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The 10th Batch of Dongying’s Aid to Xinjiang in Shandong Province of China has achieved fruitful

The 10th Batch of Dongying’s Aid to Xinjiang in Shandong Province of China has achieved fruitful
The 10th Batch of Dongying’s Aid to Xinjiang in Shandong Province of China has achieved fruitful

A summary of the tenth batch of Dongying’s aid to Xinjiang in Shandong Province

The Silk Road galloped into the sea and leaped over the frontier. As early as a thousand years ago, the fate between Dongying and Shule was conceived in the sound of camel bells. From the coast of the Bohai Sea to the western border, although thousands of miles apart, the fate of thousands of years is written again in the voice of the times.

Since March 2020, when the tenth batch of Xinjiang-aid cadres and talents from Dongying City, Shandong Province entered Xinjiang, they have shouldered the great trust of the organization and went to Shule County to assist Xinjiang, taking over the “baton” of counterpart support for Shule. According to the fundamentals of the management of cadres and talents, around the main line of project construction, focusing on the “1+1+7” general idea of ​​seven key tasks such as people’s livelihood, intelligence, industry, employment, and culture, we will pinpoint the pain points of aiding Xinjiang in a targeted manner , Solve the difficulties in the work of aiding Xinjiang. Forge ahead, lead the development of the aided real estate industry, guarantee and improve the local people’s livelihood, promote rural revitalization and development, promote local cultural integration, and fully promote the social stability and long-term stability of Shule County, continuing to write a new chapter in Dongying’s counterpart support for Xinjiang.

Aid Xinjiang with people’s livelihood, and live a happy life with love

The people are the foundation of the country, and the foundation is solid. Improving people’s livelihood and well-being is the fundamental purpose of development. If the masses have needs, there will be actions to aid Xinjiang. In terms of people’s livelihood and aid to Xinjiang, the Dongying Xinjiang Aid Headquarters insists on doing practical things to solve difficulties and help the poor, starting from the areas that the grassroots people are most concerned about, most urgent, and most urgently needed, and implement them in the areas of food and clothing, medical care, education, and production of the masses. Coverage, and continuously improve the “people’s livelihood temperature” of aiding Xinjiang.

For example, in terms of medical and health care, due to various reasons, Shule County has a relatively high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but the infrastructure of the Tazihong Township Health Center is in disrepair and the diagnosis and treatment equipment is seriously insufficient. The Dongying Xinjiang Aid Headquarters invested more than 4.2 million yuan in Xinjiang aid funds, replanned the layout of the hospital’s overall courtyard functional area, built a new inpatient building, and remodeled the original building’s upper and lower water pipe facilities, circuits, and fire protection pipes, and purchased advanced Advanced medical equipment, so that people can see a doctor and see a cure at their doorstep.

There are many excellent cadres and talents in Dongying’s aid to Xinjiang. During more than a year as the director of the Tazihong Township Health Center in Shule County, Kashgar, Xinjiang, he has witnessed a small change in three days and a big progress in five days: the first in Xinjiang Established EICU in primary health centers, the first in Xinjiang to introduce a remote ECG diagnosis system in primary health centers, and the first in southern Xinjiang to introduce the most advanced intelligent vaccination outpatient system in primary health centers… He and all the cadres who aided Xinjiang It is not an isolated case that we should catch up together and catch up slowly, and be pragmatic.

PCR laboratory doctor is testing nucleic acid samples

In the past three years, the provincial and municipal governments have invested a total of 1.356 billion yuan in aid to Xinjiang, thinking from the perspective of the masses, relieving the suffering of the masses, and solving the difficulties of the masses, implementing various aid projects in Xinjiang. 25 major items and 596 small items have driven medical The overall level is improved, and the overall level of education and school running is optimized. The establishment of livelihood projects one by one, and the implementation of practical matters for the livelihood of the people, have enhanced the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.

Aiding Xinjiang with Intellect, Promoting the “Hematopoietic” Transformation with Heart

Teaching a man to fish is worse than giving him a fish. The Dongying Xinjiang Aid Headquarters firmly established the concept that human resources are the first resource, innovated the intellectual support and talent guarantee model, followed the idea of ​​”three measures simultaneously” leading by high-level talents, strengthening the backbone, and cultivating grassroots teams, and accurately introduced and cultivated urgently needed and urgently needed Talents have provided strong support for the development of economic and social undertakings in Shule County. More than a thousand cadres and talents who aided Xinjiang have fought in the front line of aiding Xinjiang, and vigorously developed projects such as “Blue Project”, “Artisan Alliance” and “Seed Teachers”, which led to the training of a large number of local medical and educational talents, and further improved Shule The level of medical care and basic education in the county has left a professional team that cannot be taken away.

