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Ten years of hard work and ten years of deep love – the provincial CPPCC fully supports Fujian Feng Menglong’s research

Ten years of hard work and ten years of deep love – the provincial CPPCC fully supports Fujian Feng Menglong’s research
Ten years of hard work and ten years of deep love – the provincial CPPCC fully supports Fujian Feng Menglong’s research

On the eve of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, launched a long feature article “Inheriting the Culture of Integrity and Promoting the Study of Feng Menglong Culture in Fujian”, highlighting the achievements and characteristics of Fujian Feng Menglong’s research (hereinafter referred to as “Feng Yan”) in the past ten years, and introducing the A number of national academic seminars, publication of several important academic papers, and publication of Feng Menglong’s research papers in important national newspapers and mainstream websites, etc., have demonstrated the leading position of Fujian’s “Feng Yan” work in the country, which has attracted the attention of the academic circle. one light. Then, a report titled “Fujian Continues to Promote Feng Menglong’s Research on the 1316 Project “Feng Yan” Achievements Leading the Country” showed the outstanding achievements of Fujian “Feng Yan” workers in the seminar “Contemporary Value of Feng Menglong’s Political and Moral Quality” The performance has once again aroused the attention of all walks of life.

5 veteran comrades Zheng Yizheng (second from right), Chen Zengguang (second from left), Lu Juyong (middle), Gong Shoudong (first from left), Wang Ling (first from right), etc., who jointly wrote letters to the Provincial Party Committee, gathered at the Provincial Political Consultative Conference and took a group photo . (Wang Ling/Provided)

Feng Menglong is not from Fujian, why does Fujian carry the big tripod to engage in “Feng Yan”?

——Feng Menglong and Fujian

Feng Menglong (1574-1646), born in Changzhou County, Suzhou Prefecture (now Suzhou, Jiangsu Province) in the Southern Zhili Province of the Ming Dynasty, was an ancient Chinese writer, thinker, and dramatist. Together with his elder brother Feng Menggui and younger brother Feng Mengxiong, he was called the “Three Fengs under Wu”. He received a very good cultural education since he was a child, and he was fond of reading and studying classics. In childhood and youth, he recited classics and history to pass the imperial examination, but he failed repeatedly. So he took advantage of the opportunity of frequently contacting the lower class people in Xunpao folk tea houses and restaurants, and collected a large number of folk songs, folk songs, riddles, and folk stories. In the third year of Chongzhen (1630), he became a Gongsheng student. In the following year, he made an exception to teach Dantu. From the seventh to eleventh years of Chongzhen (1634-1638), he learned about Shouning, Fujian, and returned to his hometown to write after he was full. He has made unique contributions to Chinese literature in the creation, collection, arrangement, and editing of popular literature such as novels, operas, folk songs, and jokes. Words) is a classic masterpiece of Chinese vernacular short stories, and it is also the first Chinese literary work to be translated into a foreign language.

In 1634, Feng Menglong became the magistrate of Shouning County, Fujian Province at the age of 60. “It’s the corner of Fujian, and the secretary of the county party committee in Shouning is also nicknamed the ‘provincial secretary’.” General Secretary Xi Jinping once described Shouning in this way, “Feng Menglong went to such a difficult place and traveled all the way. It is said that He walked away for several months.” At that time, Shouning was located in a remote location, with traffic jams, economic poverty, and cultural backwardness. While applying for financial subsidies from above, Feng Menglong was self-reliant. He mobilized officials and took the lead in “donating salaries” to do practical things, such as repairing city walls and setting up department watches; Promoting education, rebuilding the school, reprinting the “Four Books Zhiyue” compiled by himself when he was a teacher as a textbook, and teaching in person, so that “Shi Xinxin gradually has the ambition to make progress”… He served as the magistrate of Shouning County for 4 years, and he loved it deeply. The mountains and rivers here are sympathetic to the people here, and they are fully practicing their ideals in life – to be a virtuous official and benefit the people. The political platform he issued was to encourage farming, sue lawsuits, and abstain from drowning women. He encouraged the people to farm, tried his best to reduce taxes, advocated “family planning” (only one boy and one girl), and solved the problem of food and clothing; he was committed to reducing the occurrence of cases and Simplify the trial procedures of cases in order to achieve the vision of “no litigation”; for the government’s taxation grace, silver and grain exchanges, and management of income and expenditure, he dared to reveal his family background and list, so that benevolent governance can be run under the sun…everywhere, everything Showing his image of loving the people, being pragmatic and honest, he has left a lot of precious material and spiritual wealth to Fujian.

