrance of the village. Thanks to the Lishui River, the humid air keeps the streets and houses in the village spotless. The stone houses built according to the slope have a well-proportioned height and a wide view. You can see the scenery through the window. Standing in the courtyard, you can see the green hills and hear the sound of the water. Stone steps extend in all directions in the streets and alleys, connecting up, down, left, and right. Various flowers and vegetables are planted in every corner. Walking in the village gives people a feeling of peace and tranquility. Appreciating the cascading waterfalls, listening to the sound of the water, and looking at the green mountains, this is a grand audio-visual feast.

“This water has guarded us for thousands of years, and our children and grandchildren will also guard her.” Feng Xianchao said that as the environment in the village is getting better and better, the formerly unknown small mountain village has become an Internet celebrity check-in The land, the tourists coming and going, let the villagers understand what is “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”. Feng Xianchao believes that as long as this landscape is well protected, the days to come will be sweeter and sweeter.

Source: Xingtai News Media Center

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