In addition, for the first time, Dongying’s aid to Xinjiang adopted the model of “one school for one city”, selecting 40 teachers from 4 prefecture-level cities in Shandong, and 37 doctors from the whole province to aid Xinjiang. 4 schools, Qilu Shule No. 2 Middle School, Dongying No. 2 Hope Primary School, and 2 hospitals in Shule County People’s Hospital and Tazihong Township Health Center carried out “group-style” assistance.

Wang Yan, the vice principal of Shule County Technical School and a teacher of Dongying Technician College, said: “We come here to work to try our best to keep what we have learned in the local school and train a group of professional and technical talents for the local area.” In order to provide all-round Shule County has its own “blood-making” ability, and the Intellectual Aid Xinjiang Action has also taken training measures such as opening the “Qilu Pioneer” online school, linking the “Banbantong” equipment in 15 towns, 228 villages, and 21 communities in the county, Carry out normalized education in science and technology, culture, and Mandarin to effectively alleviate the problem of insufficient training positions for rural talents, and continue to inject vitality into the revitalization of rural talents.

Industrial aid to Xinjiang, forceful infusion of development water

Enriching the people and rejuvenating Xinjiang is inseparable from a good development environment. While laying a solid talent foundation, it is still necessary to expand the economic scale and continue to inject vitality into development. Industrial Aid Xinjiang Action Vigorously implement the “Consumption Aid Xinjiang” project, expand the market exchange and docking channels between Shandong and Xinjiang, increase consumption assistance to Xinjiang, and incubate “Xinjiang Brand” by grafting “Shandong Advantages” to help Shule County’s high-quality economy develop.

While promoting the export of Xinjiang’s characteristic agricultural products, Dongying Aid Xinjiang insists on attracting investment as the top priority of implementing industrial aid to Xinjiang, focusing on the labor-intensive industries that are urgently needed in Shule County, actively undertaking the transfer of industries in the east, focusing on outdoor sporting goods, electronics Labor-intensive industries such as product assembly carried out precise investment promotion, actively invited merchants to Shule for investigation and research, and attracted a group of iconic and professional leading enterprises to settle in Shule.

Dongying Aid Xinjiang Headquarters introduced Weihai Baofeilong Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd., a top 100 enterprise in the industry, through investment promotion. Driven by this enterprise, 13 outdoor sporting goods manufacturers, including Xinjiang Haoshida Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Tuofu Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd., and Xinjiang Xinnuoqiaofu Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd., have successively settled in Shule County Industrial Incubation Park. It effectively filled the gap in the outdoor sporting goods industry in Xinjiang, and built a tailor-made outdoor sporting goods production base in Shule County, forming a new advantage in the development of local industries and injecting strong impetus into the high-quality development of Shule’s economy.

Since it was put into use, the total investment in fixed assets of the outdoor sports goods production base in Shule County has exceeded 100 million yuan, using a standard factory building of 60,000 square meters to produce high-end and high-end carbon fiber fishing rods, carbon fiber bicycles, carbon fiber fishing platforms, surfboards, kayaks, and assault boats. And other products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, with an annual output value of 1 billion yuan. In more than a year, the outdoor sporting goods production base in Shule County has developed into an outdoor sporting goods industrial base with the largest scale, the largest number of workers, the highest output value and the most vitality in Xinjiang.

Industrial Aid to Xinjiang focuses on “building chains, extending chains, supplementing chains, and strengthening chains” to achieve continuous breakthroughs in investment promotion.

The benefits of enterprises exclusively introduced in the recipient areas have been extended to the people, and the project construction has continued to drive local economic development, cultivating fertile soil for new industries and formats in Shule.

Employment aid Xinjiang, study hard to do practical things

If you have food in your hand, you don’t panic. The work of aiding Xinjiang is implemented to the people, stabilizing employment and promoting development, providing a large number of high-quality jobs, and focusing on solving the development problems of the people in the aided areas. Zhang Baoye, a cadre of Dongying Aid Xinjiang and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tazihong Township, said: “To increase farmers’ income and get rich, we cannot simply give them away. After all, we still have to rely on the market to form a sustainable income increase mechanism. Through the drive of leading enterprises, radiate surrounding areas Farmers, realize the employment of the masses at their doorstep.”

For example, the introduction of Shandong Shuifa Group invested 1.06 billion yuan to build Xinjiang Kashgar (Shandong Shuifa) Modern Vegetable Industry Demonstration Park in Shule County, and built a smart greenhouse of 70,000 square meters, a seedling center of 6,500 square meters, and 1,000 solar greenhouses. Such agricultural production facilities as well as Shuifa Agricultural School can provide 3,000 local jobs and train 6,000 new professional farmers every year. After training, villager Musa Yomel became a worker in Shandong Shuifa Vegetable Industrial Park. “I work at the door of my house and have a stable income every month. I can not only take care of my family, but also learn vegetable planting techniques.” I am full of confidence in my future life.