Although Feng Menglong is not from Fujian, he has left behind the practice of ruling the world by law and being honest in life, as well as his literary and ideological achievements in Fujian, which is widely praised by future generations. Both “Funing Mansion Chronicle” and “Shouning County Chronicle” included him in “Biography of Xunli”. Wang Ling, the first deputy director of the Feng Menglong Research Committee of the Chinese Folk Literature Society, the director and researcher of the Feng Menglong Research Committee of Fujian Province, has devoted himself to “Feng Yan” for decades. He once said affectionately: “I often marvel from the heart: a man over sixty In the corrupt and dark society at the end of the Ming Dynasty, in Shouning County, a mountainous area with hard life and extremely poor working conditions, he was able to do so many good things that he did not need to do in a short four-year term. He has covered so many issues that he was not required to care about, and investigated so many situations that he did not need to understand. What is he based on? He relies on his “one-minded heart for the people”, which is the political wisdom formed over many years of experience.”

There are many famous people in Fujian history, such as Su Song, Song Ci, Li Zhi, Lin Zexu, Yan Fu, etc., but most of their main activities in their lives were in other places, and they made less achievements in Fujian. However, historical and cultural celebrities who came to work in Fujian from other provinces benefited the local people in the process of serving as officials in Fujian. It can be said that in Fujian, he realized his life ideal of “benefiting the world while achieving success”, and walked out of his perfect path of “self-cultivation, family harmony, state governance, and peace of the world”. This is his indissoluble bond with Fujian and Shouning, and it is also the sincere and simple reason why Fujian people love him, study him, and promote his excellent qualities.

Feng Menglong is not only a writer, but in what aspects does Fujian’s research lead?

——Fujian “Feng Yan” achievements

As a writer, Feng Menglong left outstanding works represented by “San Yan” in his life, many of which are still well-known to every household. As a politician, Feng Menglong also left a political voice of “simplifying the administration and clearing the punishment, advocating literature, treating the people with kindness, and treating scholars with courtesy” when he served as the county magistrate of Shouning, and he wrote his own political memoir “Shouning Taizhi”. These are all worthy of further study.

According to Wang Ling, in the 100 years since the New Culture Movement, the research on Feng Menglong in my country has experienced three major breakthroughs. The first time was after the New Culture Movement, Feng Menglong and his works, which had been obliterated for hundreds of years, returned to people’s lives. The second time was during the period of reform and opening up. People re-examined the field of classical literature research and fully affirmed Feng Menglong’s unique position in the history of Chinese literature. The third time was since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. General Secretary Xi Jinping praised Feng Menglong many times. Fujian has achieved remarkable results in studying Feng Menglong from the perspective of clean government culture and rule of law culture, and formed the “1316 Project” of Feng Menglong’s research. The work of Fujian “Feng Yan” has taken the lead in the whole country, and the achievements have been remarkable.

——Cultivate a strong research team.Wang Ling is a leading figure in the study of Feng Menglong in Fujian. His research paper “Shou Ning Tai Zhi” was published in “Documents”, which opened the prelude to the study of Feng Menglong by the “Fujian Army”. In 2014, his long paper “Feng Menglong, an Incorruptible Official in the Last Times” and “Revelation of Feng Menglong, an Incorruptible Official” edited and reviewed by Strait Literature and Art Publishing House and literary critic Chen Xiaopei were published successively, marking that Fujian took the lead in studying Feng Menglong from the perspective of incorruptible government culture, and contributed to the national clean government Cultural construction has unearthed new resources. From 2015 to 2016, Wang Ling successively published four series of articles “Small Discussion on “No Litigation””, “Feng Menglong Practices the Value of “Enabling No Litigation”” and “Feng Menglong’s Judicial Practice and Contemporary Value of Legal Concept”, etc. Feng Menglong’s legal culture A series of research papers promoted new breakthroughs in the study of Feng Menglong from the perspective of legal culture; Professor Duan Baolin’s long paper “Chinese Folk Literature Society and Feng Menglong Research” was unanimously recognized by experts and professors; Xue Dong’s long paper “Cultural Investigation of Fujian Feng Menglong Research” Published in “Strait News”, and reprinted in full by nearly ten mainstream media such as China Social Sciences Network, Guangming Network, and China News Network. At the general meeting of the Chinese Folk Literature Society and the National Academic Symposium in 2021, the president Liao Kebin repeatedly affirmed the achievements of Fujian’s “Feng Yan”. At the end of 2022, Suzhou held a Feng Menglong seminar, and Wang Ling was specially invited to give a 7-minute online video speech. These show the achievements and status of Fujian “Feng Yan” from different angles.

