[Taiwan-US trade initiative]Deng Zhenzhong: I hope the next negotiation will be in Taiwan | Dai Qi | The Epoch Times

[Taiwan-US trade initiative]Deng Zhenzhong: I hope the next negotiation will be in Taiwan | Dai Qi | The Epoch Times
[Taiwan-US trade initiative]Deng Zhenzhong: I hope the next negotiation will be in Taiwan | Dai Qi | The Epoch Times

Update: 2022-11-24 8:16 PM
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Dai Qi

[The Epoch Times, November 24, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Yixin, Taipei, Taiwan) On the 24th, Deng Zhenzhong, the political affairs member of the Executive Yuan and the chief economic and trade negotiator, said at the press conference after the meeting of the Executive Yuan that Taiwan will cooperate with the United States during the APEC meeting. Trade Representative Dai Qi talked about the “Taiwan-US 21st Century Trade Initiative” and both sides are quite satisfied. The time and place of the next negotiation will remain flexible, but they agree to proceed as soon as possible.

Deng Zhenzhong attended the APEC Dual Ministerial Meeting held during APEC on behalf of Taiwan. He said that Taiwan has many opportunities to discuss matters with ministers of other countries, focusing on the New Southbound Policy, ways to improve bilateral relations, and increasing support from other countries for Taiwan to join the CPTPP.

Taiwan and the United States held the first physical meeting of the Taiwan-US 21st Century Trade Initiative in New York from November 8th to 9th, and then interacted with the United States Trade Representative (USTR) again during APEC Bangkok on the 18th and 19th.

Deng Zhenzhong mentioned that the two sides discussed the promotion of important Taiwan-US work, among which the key is the negotiation of the “Taiwan-US 21st Century Trade Initiative”. The two sides reviewed the progress from June last year to the present, and “everyone feels quite satisfied.” In the first physical meeting last week, there was a long time to exchange views on each topic. Both Deng Zhenzhong and Dai Qi thought it was very good and should continue.

As for the time of the next meeting, Deng Zhenzhong said that the two sides have not made a decision, and they maintain flexibility. Both sides agree to promote it as soon as possible and obtain results as soon as possible. As for the location, Taiwan understands that the United States is promoting a lot of work in Asia, and it has cooperation with Europe, South America and Africa. There are many plans to carry out, “We express our hope to hold it in Taipei, but we will maintain flexibility. If it doesn’t work, we are willing to go there.”

As for the progress of the signing of the “Bilateral Trade Agreement” (BTA) between Taiwan and the United States, Deng Zhenzhong said that expectations and goals are still there, and the specific progress depends on the progress of the negotiations.

CPTPP has not yet discussed Taiwan’s application Deng Zhenzhong: the British case will take time

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Development Council reported on “Taiwan’s attendance at the 2022 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Conference” at the meeting on the 24th. He said at the press conference after the meeting on the 24th that during the APEC period, except for the absence of representatives from Mexico, he had talks with representatives of most CPTPP member countries.

In addition, regarding the application of new members of the CPTPP, Deng Zhenzhong said that all countries have a fairly unanimous position, which is to “finish the British membership case first”, hoping to use the United Kingdom as a benchmark to prove that CPTPP has high standards for new members; however, the British case ” It may still take a little time to deal with it”, and then “they will start discussing how to let these members who are currently waiting, and which type of review work to use.” The implication is that the applications for joining the CPTPP from Taiwan and China sent in September have not yet started processing.

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