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The magnificent transformation of the 50-year-old mine, which was rated as one of the top ten must-see scenic spots in Chongqing_Sulphur_Industry_Yanyu


Original title: The magnificent transformation of the 50-year-old mine, rated as one of the top ten must-see scenic spots in Chongqing, Dawo Scenic Spot

In the hidden mountains of Chongqing, there is a unique scenic spot hidden. It was selected as one of the top ten must-see scenic spots in Chongqing. It has a legendary past life and of course magnificent natural scenery. This is the Dawo Scenic Area.

Dawo Scenic Area is located in Dawo Community, Qinglong Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing City. Here, I personally experienced the uncanny craftsmanship of nature. The dreamlike beauty made me forget that I am in the real world, and I am completely immersed in the beauty of nature.

Dawo Scenic Area is not far from Fengjie County, about 60 kilometers, about 2 hours by car. And along the way are winding mountain roads with mountains and mountains, one bend after another, one bay after another scene, which makes people surprise again and again, and the greenery along the way makes people fascinated.

The “three mountains and two valleys” landscape pattern of Dawo Scenic Area integrates the resources of the whole area, such as high mountains and strange peaks, canyons, underground caves, cliffs, etc. Dolphin Bay, Cuokou Gorge, Hezhangyan, Rentou Mountain, Natural landscapes such as pine forests form a unique alpine three-dimensional landscape in the scenic area.

My favorite is the Yanyu Rock here. It is located in a deep mountain valley, surrounded by peaks and surrounded by clouds and mists. It is like a fairyland like a fairy tale. It is a very unique scenic spot here. In Yanyuyan, I saw wonderful natural stone pillars and stalagmites, like a scene from outside the sky. In the misty rainy season, the stone pillars and stalagmites here are shrouded in mist, like a fairyland, full of mystery and temptation. Due to the continuous baptism of drizzle for a long time, the Yanyu Rock is covered with moss on the surface and crevices of the rock, which makes it look more dreamy.

Many friends who have been here said that seeing the shape of the rock is like a huge scratch left by a giant beast. After I looked carefully, I found that this statement is really appropriate. A group of us walked on the small road opposite the Yanyu Rock, trying to find different angles to appreciate this spectacle, but no matter from which angle you will feel the shock, mystery and inconceivability. The naturally formed stone pillars and stalagmites on the rocks are not only of different shapes, but also colorful, which is really amazing.


Many friends will ask when they see this, no matter how beautiful this scenic spot is, it can’t be said that it has a legendary past life? Ladies and gentlemen, listen to me. The beautiful scenery we see now is by no means all of Dawo Scenic Area. In fact, this is a sulfur mine that has contributed to the industrial development of our new China.


In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, when my country’s basic industries were in their infancy, the country had a great demand for sulfur, and sulfur was widely used in the fields of agricultural production, medical treatment and black powder. So in 1951, a sulfur mine was established here. During its heyday, the annual output here was as high as 7,000 tons, which contributed a lot to the construction of New China at that time.


But there are gains and losses. Sulfur mines have great environmental hazards, such as soil acidification leading to reduced crop production, etc., so the government closed the mine in 2015. So far, Dawo Sulfur Mine has ended 50 years of mining. ended its historic mission. Now when you come here, you can still see the industrial relics such as the staff canteen, staff dormitory, cinema, staff hospital and refining blast furnace. Therefore, Dawo Scenic Area not only has a unique natural landscape, but also an industrial site landscape.


Dawo Scenic Area not only has a beautiful environment, but also has extremely rich ecological resources. We often see small animals such as squirrels and hares when we walk on the path. According to my friends, roe deer are also frequent visitors here. When we walk into the dense forest and listen to the singing of birds, you will immediately feel the fragrance and harmony of nature.


If you have the opportunity to come here, the beautiful scenery of nature and the landscape of industrial relics that have contributed to the construction of new China will definitely make you full of rewards and linger.


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