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The 2023 National Science and Technology Workers’ Day Shanxi Branch Venue Home Events Launch- Recommended- China High-tech Network

The 2023 National Science and Technology Workers’ Day Shanxi Branch Venue Home Events Launch- Recommended- China High-tech Network
The 2023 National Science and Technology Workers’ Day Shanxi Branch Venue Home Events Launch- Recommended- China High-tech Network

On May 24, the main event of the 2023 National Science and Technology Workers’ Day Shanxi branch with the theme of “Lighting the Spiritual Torch” was held in Taiyuan, Shanxi.

At the event, Ding Jigang, Secretary of the Party Group of the Shanxi Provincial Association for Science and Technology, expressed the hope that the vast number of scientific and technological workers in the province will cherish their family and country feelings, continue to honor the tradition, and work hard for Shanxi to create a good trend of innovation and entrepreneurship and a social atmosphere that advocates science and loves science. At the same time, we must adhere to the “four orientations”, focus on the work of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, write scientific and technological papers on the land of Shanxi, serve Shanxi’s technological innovation and economic transformation, and practice for the construction of a Chinese-style modernized Shanxi Contribute wisdom and strength.

On the same day, the “Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers in Shanxi” learning and publicity activity was officially launched, and it was for the newly established Shanxi Datong University, Taigu District Jinnong Industrial Development Research Institute of Jinzhong City, Shanxi Zhijie Software Engineering Co., Ltd., Ling Shixian County Association for Science and Technology National Science and Technology Workers Survey Site awarded the license.

The event also held the 2023 “Spring of Science” SSTM annual science communication series selection publicity event results release ceremony. After project collection, expert selection, like display, publicity and other links, 91 projects won the “2022 Top Ten Science News Events in Shanxi”, “2022 Shanxi Top 10 Science Communication Figures”, “2022 Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise”, “2022 Science and Technology Innovators”, “Most Influential Science and Technology Communication Platform in Shanxi in 2022”, “Shanxi Medical Science Communication Award in 2022” and won six awards.

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