The breakthrough of academic research and academic viewpoints requires not only leaders, but also a group of experts who unite and cooperate and a communication matrix. In this group in Fujian, there are not only experts and scholars of the older generation, but also a university team represented by Professor Qi Yukun of Fujian Normal University, a media communication matrix represented by “Strait Newsletter” and “Fujian Forum”, and represented by Strait Literature and Art Publishing House. The power of the publishing industry and so on. Not only that, in recent years, the “Feng Xuemin Army” rookie Feng Menglong Cultural Institute of Fujian Jiangxia College, teachers and students have tapped inspiration from Feng Menglong’s culture, designed and developed a large number of Feng Menglong’s cultural and creative products, and embarked on the path of “promoting the creative transformation of Chinese excellent traditional culture” , innovative development” on a broader road.

——Proposed Feng Menglong’s research on “Project 1316”.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that our country has a fine tradition of clean government culture, and praised Feng Menglong many times. He not only affirmed that he is “talented and wrote three words”, but also affirmed that he “served as an official and benefited all parties.” General Secretary Xi Jinping’s praise and his experience in regional social governance in Fujian provided a reference for a comprehensive and accurate study of Feng Menglong, clarified the key points, and pointed out the direction. The successful holding of the “2014 Fujian·Shouning Feng Menglong Cultural Summit Forum” has achieved a new breakthrough in the country’s first research on Feng Menglong from the perspective of clean government culture. At this time, General Secretary Xi Jinping put the rule of law in an overall position, and made a profound discussion on ancient Chinese legal culture, and proposed a new topic of studying Chinese legal celebrities. In this context, experts studied Feng Menglong’s papers from a new perspective of legal culture, such as “The Contemporary Value of Feng Menglong’s Judicial Practice in Shouning” and so on, which attracted the attention of all parties. Then, the “2016 Fujian Feng Menglong Cultural Summit Forum” held at Jiangxia College officially proposed the “1316 Project” of Fujian Feng Menglong’s research – “1” means that Feng Menglong’s research must continue to make new breakthroughs; The three perspectives of “clean government culture” and “rule of law culture” dig deep into the contemporary value of Feng Menglong’s culture, so that Feng Menglong’s culture, a treasure of Chinese excellent traditional culture, can play its due role in the historical process of practicing the socialist core values ​​and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Function; “16” is to gradually restore Feng Menglong’s rough, tortuous and legendary life in a realistic and realistic way, and solve 16 mysteries in his life that have not yet been solved.

——Feng Menglong was listed as one of the six historical celebrities in Fujian.Driven by Feng Menglong’s research on the “1316 Project”, Feng Menglong was listed as one of the six historical celebrities in Fujian by the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, one of the three ancient judicial celebrities in Fujian by the Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and listed as honest by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. As a living teaching material for cultural education, the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Department of Culture, Tourism, and News, Radio and Television have also excavated the cultural connotation of “Fu” that meets the requirements of the times, and widely publicized, popularized and promoted it in Fujian schools, institutions, enterprises, and rural areas. Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou and other places continue to publish articles introducing Fujian’s “1316 Project”, and Feng Menglong’s culture has become a bright business card of Fujian culture.

“Justice and the rule of law are important contents of the socialist core values, and the culture of integrity is an important part of the historical inheritance of the ‘Fu’ culture. Listing Feng Menglong as a historical celebrity in Fujian not only makes Feng Menglong culture the core brand of Fujian culture, but also makes Feng Menglong’s academic The development of research and cultural inheritance has entered a new historical stage, realizing the effective transformation from cultural resources to cultural brands, enriching the connotation of Fujian’s “Fu” culture, and making new contributions to enhancing “cultural self-confidence.” “Consultant of Feng Menglong Research Committee of Fujian Province Xue Dong said when sorting out the achievements and characteristics of Fujian Feng Menglong’s research in the past ten years.

