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Hubei Jingmen Shayang Tobacco Bureau: Xiaoxiaoqing pepper digs out the way to get rich


The working team in the village checks the growth of green pepper.

In the beginning of summer, the grass is green and the wild flowers are in full bloom. In the Zanthoxylum bungeanum base of Caigang Village, Shenji Town, Shayang County, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, small turquoise fruits hang all over the branches. When the breeze blows, the scent of Zanthoxylum bungeanum comes out. This is the origin of Chaigang Village. Rich fruit – nine-leaf green pepper. In recent years, with the help of the village working team of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Shayang County, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, pepper has become a pillar industry in Chaigang Village to increase farmers’ income and become rich.

May is the critical period for the flowering and fruit setting of green peppercorns. Beside the prickly ash tree, the villagers of the cooperative are very busy, under the morning sun, adding fertilizer and watering it. “Thanks to the advance planning of the ‘knocking operation’ of the Shayang County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau’s resident team, we have solved our big problem of preserving flowers and fruits!” said Uncle Deng, a poverty-stricken household working locally in the cooperative, with a smile.

It turned out that due to the continuous drought and lack of rain in Shayang County since last winter, the pepper trees were affected by the drought. The situation of seedlings and fruit bearing at the beginning of the year was not very ideal compared with previous years, and there were signs of a reduction in production. In order to ensure the quality and output of peppercorns when they are on the market, so that everyone in the cooperative can obtain better planting profits, the village working team actively communicated with the town government to coordinate and fight for the release of water from the Zhanghe Reservoir, so as to solve the pepper drought as quickly as possible; On the one hand, we seized the opportunity of spring sowing, entered the households by “knocking on the door”, and checked the stocks of pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural materials of nearly 40 farmers in the cooperative household by household. Combined with the characteristics of the season, experts were invited to conduct 3 face-to-face technical training sessions in a timely manner. In addition, give full play to the demonstration and leading role of cooperatives, large planters and family farms, and vigorously promote the application of “water and fertilizer integration” technology, which not only increases the utilization rate of fertilizers by 30%-50%, but also makes The utilization rate of water resources has increased by 40%-60%, effectively solving the problem of water shortage for drought resistance, and maximizing the fruit-setting rate of Zanthoxylum bungeanum.

Hu Guanghai, the leader of the Pepper Cooperative in Chaigang Village, moved to Chaigang Village from Sichuan 10 years ago. Due to the inconvenience of going out to work, I took the nine-leaf green peppercorns from my hometown for trial planting. In the first few years, not many plants were planted, and the sales were not good. In his own words, every year, “just to make money from fertilizers”. In 2019, after a preliminary inspection, the Tobacco Bureau of Shayang County selected Hu Guanghai’s pepper planting as an industrial support project, and elected him as the leader to lead the villagers and poor households in Chaigang Village to develop pepper planting together. In the past five years, the working team stationed in the village has continued to invest in and help the villagers. They have won national policy support for the villagers, assisted in the transfer of land, purchased high-quality pepper saplings, organized training, and helped find sales.

Now, Hu Guanghai’s prickly ash plantation has expanded to more than 50 mu, and his annual income exceeds 300,000 yuan. Looking at the pepper tree full of green fruits, Hu Guanghai said with emotion: “As an immigrant, I am not familiar with the place where I was born. Thanks to the support of national policies and the support of Shayang Tobacco, I found a way to get rich. The income in my pocket is stable. I have a solid heart and a comfortable life. As long as the big guys trust me, I will always insist on taking the lead!”

“In the next step, we will continue to organize the agricultural technicians of the cooperative to explain in detail practical techniques such as pepper pest control, pruning, and scientific fertilization, and further strengthen the refined management and protection of pepper to ensure a high yield and harvest.” The village working team First Secretary Chen Wangguo introduced.

In recent years, with the continuous support of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Shayang County, Chaigang Village has insisted on planting peppercorns as its leading industry, and established a peppercorn cooperative centering on cultivating varieties, improving quality, brand building and standardized production, and building hundreds of square meters of processing and storage Cold storage, building the brand of “chailu” green pepper, gradually building a one-stop industrial system of pepper production and processing of “company + cooperative + base + farmers”, the planting scale has gradually expanded from the initial 80 mu to more than 300 mu, and the annual output has reached 140,000 catties, with an output value of nearly 2 million yuan. In the process of growing from small to large, the project also created 45 jobs for villagers, lifted 18 villagers out of poverty, and increased the average household income by 50,000 yuan. Zanthoxylum bungeanum has become a pillar industry in Chaigang Village to increase farmers’ income and become rich.

The small pepper garden grows the fruit of getting rich and digs out the way to get rich. The village working team of Shayang Tobacco will strengthen the “basic plate” of agricultural production, do a good job in the cultivation of green pepper according to local conditions, and continue to “dig” on the road to promote agricultural income and industrial prosperity. (Photo/Text Chen Jie)

(Editors in charge: Guo Tingting, Zhou Tian)

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