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Chongqing Dianjiang: Innovating the “Government Service Public Comment” mechanism to optimize the business environment


Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, May 26th: Chongqing Dianjiang: Innovating the “Government Service Public Comment” mechanism to optimize the business environment

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhao Yufei and Li Xiaoting

“It took more than 3 days to complete the registration and transfer procedures, but it was completed on the same day.” In front of the tax window of the Dianjiang County Government Service Center in Chongqing, Shi Tiezhu, an individual industrial and commercial household who came to handle the transfer procedures for shops, said happily.

At the beginning, when Shi Tiezhu handled the transfer, he encountered some problems in tax-related matters. Since he had to travel far to deal with urgent matters that day, Shi Tiezhu asked for help from the tax window of the County Government Service Center. The County Taxation Bureau immediately organized a professional team to analyze the problem, went to the store to verify the situation, formulated a solution, and finally helped Shi Tiezhu complete all the procedures on the same day.

“At the end of last year, some business people made negative comments on our service efficiency through the “government service public comment” mechanism. After the results were notified, we immediately rectified and adopted measures such as increasing the number of service window staff and optimizing the work process, and the service efficiency was greatly improved. ” said Tan Dahua, Chief of the Tax Service Section of Dianjiang County Taxation Bureau.


The staff of the No. 1 Taxation Office of the Dianjiang County Taxation Bureau are handling tax-related business for the masses.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Yufei

Since last year, Dianjiang County has launched an evaluation mechanism for the public and service objects to supervise and evaluate administrative agencies – the “Dian Xiaoer·Government Service Public Comment” mechanism, which collects the evaluation opinions of government service objects, law enforcement objects and other subjects on a quarterly basis, forming evaluation, Closed-loop management of feedback, rectification, and supervision, and vigorously rectify related issues that damage the business environment.

“The evaluation objects of ‘Government Service Dianping’ basically cover all the departments and departments with administrative approval, service functions and law enforcement functions in the county.” The relevant person in charge of the Dianjiang County Justice Bureau introduced that the mechanism will not act, act indiscriminately, and act slowly It is refined into six forms of “stuck, pushed, procrastinated, chaotic, cold, and poor”, which correspond to six aspects of improper work style, weak responsibility, low efficiency, improper procedures, poor service, and poor business.

The reporter learned that after the mass approval service items are completed, directional evaluation can be carried out through the corresponding website entrance or telephone return visits from relevant departments. At the same time, relevant units conduct sampling evaluations by mailing letters to county people’s congress representatives, county CPPCC members, business leaders, and township (street) leadership members. For those who receive “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” evaluations, the relevant departments will report criticisms, interviews and include assessments on the evaluated departments and departments according to the types of problems, and at the same time put the rectification of the problems on the important agenda and order them to be rectified in place. And transfer the clues of suspected violations of discipline and law to relevant departments for investigation and handling.

Today, the “government service public comment” mechanism has become a new driving force for Dianjiang to optimize the business environment. Xie Ruiyu, head of the Registration and Licensing Section of the Dianjiang County Market Supervision Bureau, introduced that with the help of the “government service public comment” mechanism, the department will handle more than 24,000 administrative licenses and registrations in 2022. Work efficiency issues received complaints and opinions from the masses.

In September last year, Mr. Peng from Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province went to Dianjiang to invest and register a company. The staff of the Registration and Licensing Section of the Market Supervision Bureau of Dianjiang County heard that Mr. Peng’s investment partners could not come to the scene to sign, so they remotely guided his investment partners to conduct online registration. Mr. Peng successfully registered the company on the same day. At present, the company has actually paid in funds of 50 million yuan, and the factory building has also started construction.


The staff of the Market Supervision Bureau of Dianjiang County are serving the masses who handle business registration business by themselves.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Yufei

The relevant person in charge of the Dianjiang County Judicial Bureau said that the evaluation results over the past year show that the number of bad reviews has shown a downward trend quarter by quarter, and the overall satisfaction of the public has shown a quarterly upward trend, especially the “stuck”, “delayed” and “chaotic” The three types of negative reviews have been greatly reduced, indicating that the business environment has been effectively improved.

“There is no end to optimizing the business environment.” The relevant person in charge of the Dianjiang County Government said that the “government service public comment” mechanism aims at the crux of the damage to the business environment, and continues to help the government improve service efficiency and service levels, effectively promoting business Improvement of the environment.

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