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The 2023 China Sports Lottery Zhejiang Province’s First Youth Sports Club Rope Skipping Competition (Jinhua Division) kicks off_Zhejiang Online


2023 China Sports Lottery Zhejiang Province’s first Youth Sports Club Rope Skipping Competition (Jinhua Division) kicks off

In order to enhance the physical health of young people, increase their interest in participating in sports, cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, and strengthen the exchanges between youth sports clubs, the 2023 China Sports Lottery Zhejiang Province’s first youth sports club hosted by Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation The Rope Skipping Competition (Jinhua Division) will be held on May 20, 2023 at Ganxi Township Central Primary School, Wucheng District, Jinhua City.

The leaders who attended the opening ceremony of this competition are: Hua Yunfei, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation; Zhang Bin, Director of Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation Rope Skipping Special Committee; Zhao Runtu, Principal of Ganxi Township Central Primary School, Wucheng District, Jinhua City .


The competition was warmly welcomed by various schools and clubs. Everyone was enthusiastic and signed up enthusiastically. A total of 18 teams from the city and nearly 200 athletes signed up for the competition.





  opening ceremony


Principal Zhao Runtu of Ganxi Township Central Primary School delivered a welcome speech


Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation

Speech by Zhang Bin, director of the Rope Skipping Special Committee


Hua Yunfei, deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation, announced the official start of the Jinhua branch activities

Then entered the “World Champions Entering Campus Activity”, the world champion team showed their extraordinary rope skipping skills, with unlimited creativity and brilliant performances. The performance detonated the audience, causing the students to exclaim.

World champions enter the campus, role models lead to the future

In the rope skipping team, Duan Zhongfei is China’s first world rope skipping master and the only athlete in China who has won the title of world rope skipping master three times. He has won a total of 10 world rope skipping championships and is currently the world record holder for 30 seconds and 3 minutes rope skipping.

  game scene

The top three teams with the total scores of each division in this rope skipping competition will be eligible to participate in the provincial finals. There are seven events in the competition, 30-second single-shake jump (men’s and women’s groups), 1-minute 1-belt 1 jump (men’s and women’s groups), 10 people’s long rope “8” jumps in 3 minutes, and 10 people’s simultaneous jumps in 1 minute , Pattern rope exercises.









All the young contestants put in all their strength, and in just one minute, their little faces flushed red, and they all tried their best. The rope is spinning rapidly in the hand, like colorful dragons flying; the feet are jumping non-stop, like musical notes beating. Their struggling figures are full of youthful vigor. The young contestants showed their “rope” skills, “jumped” themselves, and strived for higher, faster, and stronger goals.

  Award ceremony

The watering of sweat will surely reap the fruits of success. After intense competition, the final results were announced. Congratulations to the top three teams in the group total score for qualifying to participate in the finals.


 Results Announcement

first place

First team of Huadian Primary School, Wucheng District, Jinhua City

second place

Longyou County Xikou Primary School

third place

Second Team of Ganxi Primary School, Wucheng District, Jinhua City

You may not be radiant, but you are always warm and bright

The successful holding of the rope skipping competition has received strong support from the China Sports Lottery. The China Sports Lottery is a public welfare lottery issued by the state. The public welfare fund is widely used to supplement social security funds, rural revitalization, education aid, medical assistance, national fitness, Olympic glory and other social public welfare undertakings and sports development. The responsibility and responsibility of the public welfare lottery. For a long time, it has practiced the issuance purpose of “come from the people and use it for the people” and the brand concept of “public welfare sports lottery, happy life”, and is committed to building a responsible, reliable and high-quality national public welfare lottery.

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