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Taking the pulse of economic and social development to help Hunan’s high-quality development_Economy. People’s Livelihood_Hunan Channel_Red Net


Taking the pulse of economic and social development to help Hunan’s high-quality development

——2023 China Association for Science and Technology Academicians and Experts Hunan Tour and National Conditions Inspection Activities Documentary

Academicians and experts visited World Computing·Changsha Wisdom Valley.

Reported by reporter Chen Zonghao and correspondent Wang Shaojun and Wu Yulin

All the talents are here, the stars shine in Sanxiang!

From May 19th to 25th, 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 15 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 11 high-level experts who participated in the 2023 China Association for Science and Technology Academician Expert Hunan Tour and National Conditions Inspection Activities traveled all over Changsha and Yueyang along the banks of the Xiangjiang River , Xiangtan and Hengyang four cities.

In just 7 days, the academicians and experts of the delegation participated in 5 promotions of provincial conditions and city conditions, 2 symposiums, 3 academicians entering the campus activities and 2 red education activities, and visited enterprise parks and colleges and universities for 5 times. Guidance, with Hunan Xiangjiang New District (Changsha High-tech Zone), Rainbow Group (Shaoyang) Special Glass Co., Ltd., Hunan Nonferrous Metal Industry Investment Group, Nanhua University, Hunan Institute of Schistosomiasis Prevention and Control, and Hunan Zhongchuang Kongtian New Materials Co., Ltd. , Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and other relevant responsible persons of 27 institutions conducted face-to-face exchanges.

The event was sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology, organized by the Hunan Association for Science and Technology and Changsha, Hengyang, Xiangtan, and Yueyang Municipal Committees and Municipal Governments, Hunan Science and Technology Consulting Center, Changsha Association for Science and Technology, Hengyang Association for Science and Technology, Xiangtan Association for Science and Technology, and Yueyang Science and Technology Association Co-organized by other units.

What did academicians and experts see in Hunan?

In just 7 days, from the foot of Yuelu Mountain to the bank of Dongting Lake, from Shaoshan Mountain to the top of Nanyue Mountain, academicians and experts walked, watched, asked and talked all the way. In-depth investigation and investigation of patriotic education bases, science and technology parks, high-tech enterprises, and cultural landmarks, to make suggestions for the development of the industrial economy in various places, to feel the pulse, to promote technology, projects, and human resources in Hunan, and to help Hunan’s high-quality development.

In the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park, academicians and experts carefully understood the industrial chain cluster led by digital video creativity, and the inspection of World Computing·Changsha Zhigu gave them a new understanding of the development layout of Changsha’s advanced computing industry .

Academicians and experts inspect the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park.

Standing in Chenglingji overlooking the Sanjiang Estuary where Dongting and the Yangtze River meet, the academicians and experts felt the busy water and land transport in Chenglingji New Port Area. Walking into Hunan Zhongchuang Aerospace New Materials Co., Ltd., after praising their advanced manufacturing technology and high-tech products, many academicians and experts successively put forward their own professional suggestions on the high-quality development of Yueyang at the symposium.

The cultural industry is a brand of Hunan that can be recognized throughout the country. Whether it is the grandness of Yuelu Academy, a millennium school, the charm of Hunan culture in Hunan Museum, or the radiance of the spirit of worrying before joy on Yueyang Tower, and Nanyue, where man and nature coexist harmoniously, all left a deep impression on the academicians and experts. impression.

In Shaoshan, the hometown of the great man, academicians and experts presented flower baskets to the bronze statue of the great man. Seeing the long queues of tourists outside Shangwuchang and the Comrade Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, many academicians and experts who have been here before lamented that the red cultural tourism in Shaoshan is no longer what it used to be, and it has become far more than an upgrade of infrastructure.

“I have been to Hunan many years ago. This trip to Hunan is not only the first time to visit many places, but also left a deep impression on me. For example, Changsha, I have heard that she is an ‘Internet celebrity city’ in the past. But in fact, there are also good achievements in advanced manufacturing.” An academician who participated in the event told the reporter that he believed that he would come to Hunan again in the near future, “because this time I saw the advantages of Hunan’s industrial development and got to know Hunan. Many friends hope to build a bridge connecting Hunan with high-end talents and resources.”

What did academicians and experts say to Hunan?


Symposium for academicians and experts on the high-quality development of high-tech industries in Chenglingji Xingang District.

Although the itinerary is relatively tight, despite the tiring journey, and despite the great changes in the weather in Hunan in May, during the investigation and investigation, the academicians and experts combined their research fields at the two symposia in Yueyang and Xiangtan to discuss the high-quality of high-tech industries. Development speaks freely.

“I was deeply impressed by Yueyang’s emphasis on manufacturing.” At the symposium for academicians and experts on the high-quality development of high-tech industries in Chenglingji New Port District, Shan Zhongde, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, suggested that Yueyang can strengthen digital information Globalization empowers economic development, strives for a model of innovative industrialization, attracts more talents to return to Yueyang, return to the manufacturing industry, and promote the deep integration of industry, education and research.

