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2023 Zhongguancun Forum Opening Ceremony Releases Ten Major Scientific and Technological Achievements Involving Blockchain, Quantum Computing, etc.

2023 Zhongguancun Forum Opening Ceremony Releases Ten Major Scientific and Technological Achievements Involving Blockchain, Quantum Computing, etc.
2023 Zhongguancun Forum Opening Ceremony Releases Ten Major Scientific and Technological Achievements Involving Blockchain, Quantum Computing, etc.

Tonight, the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum opened in Beijing. At the opening ceremony, ten major scientific and technological achievements in the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center were released.

Major Scientific and Technological Achievements 1: Evaluation Report on the Construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center

Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center is speeding up its construction. Entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering conducted a full assessment of the construction of the Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center and formed an assessment report. According to the evaluation, Beijing’s original innovation and technology source supply capabilities have been improved, and it has made exemplary explorations in establishing a new nationwide system, and has initially established a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.

Major Scientific and Technological Achievements II: Important progress and results of Zhongguancun Pioneer Reform

In November 2021, the 22nd meeting of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee reviewed and approved “Several Measures to Support the Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone to Carry out High-level Scientific and Technological Self-reliance and Self-improvement Pioneer Pilot Reform”, taking the lead in exploring a series of reforms in the core area of ​​Zhongguancun major reform measures. At present, a total of 58 supporting policies have been issued, and important progress and obvious results have been achieved in pilot reforms.

The motivation of enterprises to invest in research and development has been greatly improved. More than 10,000 enterprises have enjoyed the basic research tax pilot and the super deduction ratio of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises’ research and development expenses has been increased to 100%. The super deduction amount has reached more than 30 billion yuan.

The deep integration of industry, education and research has been continuously strengthened, and the pilot project of “use first and pay later” for scientific and technological achievements has attracted nearly a thousand patents from universities and scientific research institutes to serve the innovation of small, medium and micro enterprises. Support the establishment of a group of innovation consortiums led by leading technology companies.

The cultivation and introduction of talents has been further intensified, and the joint training of postgraduates by new research and development institutions and universities has become normalized.

Zhongguancun’s pilot reform measures will be extended to the entire demonstration area.

Major scientific and technological achievements three: a new generation of 256-core block chain dedicated acceleration chip

Beijing Microchip Blockchain and Edge Computing Research Institute has strengthened original innovation and successfully developed a new generation of independent and controllable 256-core high-performance blockchain acceleration chips. This chip integrates strong computing power and high security, dispatches 256 cores and multi-threads to run concurrently, can process 1 million blockchain smart contract transactions per second, and provides efficient privacy computing capabilities to achieve “data is available but not visible”, It can support the construction of a new digital infrastructure with high performance, high reliability and high security integrating software and hardware.

Major Scientific and Technological Achievement 4: Ultrafast Transient Energy Band Regulation of Semiconductor Black Phosphorus

The interaction between light and matter is an important detection method for exploring the microscopic physical mechanism of low-dimensional quantum materials such as graphene, topology, and superconductivity. Among them, ultrashort and ultraintense pulse laser can also be used as an effective control method for electronic structure and state of matter. The research team of Tsinghua University used femtosecond pulsed lasers to shoot “movies” of the evolution of electronic structures over time on an ultrafast time scale of one trillionth of a second, realizing the measurement and instantaneous regulation of non-equilibrium electronic structures. Using this technology, the scientific research team observed for the first time instantaneous energy band regulation in the semiconductor material black phosphorus, that is, the electronic structure of black phosphorus evolved from a parabolic shape in equilibrium to a “Mexican hat” shape, and successfully rewritten the black phosphorus’s electronic structure by femtosecond laser. “Gene”. This major scientific discovery not only expands the frontier of non-equilibrium physics knowledge, but also lays a solid foundation for the regulation of material properties on ultra-fast time scales in the future, marking China’s international advancement in non-equilibrium physics in condensed matter physics and materials science. Important progress has been made in frontier research fields.

Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Five: Human Cell Chemical Reprogramming System

Pluripotent stem cells have unlimited self-renewal and the ability to differentiate into all functional cell types of organisms. These miraculous characteristics make them widely applicable in the fields of cell therapy and drug screening, and are the most critical “seed cells” in the field of regenerative medicine . For the first time in the world, the research team of Peking University has made a major breakthrough in the use of chemical small molecules to regulate cell fate. Through the establishment of a chemical reprogramming method for human cells, the transformation of different somatic cell types has been realized, human skin cells have been transformed into pluripotent stem cells, and pancreatic islet cells have been successfully prepared. Compared with traditional technologies, the chemical reprogramming system is safer, simpler, easier to standardize, and easier to regulate, which solves the underlying technical problems in the development of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Major scientific and technological achievements VI: a new generation of quantum computing cloud platform

The quantum computing cloud platform is a combination of quantum computer and cloud computing technology, and it is a demonstration of the comprehensive performance of quantum computing. A large-scale and stable quantum computing cloud platform was born at the Beijing Institute of Quantum Information Science, named “Quantum Future-QUAFU”. The platform has launched superconducting quantum chips with 136, 18, and 10 qubits. It is the largest cloud platform in China with the highest number of bits per chip, and has achieved completely independent research and development and localization. The platform is compatible with the internationally accepted open quantum assembly language standard, and provides users with a quantum computing platform that is convenient for submitting computing tasks and conducting important scientific research. The control and reading accuracy of the platform exceeds 98%, reaching the international advanced level.

Major Scientific and Technological Achievements VII: Humoral Immune Evasion Mechanism and Mutant Evolutionary Characteristics of New Coronavirus

The scientific research team of Changping Laboratory independently developed a high-throughput deep mutation scanning technology, cracked the escape mechanism of each amino acid mutation of the new crown Omicron strain on the neutralizing antibody, and took the lead in revealing the phenomenon and principle of the convergent evolution of the new crown virus. For the first time, the new coronavirus receptor binding domain (RBD) evolution prediction model was constructed, and the future evolution trend of related strains was accurately predicted, providing key theoretical and technical support for the development of antibody drugs and broad-spectrum vaccines.

Major Scientific and Technological Achievement No. 8: Continental Shale Oil Technology Revolution and Strategic Breakthrough

China National Petroleum Corporation innovated the geological theory of continental shale oil enrichment in source, created experimental characterization of continental shale oil occurrence, evaluation of “sweet area/section”, rotary steerable optimal and fast drilling, and volumetric fracturing development of horizontal wells 11 national and industrial standards, 168 invention patents and other independent intellectual property rights, and built Gulong in the Songliao Basin, Longdong in the Ordos Basin, and Jimsar in the Junggar Basin Three national-level demonstration areas and bases have obtained a number of major exploration discoveries, providing an important guarantee for national energy security.

Major Scientific and Technological Achievements IX: 2035 Development Strategy Series of Chinese Disciplines and Frontier Fields

The “2035 Development Strategy Series of Chinese Disciplines and Frontier Fields” was officially released. The series of books is jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, inviting more than 3,000 academicians and experts in related fields to jointly study. It took three years to form a series of 38 books, researching Chinese disciplines and cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, synthetic science, and advanced materials. It will become an important reference for the development of science and technology.

Major Scientific and Technological Achievements Ten: International Science and Technology Organization Lands in Beijing

At present, international scientific and technological organizations such as the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association, the World Robot Cooperation Organization, the International Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance, the International Mesoscience Organization, and the Asian Simulation Alliance have successively landed in Beijing. Beijing will build an international science and technology organization headquarters gathering area in Chaoyang District, attracting more international organizations to settle down, and empowering the international science and technology innovation center to further integrate into the global innovation network.

(Headquarters reporter Wang Shengdong and Yin Yinan)

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