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Ethan Ethan: Run, no need to be prepared – Entertainment – China Engineering Network

Ethan Ethan: Run, no need to be prepared – Entertainment – China Engineering Network
Ethan Ethan: Run, no need to be prepared – Entertainment – China Engineering Network

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New Chinese Characters | Ethan Juan: Run, no need to be prepared

China News Service, Beijing, November 21 (Reporter Ren Siyu) At the premiere of the movie “The Pursuit”, Ethan Ruan received a special gift. An audience member brought a can of bleaching powder, hoping that he could return to “Boss” Ji Cunxi Handsome and neat look.

“There is a difference between being 25 and 41.” He continued with a smile, but in the short term, this wish will be a bit difficult. In the movie, he appears with a beard and messy hair, and his eyes are decadent and weathered. The subversive looks in recent movies are very different from the familiar look in the past.

It is difficult to find the word “baggage” in Ethan Ethan. No matter in movies or in life, he likes to look barefaced. During interviews, he will try not to cover up his blemishes or dark circles. In front of the camera, he does not mind being honest about his confusion and vulnerability. On the other hand, he is willing to tell the whole story about his performances and life insights over the years.

Because of this reality, Ethan Ruan enjoys the fun of making movies more and more. In his opinion, movies are not beautification, but more often a projection and extension of real life. Authenticity is also his way to get into the role. After twenty years in the industry, he poured his life experience into the role. “In every performance, I basically stay true to myself at the moment.”

Enjoy this “half-blooded” life

The filming of “Pursuit” is the second collaboration between Ethan Ruan and Junning Chang after 16 years.

When Jun Ning called, he accepted the invitation without much thought. This is not only a job, but also a gathering of old friends. In the dozens of days after the filming of the movie, everyone will get along more closely than family members. When there is a deep intersection between the characters, they will perceive each other more deeply and delicately. Joy, anger, sorrow, these are all things that interest him.

However, when the filming actually started, this joy turned into “pain and joy”.

In the film, Ethan Ruan plays the role of Lin Yousheng, an illegal manpower agency. His missing ex-girlfriend left him forever in a brutal murder case. However, due to his special status as a foreign worker, he was unable to call the police on his girlfriend and was even more afraid of being interrogated, so he all The clues all pointed to him, but it wasn’t until the truth was gradually revealed that someone else was discovered.

Running wildly at night, digging at night, and fighting at night, “Pursuit” is almost always a night scene. Ethan Ruan, who has been accustomed to a regular schedule in the past few years, lamented that what he saw after work every day was the morning sun, and he often couldn’t sleep for long after returning home. Wake up automatically.

But he kind of enjoys this kind of “half-blood” life. “The blood bar is half-full, which means you have to try your best to wake yourself up, and you have to try your best to run with all your strength. It’s like a sports competition.” , you’re well-rested and ready to sprint as hard as you can, and it’s a completely different feeling.”

He gave an example, like suddenly encountering a person snatching things outside, you have to run before you are ready; like suddenly receiving a message that someone has left your life forever, “that moment Loneliness and sadness will come to you, but this is life, many things don’t happen slowly, they appear suddenly.”

There is a scene in the movie where Lin Yousheng saw the photos of his ex-girlfriend before she was killed, as well as the fingers and heart soaked in the jar under the guidance of the murderer. His whole body collapsed instantly. He knelt down and roared and cried in despair. Because that scene involved With various arrangements in place, Ethan Ruan shot for a full 14 hours, and when he finished the work, he could hardly keep his eyes open.

But he didn’t allow himself to relax or rest, and returned to the set the next day. “There is no way to rest, and there is no right to ask for a rest.” In his opinion, neither the full running nor the continuous pain in the play can be regarded as the so-called “hard work”. Because this kind of pain may actually happen every day in real life.

“I think there is a line between performance and reality. The kind of actor I hope to be is one who can work hard to blur that line as much as possible and make it invisible as much as possible. What seems false is actually real, and what is false is also true. You can and must have real emotions, and that’s what I think it’s about.”

No limits on performance

Many viewers know Ethan Ruan from classic idol dramas such as “Green Light Forest”, “Destined to Love You”, “The Lost Dog Queen” and so on. In 2002, Ethan Ruan accompanied a friend to participate in a model interview, and was chosen by the director to star in the MV for Penny Dai’s “Loved Before”, thus entering the entertainment industry.

But in the first few years of his career as an actor, he was like a “Muggle” who accidentally broke into the magical world. Although he had filmed several movies, he still couldn’t find the meaning and didn’t know what he was doing. It wasn’t until I was filming “The Weather Is Sunny in Kenting” that I suddenly felt a “goosebumps” feeling.

