The 5th China International Tea Expo ends, digital young people fall in love with treasures and new tea drinks – Xinhua

The 5th China International Tea Expo ends, digital young people fall in love with treasures and new tea drinks – Xinhua
The 5th China International Tea Expo ends, digital young people fall in love with treasures and new tea drinks – Xinhua

Original Title: The 5th China International Tea Expo ended, young people became a highlight

The five-day Fifth China International Tea Expo ended on the 24th. According to the data from the organizing committee of the conference, the online and offline exhibition and sales of this International Tea Expo are booming, promoting the effective connection of production, circulation and consumption. As of 15:00 on May 24, the on-site transaction volume of the conference was 173 million yuan, the on-site transaction volume was 145.2 tons, the intended transaction volume was 3.801 billion yuan, the intended transaction volume was 8555.9 tons, and a total of 11,811 orders were reached.

China is the only country that both grows and consumes six kinds of tea in the world. As the first international tea industry event held by the government after the smooth transition of my country’s epidemic prevention and control, the theme of this year’s International Tea Expo is “tea and the world share development”, which not only comprehensively demonstrates the development achievements of my country’s tea industry, but also promotes new Varieties, new technologies, new equipment, and new business formats fully demonstrate the overall development level of the “three teas” of my country’s tea culture, tea industry, and tea technology.

In order to better show the charm of Chinese tea, the conference carefully designed and held a tea tasting exchange meeting, grandly promoting the six major Chinese teas and West Lake Longjing, Fuding White Tea, Mengding Huangya, Fenghuang Dancong, Anhua Dark Tea to the world 6 representative Chinese tea brands, including Keemun Black Tea, held more than 80 brand promotion activities, and selected 50 online best-selling products and 100 offline recommended excellent tea products.

According to statistics, this year’s International Tea Expo received a total of more than 142,000 on-site visitors. Nearly 900 Chinese and foreign participating tea companies and tens of thousands of products welcomed more than 4,200 professional buyers and an endless stream of visitors. Among them, the new youth and new tea drink exhibition area, which was established for the first time, attracted more young people to come to the exhibition through innovative products such as tea coffee, tea cultural creation, cold brew tea, and Chinese tea drinks. Many exhibitors sold out their products on the first day . The “Digital New Youth · Treasure New Tea Drinks” area set up by the Online International Tea Expo has more than 16 million online views and sales of 5.5 million yuan.

This year’s International Tea Expo has innovatively introduced elements such as the Asian Games and intangible cultural heritage, which has more characteristics of the times and multicultural exchanges. Compared with previous years, the content of the forums of the exhibition is also richer. Related forums have launched 40 national tea town tourism boutique routes, 30 characteristic and charming tea towns, and 20 typical cases of the coordinated development of the national “three teas”. At the first China Tea Industry Ecological and Low-Carbon Development Information Exchange Conference, the “Tea Industry Green and Low-Carbon Development Research Report” and “Ecological Low-Carbon Tea Production Technical Specifications” were officially released, and the list of the first batch of 51 ecological low-carbon tea certification companies was announced .

Tea is one of the leading agricultural industries with the most advantages and characteristics in Zhejiang. During the conference, Zhejiang officially launched the Zhejiang Tea Industry Brain, which will continue to empower the modernization and upgrading of the entire tea industry chain with “brain power” construction. According to reports, the “brain” has drawn a map of the tea industry with 21 layers, constructed six sub-scenes of tea planting, tea processing, tea circulation, tea brand, tea culture, and tea service, and also integrated a batch of local characteristic applications and future The digital management system of tea farms has achieved full coverage at the three levels of provinces, cities and counties. As of April 2023, a total of 67,000 online main users and 699,000 visits have been made. (Reporter Zhu Mei, correspondent Qiu Yunfeng)

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