During the APEC period, the bilateral talks between Taiwan and nine countries yielded fruitful results | The Epoch Times

During the APEC period, the bilateral talks between Taiwan and nine countries yielded fruitful results | The Epoch Times
During the APEC period, the bilateral talks between Taiwan and nine countries yielded fruitful results | The Epoch Times

Update: 2022-11-24 8:08 PM
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[The Epoch Times, November 24, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Yixin, Taipei, Taiwan) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Development Council reported “my country’s participation in the 2022 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Conference” at the Executive Yuan meeting on the 24th. Taiwan representatives The delegation held bilateral talks with at least nine countries. Premier Su Tseng-chang made a report during the meeting and stated that Taiwan’s participation in the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting and the Ministerial Annual Meeting this year has achieved fruitful results. In the future, all ministries and committees are requested to actively maintain contact with CPTPP members through the APEC platform and actively seek support for Taiwan’s accession to CPTPP.

Su Zhenchang pointed out that APEC is one of the multilateral mechanisms that our country actually participates in. In addition, this year, APEC will be held in a physical form again after three years. The grand occasion is unprecedented. Through this APEC meeting, our country has clearly communicated to the international community There are three important positions. First, face up to differences in regional opinions and work together to find a balanced approach; second, Taiwan is willing to actively work with APEC partners to build a safe, reliable, and resilient industrial supply chain; finally, Taiwan has the potential to achieve “2050 net zero emissions”.

Su Zhenchang mentioned that next year (2023) APEC will be hosted by the United States, and the theme has been set as “creating a resilient and sustainable future for all parties”. The priority topics include interconnection, innovation, inclusiveness and sustainability. Propose a plan for the priority areas of APEC next year, and strengthen cooperation with the United States to promote the progress of APEC issues.

In the report of the National Development Council, the chairperson Gong Mingxin mentioned at the meeting that my country donated 2.2 million US dollars to APEC this year to support cross-disciplinary projects related to digital innovation, marine waste management, and small and medium-sized enterprises; the chairman of Thailand thanked me Fang’s donation to promote APEC-related work. Political commissar Deng Zhenzhong emphasized at the meeting that strengthening the digital connection with APEC members and information security are crucial to the accelerated development of the digital economy. In August, my country established the Digital Development Department to coordinate cross-domain digital governance.

The National Development Council pointed out that after the meeting, the Ministerial Joint Statement (Joint Ministerial Statement): Although it was almost difficult to deliver, a consensus was reached the day after the meeting ended, and the leader’s declaration and its attachments advocated “Bangkok goals for the development of biological, circular and green economy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that during APEC, Zhang Zhongmou attended 5 meetings and working lunches. During the meeting, Leader Zhang had talks and exchanges with US Vice President Harrison Harris, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and US Secretary of State Blinken. Zhang Zhongmou’s wife Zhang Shufen visited the charity organization “Thailand Autism Foundation” and donated 300,000 baht on behalf of the government.

Su Zhenchang especially thanked Zhang Zhongmou and his wife Zhang Shufen for showing soft diplomatic power and enhancing the positive image of our country.

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