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Liaoning Literature and Art Volunteers Walk into the Land of Sanxiang

Liaoning Literature and Art Volunteers Walk into the Land of Sanxiang
Liaoning Literature and Art Volunteers Walk into the Land of Sanxiang

Linkage of Hunan, Mongolia, Liao, Qiong, and Yunnan provinces

Liaoning Literature and Art Volunteers Walk into the Land of Sanxiang

Zhang Chunfeng’s wonderful performance won rounds of applause from the audience.Photo provided by the interviewee

On the morning of May 21, the theme activity of the 10th Chinese Literary and Art Volunteer Service Day of “Going to the People” and the creation and exchange of literary and artistic volunteer services in the five provinces of Hunan, Mongolia, Liao, Qiong, and Yunnan kicked off. Literary and art volunteers from the five provinces and regions and Literary artists gathered in Changsha, Hunan Province, to start a 7-day literary and art volunteer service and creative exchange activities. As one of the organizers, the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles organized national first-class actors Zhang Chunfeng and Wang Chao, and director of the Chinese Literary and Art Volunteers Association and photographer Liang Daming to go to Hunan to work together with literary and art workers from other four provinces to present a literary and artistic performance for the audience. meal.

Sing “Little New Year Greetings” and roll up the big handkerchief

“It’s the New Year in the first month, the first day of the new year, the family reunion, and the little New Year’s greetings to the old…” With the singing of the actors on the stage, the audience in the audience also hummed, laughing at the performance. The sound and applause continued.

On May 21, the theme event of the 10th Chinese Literary and Art Volunteer Service Day of “Going to the People” and the first stop of the literary and art voluntary service creation and exchange activities in the five provinces of Hunan, Mongolia, Liao, Qiong, and Yunnan came to the new army of the Armed Police Corps in Hunan. Officers and soldiers presented a theatrical performance with strong national characteristics. On May 22, the second stop was to enter the project department of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the laboratory cluster area of ​​Yuelu Mountain. This is also the place where Academician Yuan Longping once fought. The art volunteers performed condolence performances here, which is also a tribute to everyone in the post. silently dedicated laborers. Over the past few days, there have been cultural and art volunteers in Changsha Huanghua Airport Reconstruction and Expansion Project Base in Hunan, Changning Shuikoushan Workers Basketball Stadium, Guiyang County Cultural Park, Rucheng Shazhou Village Primary School and other places.

Art volunteers and artists brought wonderful programs with the most ethnic and regional characteristics. Zhang Chunfeng and his partner Wang Chao brought the duo “Little Happy New Year” with a strong atmosphere of the Northeast. Zhang Chunfeng also showed the “unique skill” turning the handkerchief. A large handkerchief with a diameter of 3 meters was twirling in his hand, and it became bigger and bigger, which made Hunan audience feel the unique charm of Northeast Errenzhuan. “The main thing is to turn the big handkerchief, which is highly interactive, and the audience likes it no matter where it is. In addition to the singing of Errenzhuan, this unique handkerchief is also the most characteristic of Errenzhuan. We also show the regional culture of our hometown to the audience.” Zhang Chunfeng explain.

In every performance, Zhang Chunfeng habitually appeared in the bright and cheerful duet caps such as “Little New Year Greetings”, and then danced with the handkerchief. His humorous speech won the audience’s tongue-in-cheek praise. He said: “Derren Zhuan is the most popular show these days. I am really happy to be able to bring joy and laughter to the people of Sanxiang.”

Also performing on the same stage is the opera skewer “Flower Drum Shaking”, which is known as the “Hunan Cultural Business Card”, Uliger’s “Chu Guo Dragon Fights the Tiger”, which is known as the “living fossil” of Mongolian culture, and a performance from Hainan. The classic dialect song “Long time no see, long time see”, and the Yi dances from colorful Yunnan “Hua Yao Kuai Tuo” and “Treading Clouds” etc. In the melodious music, different regional cultures collide with strange sparks, which are colorful.

Raise the camera and capture the “sweet days” of the people

Hunan is the hometown of Lei Feng, and Liaoning is the birthplace of Lei Feng’s spirit. There are close ties between the provinces. On May 25th, Liang Daming held a lecture on photography for local photographers at the New Era Civilization Practice Center in Guiyang County. He told reporters that photography has the characteristics of visually reproducing the lives of the people, which requires photographers to go down, go deep into the people, and plunge into the torrent of the times. In recent years, he has made a special exhibition of decades of photographic works of ordinary people’s life under the title of “People’s Life”, as a concrete manifestation of his practice of people-centered creative orientation. “Literary and art workers must persist in using a strong spirit of realism and romantic feelings to observe the people’s lives, destiny, and emotions, and express the people’s wishes, moods, and aspirations.” Liang Daming said.

This time participating in the literary and artistic volunteer service activity, Liang Daming, as usual, never left his body, using the lens to capture the “sweet days” of the people, recording every plant, every tree, every brick and every tile in the land of Sanxiang. He said: “Literary and art workers who have come out of the people must return to the people, not forgetting their true colors, absorbing more down-to-earth nutrients, and creating masterpieces that are worthy of the times.”

Participating in literary and art volunteer service activities, Wang Chao said that this is a good opportunity for literary and art workers from all over the world to exchange and learn from each other, and through performances, the audience can personally feel the cultural and artistic forms and artistic charms of different regions, “Hunan It is a red hot land. Being here, I really feel that today’s happy life is hard-won, and we must cherish everything in front of us. As literary and art workers, we have the responsibility and obligation to create more and better works that are worthy of the times and worthy of the times. The works of the people tell the story of China and the story of Liaoning well.”

According to Zhao Liang, vice chairman and person in charge of the Liaoning Literary Critics Association, literary and artistic voluntary service activities are the realization path for the construction of a civilized practice center in the new era. This event is rich in content and diverse in form. It will also carry out exchanges and discussions on literary criticism, learn from each other, and improve together, creating a new activity model for literary and artistic volunteer services.

According to the activity arrangement, in the near future, literary and art volunteers will go to Hengyang, Chenzhou and other places to continue to carry out condolence performances, training, exchange seminars and other activities, so as to deeply penetrate the seeds of literature and art into the hearts of the masses, and truly deliver literary and art voluntary services to the masses around. (Reporter Zhao Nailin)

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