Today’s “Feng Yan” in Fujian is inseparable from the strong support of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference

——Ten years of CPPCC

“Without the support and participation of the provincial CPPCC organization and so many provincial CPPCC members, there would be no leading position of ‘Feng Yan’ today.” Wang Ling was full of gratitude and told reporters about the provincial CPPCC’s care and support for Feng Menglong’s research for ten years. .

From the 1980s to 2020, members of the provincial CPPCC continued to promote the work of “Feng Menglong” by means of research proposals, joint suggestions, etc., building platforms, providing venues, and even doing it by themselves. Development Symposium” and so on. According to statistics, there are as many as 5 vice chairmen of the provincial CPPCC who directly care about and support the work of “Feng Yan”, forming an invisible relay tradition.

—— Give full play to the advantages and help young scholars to do research.As early as 1984 and 1985, Huang Shouqi, deputy director of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Xu Huaizhong, former member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and other leading experts of the older generation paid great attention to supporting Feng Menglong’s research, encouraged and helped young scholars to conduct research and publish papers, and pioneered “Feng Menglong research” new situation. At that time, Wang Ling boldly proposed that “Feng Menglong’s research should have a major breakthrough”, and it was published in the “Literary Journal” under their recommendation, forming a national influence. In 1984, they pushed Fujian academic circles to hold the first national “Feng Menglong Memorial Meeting” after the reform and opening up in Fuzhou, sounding the clarion call to re-evaluate Feng Menglong. In 1985, the first national “Feng Menglong Academic Symposium” was held in Ningde. Since the ultra-left remarks that “clean officials are more reactionary than corrupt officials” had not been rectified, research on Feng Menglong was limited to the scope of literary works and literary achievements.

——With a clear attitude, support the cause of “Feng Yan” in Fujian.“In the past ten years, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference has done a lot of practical and effective work.” Gong Shoudong, former director of the Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Committee of the Fujian Provincial Political Consultative Conference, recalled that the “2014 Fujian·Shouning Feng Menglong Cultural Summit Forum” was fully supported by the Provincial Political Consultative Conference. Zhang Fan, vice chairman of the CPPCC, chairman of the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and president of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, sent an exciting congratulatory message to the forum, clearly supporting the “Feng Yan” cause; Chen Zengguang, former vice chairman of the Provincial CPPCC, attended the conference or sent congratulatory messages; Leaders also write papers and read them out at the forum. When the “2016 Fujian Feng Menglong Cultural Summit Forum” was held, Chen Shaojun, then vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting. In his speech, he clearly stated that “to inherit and promote Feng Menglong’s culture, we must let the common people realize the existence of Feng Menglong.” Gong Shoudong told the reporter excitedly: “Now that the Feng Menglong Memorial Hall has been completed and opened to the public, more and more people have learned about the good deeds this historical and cultural celebrity has done for the people of Shouning and the development of Shouning during the visit. Contribution. Shouning folks are building Menglong Cultural Town, Feng Menglong Park was completed and opened last year, TV dramas with Feng Menglong theme are being filmed, and the Fujian opera “Incorruptible Feng Menglong” will also be staged soon.”

——Jointly wrote a letter, pushing Feng Menglong to become a historical and cultural celebrity in Fujian.At the beginning of 2017, five representatives of the Elderly Congress and old CPPCC members Zheng Yizheng, Chen Zengguang, Lu Juyong, Gong Shoudong, and Wang Ling, who had worked in Ningde for a long time and actively participated in the construction and promotion of Feng Menglong’s cultural project in recent years, jointly signed a letter to the then Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee You Quan submitted the “Proposal to Include Feng Menglong Cultural Project in the Report on the Inheritance and Development of Excellent Chinese Traditional Cultural Projects in Our Province”, and suggested that Suzhou native Feng Menglong be included in the provincial party committee document as a historical and cultural celebrity in Fujian. In May, in the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for the Inheritance and Development of Excellent Traditional Culture in Fujian Province” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”) jointly issued by the two provincial offices, they were delighted to see that the suggestions were adopted and implemented: ” The Notice clearly requires that “deeply explore the resources of historical and cultural celebrities such as Zhu Xi, Feng Menglong, Zheng Chenggong, Lin Zexu, Yan Fu, Chen Jiageng, etc., support the holding of symposiums, seminars, and exhibitions to commemorate historical celebrities and inherit the spirit of celebrities, and vigorously publicize and carry forward the advancement of celebrities of all ages. Deeds and spiritual concepts, and constantly enhance the popularity and influence of Fujian celebrity culture brand.” This not only affirms the work of “Feng Yan” since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, but also points out the direction for the work of “Feng Yan” in the future.