Introduce a well-known brand in the domestic watermelon industry—Shandong Weifang Guopai Watermelon Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., invest 160 million yuan to build a “Shule” modern agricultural demonstration park in Shule County, build a 10,080-square-meter glass greenhouse and 106 total The 440,000-square-meter winter-warm solar greenhouse has created employment for more than 2,000 people.

The introduction of many jobs has greatly promoted employment. In addition to getting rich through labor, the Dongying Aid Xinjiang Action also fully considers the actual labor force of the people in Shule County. For villagers who do not have the ability to work and do not have the working conditions, dividends and other forms are used to assist production. The continuous promotion of the “Lujiangqing” edible fungi project has promoted the development of the fungus characteristic planting cooperative of “village branch + leading enterprise + farmers”, and absorbed 54 needy households to join the cooperative, and realized a dividend of more than 300,000 yuan that year.

The Dongying Xinjiang Aid Headquarters has introduced more than 210 projects in three years, with a planned total investment of more than 18 billion yuan, helping tens of thousands of people to produce independently, and injecting surging impetus into the high-quality economic development of Shule County.

Moisten the border with culture, penetrate deep into the hearts of the masses with emotion

Cultural identity is the deepest level of identity. The Chinese nation is one family, and the work of cultural enrichment in Xinjiang has always insisted on a deep understanding of the close connection between development and stability, development and people’s livelihood, and development and people’s hearts, and promoted development results to benefit people’s livelihood and unite people’s hearts. Dongying Xinjiang Aid Headquarters vigorously implements the “Cultural Moisturization of Xinjiang” project, and carries out excellent traditional cultural education activities by digging into the typical deeds of Pan Yulian, a national moral model and advanced individual of national unity and progress for more than 30 consecutive years.

In addition, the Cultural Runjiang Action integrates the traditional culture and customs of the two places into artistic creation, and invites first-class domestic experts and outstanding artists from the autonomous region to create a large-scale historical music and dance poetry drama “Ban Chao”. The play is mainly based on four typical elements of the Han Dynasty: Chinese bamboo slips, Chinese characters, Han horses, and Han paintings. It combines the cultural relics of the Han Dynasty unearthed in various places in Xinjiang and the artistic elements represented by the murals of the Kizil Grottoes to construct the entire stage scene and convey the Chinese culture. The broad and far-reaching characteristics of culture allow the audience to appreciate the mystery of culture from the wonderful sensory experience. Excavate and sort out typical stories of poverty alleviation, and create a stage play “Roll up your sleeves and work hard”, which vividly demonstrates the struggle and dedication of Xinjiang aid cadres and first secretaries in poverty alleviation.

At the same time, in order to further promote exchanges and exchanges between Luka and Kazakh youths, the Dongying Aid Xinjiang Headquarters held the “Luka and Kazakhstan Youth Hand in Hand Summer Camp”. Xinjiang youths went to the land of Shandong in person to get in touch with the profound traditional Chinese culture , broaden horizons in experiential sightseeing exchanges, and deepen friendship among children.

A series of pleasing works and friendly exchange activities made the fight against poverty poetic. While the material life of the masses is becoming more and more prosperous, policy theory and traditional cultural education are carried out through rich and diverse cultural forms, constantly filling their spiritual world, guiding the masses to consciously build a sense of the community of the Chinese nation, and promoting the high-quality development of aid work in Xinjiang. The cadres who aid Xinjiang have emotional ties, cultural identity, and ideological sympathy with the people of all ethnic groups.

The cadres and talents of Dongying’s Xinjiang aid work day and night, using love, heart, effort, hard work, and affection to serve the people in the aided areas wholeheartedly. From “bringing in” materials and manpower to immediately solve the thorny problems of the recipients; to “retaining” industries and talents to lay a solid foundation for the transformation of the recipients as needed; to “going out” products and exchanges, Vigorously pouring into the source of living water for the development of the aided areas, Dongying’s aid to Xinjiang will allow the aided areas to have food in their homes, light in their eyes, and hope in their hearts. After three years of hard work, the great love will last forever, and the brief encounter will never be lonely due to the passage of time. The friendship between the two places is written with more possibilities in the voice of the times.

The water of the Yellow River moistens the Tianshan Mountains, and the tenth batch of Dongying City’s Xinjiang aid work tasks in Shandong Province has achieved remarkable results, laying a solid foundation for the Xinjiang aid work. Thousands of miles apart, Lu and Xinjiang are of the same heart, and the seeds of aid to Xinjiang are bound to grow and germinate on the land of the motherland, leaving precious memories for the sons and daughters of China.

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