At that time, Ethan Ruan was on the set under great pressure every day and was very unhappy while filming. There was a scene in the play in which his character stood in front of a mirror and examined himself who had accomplished nothing. “At that moment, he saw the moment I was acting in the mirror. , it seems to be connected to my real life, and I get goosebumps. This feeling is really amazing.”

From that moment on, he no longer had any intention of quitting, but always looked forward to capturing this feeling again in future performances.

At the age of 28, Ethan Ethan won the Best Actor for the movie “Monkey Point”. His dream of becoming an actor within 20 years suddenly came true, leaving this young man who had just been exposed to movies a little at a loss.

Faced with doubts and expectations, he was repeatedly torn between the two states of pride and self-doubt, “Before I won the award, I was the youngest in the crew, and everyone came to teach me how to act. After I won the award, everyone praised me for my good acting. “He once said this about the loss and confusion at that time.

“Blood Drop”, “Assassin Nie Yinniang”, “Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings”, “Psychological Crime: City Lights”… He challenged many types of dramas, cooperated with directors and actors of different styles, and pressed himself with high intensity. For about ten years, I was sometimes full of anger and sometimes full of dissatisfaction, but the more determined thing was to persevere in the career of acting.

“Looking back now, I am also very grateful for that period of dissatisfaction, but I did not swallow it easily. So it was probably from that time that I wanted to tell those partners who worked with me that their choices were actually like Yes, it seems that I am destined to be an actor.”

To this day, Ethan Ethan still doesn’t like to perform in a predetermined way.

He recalled that when he was growing up, his strict father who was used to cracking down on sex education completely disapproved of his entry into this industry. The sentence he heard most at that time was, “Don’t think you are smart, in fact you are stupid.”

“This sentence can even become a kind of fear, that is, as I grow up and enter this industry, I know that I am sensitive and I know that I have talents, but I still want to use that stupid method to complete these things. This has become It becomes a habit.”

In Zhang Junning’s view, over the past sixteen years, this friend has become more and more mature at the technical level, but what has not changed is his sincerity for performance. “He will always be serious and give you 100% every time, without leaving anything behind.” Any room for anything.” The only time the two had an argument was when one demanded to be hit hard and the other was worried he would get hurt on set.

When life experience is deeply connected with performance, it brings excitement but also comes with torture. This kind of performance means that you often have to overextend yourself. But this is also the “talented” aspect of being an actor in his eyes – he has very good physical strength and can mobilize a variety of thoughts and emotions when he is in good physical condition. He is also able to adapt to someone like Lin Yousheng who pursues perfection. Performance.

Be honest about your performance and be honest about yourself

This month, Ethan Ruan just celebrated his 41st birthday.

One perceptible change is that when he was young, he was always eager to conform to the expectations of others, but the more he did this, the greater the resistance and anger he generated, and the final result was loss of control.

As the cycle of the cycle moved from the age of 20 to 30 to the age of 40, he wanted to be more honest. Although I still have a “naughty” side when I meet acquaintances and friends I like, when facing strangers, I hope to show my truest self with a relatively calm attitude.

“Because my feelings may be more sensitive, I accept all kinds of things, instead of trying to put on a protective performance myself, which will block a lot of feelings that I should be aware of.”

When he first opened Weibo more than ten years ago, Ethan Ruan’s personal signature was “a timid and brave ordinary person”, which has not changed to this day.

“We shoot well while we are working, and then go back to live our own lives after filming. The rest of the time should not be under the spotlight. If you stay in this kind of working environment for a long time, you will not be like a single person, being praised by everyone. “

In the past few years, when he is not filming, his life has always been very regular. He gets up in the morning and goes for a ride, and then starts the day’s schedule, living a life of daily necessities with his family, and saving up for his next role.

Director Zeng Yingting once said, “Ethan Juan has reached a perfect age.” Intuition, wildness and skills as an actor have all reached a state of perfect integration. Just like an athlete, the accumulation of vision and physical fitness reach the golden intersection, “I think Xiaotian should be getting closer to this moment.”

In Ruan Jingtian’s understanding, when you feel that your physical fitness has a limit no matter how hard you work, the other side will slowly make up for it, “It does seem that I am not running faster than before, and I don’t seem to be able to endure it better than before, but if It’s my understanding of certain things, and I do have a different view than before.”

“The goal of a future actor is probably to try my best to do something that I really want to do. If I can do it, I hope that I can also raise some questions about life and return it to people who like to watch movies and are willing to watch our performances. of these people.”

Ethan Ethan is ready to run with all his strength at any time, and his goal is still to be a sincere and good actor.

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