——Bow down to enter the game and realize two-way efforts.The Provincial CPPCC took the initiative to provoke the burden of publicizing and implementing the spirit of the “Notice” and carrying forward Feng Menglong’s spiritual philosophy. In October 2017, the well-prepared “Symposium on Promoting Feng Menglong’s Cultural Inheritance and Development” was held at the Provincial Political Consultative Conference. Chen Shaojun, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC at the time, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech, clearly requesting: “To promote Menglong culture, we must grasp the key points of work, and form a working situation where the official and the society are on the same track, excavation and publicity are in the same line, and research and utilization are synchronized.” After the meeting, The Provincial Political Consultative Conference promptly formed a special report on social conditions and public opinion information on “Several Suggestions for Inheriting and Developing Feng Menglong’s Culture” and submitted it to the leaders in charge of the Provincial Party Committee. At that time, Gao Xiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and head of the Propaganda Department, issued three instructions, requiring the Provincial Department of Culture to undertake the implementation. In order to promote Feng Menglong’s culture, Jiang Dengfeng, the former full-time deputy director of the Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Committee of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, also published a signed article “Let Feng Menglong “live” again” in the “CPPCC Tiandi”, which received a good response from the society.

In May 2018, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference held the “Proceedings of the 2016 Fujian Feng Menglong Cultural Summit Forum” and the Seminar on Feng Menglong Research and Media Communication. Xue Weimin, then vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and Lu Kaijin, Secretary General, attended and spoke at the meeting. Lu Kaijin pointed out: “The Provincial Political Consultative Conference provides this platform, which can not only offer advice and suggestions, but also build consensus, so as to achieve two-way efforts.” Participants recalled that Chen Lubai, an old expert of “Feng Yan”, wrote an impromptu poem at this symposium , the applause was thunderous, and the “Feng Yan” workers participating in the meeting were greatly encouraged, which strongly promoted the further development of research work. As Ruan Shiwei, vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, pointed out at the Book Publishing Symposium (2020) of “Track – Fujian Feng Menglong Research Chronicle from 2017 to 2018” hosted by the Provincial Political Consultative Conference: “The Provincial Political Consultative Conference fully reflects the It has played a two-way role in discussing politics and building consensus.”

——Continuous assistance to form the “Feng Yan” five one project.In November 2019, the “2019 Feng Menglong Culture Shouning Forum” was held in Shouning, the highlight of the “Light of East Fujian · Shouning Menglong” cultural week, and experts from all over the country gathered together. Liu Xianxiang, vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, pointed out in his speech that he hopes to further strengthen the research on Feng Menglong’s diligent government culture, non-litigation culture, and county governance through this event; carry out in-depth learning and reference, and strengthen cooperation with Feng Menglong’s hometown Suzhou; solidly promote publicity The integration of promotion and cultural tourism will continuously improve the creative transformation and innovative development of Feng Menglong’s culture, continue to promote the implementation of research results, and promote Feng Menglong’s cultural brand to the whole country. This coincides with the hope of the “Feng Yan” experts, and every sentence speaks to their hearts. The meeting also planned to form the “Five One Project”, that is, to hold an international academic seminar on Feng Menglong’s culture, launch a “Selected Readings of “Three Words”” that gathers the latest research results, and hold a collection of hundreds of years of research results in one furnace. Feng Menglong’s large-scale exhibition, planning a Feng Menglong website for timely exchange of academic research results, creating and shooting a high-level TV documentary “Feng Menglong County Magistrate”.

Ten years of hard work has been accumulated, and ten years of care will be unforgettable. With a strong research team, with Feng Menglong’s promotion of “1316 Project” and the goal of “Five One Project”, especially with the consistent support of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Wang Ling, Gong Shoudong, Xue Xue of Fujian Feng Menglong Research Committee Dong and others said: “We are more confident to promote research in a down-to-earth manner, further inherit and promote Feng Menglong’s culture, spread Feng Menglong’s cultural brand across the country, and continue to contribute to the construction of a strong cultural province in Fujian Province!”


Original title: Ten years of hard work and ten years of deep love – the provincial CPPCC fully supports Fujian Feng Menglong’s research results

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