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Recently, the JZ Festival Shanghai Jazz Festival hosted by JZ Music was successfully held in Shanghai. The event attracted jazz fans from all over the country to attend the performance. NetEase Cloud Music and JZ Music have conducted in-depth cooperation to jointly create the “2023 Autumn Jazz Music Season”.NetEase Cloud MusicJointly created online special topics with JZ Music, and NetEase Cloud Music gave back to music fans in the form of membership benefits at the performance site. In addition, legendary musicians including Jacob Collier, Dire Straight Legacy, T-square, etc. are specially invited to record exclusive oral broadcasts, and group interviews will be launched later. As the online music platform that brings together the largest number of jazz fans in China, the cooperation between NetEase Cloud Music and JZ Music has added more highlights and attractions to this major event in the domestic jazz music industry, allowing more people to experience jazz music Charm.

It is understood that JZ Festival Shanghai Jazz Festival has developed into one of the largest jazz festivals in Asia in terms of size, duration, scale of participating musicians and number of performances. JZ Music is also the only jazz music company in the world that has access to industry-wide sales. Over the years, JZ Music has introduced many world-renowned jazz artists, attracting jazz music lovers from all over the country. JZ Music has also made more and more top international jazz musicians aware of the booming development of Chinese jazz. , leading the inclusive Chinese jazz to the world. The cooperation between NetEase Cloud Music and JZ Music not only includes performances at the Shanghai Jazz Festival, but also covers the tours of five world-class jazz stars, with a total of nearly 30 performances, jointly promoting the jazz trend.

Jazz music has always been one of the dominant music categories of NetEase Cloud Music. As the leading online music platform in China, NetEase Cloud Music brings together works and enthusiasts of jazz, rap, rock and other genres. As of January 2022, NetEase Cloud Music has hundreds of thousands of user-created jazz playlists, many of which have been played millions of times. In addition, NetEase Cloud Music also has many outstanding jazz musicians, and their works are deeply loved by jazz fans. Whether it is the J3 band led by Li Xiaochuan and Huang Jianyi, or the works of musicians such as Zhang Xiongguan, Li Shihai, Laura Fygi, etc., they have become treasures for jazz fans.

2023 Autumn Jazz Season EventsThe successful holding of the event and the in-depth cooperation between NetEase Cloud Music and JZ Festival Shanghai Jazz Festival not only contributed to the promotion and dissemination of jazz music, but also brought a unique music feast to music lovers. It is reported that NetEase Cloud Music will continue to expand projects related to offline performance scenarios in the future, becoming a major advantage product for NetEase Cloud Music to achieve brand influence and member conversion in offline scenarios.

In the future, NetEase Cloud Music will continue to focus on the field of vertical music, expand cooperation with offline scenes, and provide more diverse high-quality music content for Chinese music lovers.


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