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Walking Study in China | A trip to Shouguang, witnessing “a good seed” to “a table of good food”


Taste seven-color tomatoes, see Cinderella’s “pumpkin carriage”, and see loofahs that are taller than humans…

With these curious desires, on May 24, the “Study in China” Chinese and foreign network media exchange activity came to Weifang, Shandong, which is not only the “Kite Capital”, but also the famous “Vegetable Hometown”. Foreign media reporters from different countries have witnessed the development path of Shouguang’s vegetable industry: from “a good seed” to “a table of good dishes”, from “technology is king” to “whole chain pilot”.

Early in the morning, the reporters came to Danhe Facilities Vegetables Standardized Production Demonstration Garden, which uses new greenhouse construction technology, integrates the most advanced facilities agricultural equipment, production management technology and fine varieties, and provides professional seedling breeding, planting and plant protection, greenhouse A series of full-chain output services such as design and construction, greenhouse equipment, etc.

In the exhibition area, everyone was attracted by the bright red tomatoes, “Here, there are more than 200 new varieties of tomatoes, most of which are products with our own intellectual property rights. We have built the largest vegetable germplasm resource protection center in the province.” Only by firmly grasping the Chinese seeds can we have the initiative.” The staff said.

In the vegetable display area, the reporter saw more “miracle vegetables”: strawberry tomato, apple bitter gourd, fruit pepper, purple cauliflower…. Tomatoes alone have more than 10 colors such as red, yellow, green, white, and purple. , The reporters asked various questions while tasting, “What means of transportation does the vegetable sales here rely on?” “How to prevent and control soil diseases and insect pests?”

These questions, the reporters found the answer at the symposium. Cui Yulu, Secretary of the Party Branch of Cuilingxi Village, Daotian Township, said that the government has given us a lot of support. At present, vegetables sold in China are transported by road, and there are green channels for vegetables, free of highway tolls. Our greenhouses are closed during the hottest period from June to August every year. Those who do not grow vegetables rely on the high temperature of the sun to kill diseases and insect pests in the soil.

Regarding the income issue that reporters are most concerned about, Cui Yulu proudly said that now almost every family in our family has two cars, one family car, and one freight car. A farmer generally has three greenhouses, and the income of each greenhouse is about 10. ten thousand yuan.

After hearing Cui Yulu’s introduction, the reporters said that these experiences are worth learning and learning from. They hope to bring what they have learned here back to their countries and encourage everyone to learn from it. Leaving Cuiling West Village, everyone visited the “plant factory” transformed from a container. The interior of the container is divided into 5 layers like a train sleeper, and each layer is planted with green leafy vegetables. These vegetables are fixed in the nutrient solution and grow gratifyingly.

The person in charge introduced to the reporters: this kind of container growing vegetables does not depend on the soil, and can specifically solve the problem of soilless cultivation. A 40-foot-long container can plant 5,000 leafy vegetables, which is equivalent to an output of 2 acres. It can be harvested in about 28 days, and the annual profit is about 600,000 yuan. It is currently exported to Canada, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

People in Shouguang, who have been struggling in the market, realized that whoever sets the standard has the right to speak. When the reporters came to the Shouguang National Vegetable Quality Standard Center, they learned that 2,369 relevant standards for the vegetable industry chain were integrated here, forming a vegetable standard database of 14 categories and 182 categories, and compiling 54 production technologies for 37 kinds of vegetables. The regulations and 6 industry standards of the whole industry chain were promulgated and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which filled the domestic gap, and each Shouguang standard was upgraded to a national standard.

For this reason, Bin Yan, assistant senior deputy editor-in-chief of Nepal’s “Kathmandu Post”, asked, “Can we establish contact with this place and let our country’s institutions come here to learn and exchange?” After receiving a positive answer, Bin Yan exchanged ideas with the relevant person in charge contact information.

After more than half of the day’s itinerary, when the reporters came to the Vegetable High-Tech Demonstration Garden and Vegetable Expo site a little tired, they were instantly inspired by the magical scene in front of them. I saw plump gourds and long loofahs hanging from the roof; colorful peppers; eggplants nearly 1 meter long…

The most shocking thing is the giant pumpkin, which weighs 300 to 400 jins, like the “pumpkin carriage” in the fairy tale “Cinderella”, which attracted Pakistani reporters to reach out and hug it.

The reporters also started the “endorsement” mode. Not only did they take pictures of various “magic vegetables” to introduce to audiences in their respective countries, but they also joined in the fun with Chinese friends who were broadcasting live, praising Chinese vegetables in their own words.

At the end of the day’s itinerary, Agut, a reporter from the Philippine News Agency, said that the trip to Shouguang was full of surprises. She had never seen so many forms of peppers and pumpkins. She appreciated the seed preservation and vegetable planting technology, and the technology of smart vegetable greenhouses was also eye-catching. one light. She appreciates the Chinese government’s various measures to develop agricultural technology, provide financial support, and improve farmers’ living standards, which she admires.

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