For the construction of Chenglingji New Port Area, Yang Xiaoniu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief scientist of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, hopes that while expanding the scale of transportation, the New Port Area will plan and use unmanned driving, unmanned ports, and artificial intelligence in advance.

Wang Kai, a high-level expert who serves as the president of the China Urban Planning and Design Institute and deputy secretary of the party committee, gave his opinion on the planning of Yueyang and Chenglingji Port from the perspective of the relationship between “production”, “city” and “people”: ” By properly handling the relationship between Hong Kong and city, we can use Hong Kong to revive the city, use the city to promote Hong Kong, promote the integration of industry and city, promote the diversification of employment and public services, and attract more talents.”


Xiangtan City Industrial High-Quality Development Academician Expert Symposium.

On May 22, Chen Xianhui, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor of the Department of Physics of the University of Science and Technology of China, was invited to give a special tutoring report for the Theoretical Learning Center Group of the Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee. With the title “Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of New Energy and New Materials”, he systematically interpreted photovoltaics, nuclear energy, and lithium batteries based on the two aspects of “scientific discovery, technological innovation, and industrial transformation” and “new energy technology under the physical mechanism” in combination with reality. The development and application of cutting-edge technologies such as hydrogen and hydrogen energy.

At the academician and expert symposium held the next day, Wang Huaming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Beihang University, gave his opinion on the high-quality development of Xiangtan’s steel industry. He believed that Xiangtan’s heavy equipment manufacturing base and material science base are two Great advantages can provide impetus for the high-quality development of advanced industries, especially in the equipment manufacturing industry, to achieve high-end use of resource materials to further reduce pollution and energy consumption.

See what academicians and experts have done in Hunan?


Academician Zhou Weijian walked into Sifangping Primary School to give a popular science lecture.

On May 21, Zhou Weijian, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and head of the delegation, gave a special popular science lecture to the students on the theme of “Global Change and Green Development” at Sifangping Primary School, Kaifu District, Changsha City. In the lecture, Academician Zhou talked about the serious impact of global change on human society and the significance of insisting on green development for human society to solve global change in a language that children can understand. She hopes that everyone will combine their dreams with the needs of national development, and be an advocate, propagandist and practitioner of green and low carbon.

“China’s aerospace industry was launched under the great call of Chairman Mao Zedong!” On May 23, a popular science lecture entitled “Moon Landing, Chinese Dream” was held at Shaoshan School by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and China Lunar Exploration Project. Wu Weiren, chief designer and member of the delegation, served as the keynote speaker.

Academician Wu Weiren first introduced the difference between aviation and aerospace to the students, and then explained the profound aerospace knowledge in simple language, and introduced the fruitful achievements my country has made in the field of aerospace. In the narration, Academician Wu used the stories of the older generation of astronauts and his own experience to review the remarkable history of China’s aerospace industry from scratch to forging glory, and explained the planning and mission of future aerospace development.

The chief designer of the China Lunar Exploration Project told Shaoshan, where the lunar soil is stored, about the space feelings of “going up to nine heavens to embrace the moon”. Enthusiastic response from countless netizens.

The seeds of science are sown in all directions from this moment, and the spirit of scientists is widely spread from this moment.

In the 2023 China Association for Science and Technology Academician Experts Hunan Tour and National Conditions Inspection Activities, there is also a face-to-face science popularization activity between academicians and experts and students of Yueyang No. 1 Middle School in front of Yueyang Tower.

Although the weather is not beautiful, when the academicians and experts appeared in front of the children, the warm applause had already overshadowed the sound of wind and rain blowing from Dongting Lake.

In the wind and rain in early summer, middle school students recited “The Story of Yueyang Tower” in unison, which infected everyone present. Seeing their favorite scientists, many middle school students bravely raised their own questions, and smiled happily after receiving answers and encouragement from academicians and experts.

“I heard that Academician Gu Ning also came to the scene today. I waited at the exit and wanted to ask him to sign for me.” A student told the reporter that when Academician Gu learned that Nanjing University was his ideal university, he not only He happily signed his name and wrote “Welcome to apply for Nanjing University”, encouraging him to make unremitting efforts towards his ideal.

What did academicians and experts leave behind in Hunan?

During the 7-day investigation and research, academicians and experts approached Hunan, understood Hunan, and got close to Hunan, which not only enhanced the understanding of academicians and experts on Hunan’s economic, social and cultural aspects, but also gave parks, enterprises and universities the opportunity to meet academicians and experts and communicate face to face The discussion has left academicians and experts with good wishes for the high-quality development of Hunan. Near the end of the inspection, some academicians and experts lamented that “a trip to Xiaoxiang is a lifelong love for Hunan”, expressed their deep gratitude to the people of Hunan, and expressed their willingness to further cooperate with Hunan. They all expressed that they would continue to pay attention to the high-quality development of Hunan , Actively empower the beautiful blueprint of Hunan’s “three highs and four new”. Hunan will definitely welcome academicians and experts to come more often.

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