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Writer Mo Yan made a “high-profile confession” to actor Yu Hewei in Shanghai – good acting never relies on

Writer Mo Yan made a “high-profile confession” to actor Yu Hewei in Shanghai – good acting never relies on
Writer Mo Yan made a “high-profile confession” to actor Yu Hewei in Shanghai – good acting never relies on

  Reporter Xu Yang

“I hope that Mr. Yu Hewei will have the opportunity to play the protagonist Shan Wuwei in my work “Crocodile”.” Yesterday, the Shanghai Zero Bay Cultural and Art Center was full of seats, and the “Drama of Our Times” forum was held. The writer Mo Yan made a “high-profile confession” Idol Yu Hewei – “A good performing artist never relies on appearance. I rarely watch a TV series from beginning to end, but Chen Duxiu played by Yu Hewei in “The Awakening Age” made me feel that this is a “soul possession” type of drama. Waiting for performing arts.”

Mo Yan launched his latest play “Crocodile” this year, using a magical drama to explore the secrets of human nature, completing his gorgeous transformation from novelist to playwright. During the conversation, the two even impromptu “acted”, with Mo Yan “acting” as a crocodile and each reading lines from the book – “It’s a pity, it’s a pity, you are me and I am you. We are all slaves of desire.” There was no rehearsal beforehand. , but there is a tacit understanding among old friends, and Mo Yan did not forget to “complain” Yu Hua in the distance – “He is not my idol. We have been classmates and roommates for many years, and it is not clear who has what’s wrong with each other. We each have something to blame for the other.” “The audience burst into laughter and applause from time to time.

“To use a few lines from Mr. Zhongfu – every generation of us has the responsibility of every generation. We love this land and love this country. Let me do what I can do for this country.” In an emotional place, Yu Hewei sent this message to the more than a thousand students present.

  Instant feedback from the stage makes drama creation more fulfilling

Mo Yan said bluntly that he watched “The Age of Awakening” over and over again on TV and online. “The reason why it attracted me was entirely because Chen Duxiu played by Yu Hewei was convincing. It was not the kind of imitation or bluff performance.” Mo Yan He even used an internet buzzword to describe it.

Mo Yan has his own understanding of stage performance. He has always had a drama complex in his heart – “Drama has been my dream for many years. It is really enjoyable for a playwright to sit in the theater and watch his own play being performed on the stage. Theater and audience The distance is very close, and the plots and lines you design that will cause repercussions will be verified immediately. This gives the creator a special sense of accomplishment.” Mo Yan has written the scripts “Divorce”, “Farewell My Concubine” and “Our Jing Ke” etc., and has won many awards at home and abroad. Many dramatic elements can also be seen in his novels. For example, the concept, structure, and characters of the novel “Sandalwood Punishment” drew on the “Mao Tune” of folk drama to carry out stylistic exploration.

“Theatre actors are teachers of the common people. Improvisation performances on open-air platforms and in markets are where I learned history when I was a child.” Mo Yan said that he wrote several TV scripts when he was young. To write a good play, you need to treat the script as a work of art and achieve the purpose of literature. This is a principle that I firmly believe in.” When it comes to the script “Crocodile”, the work combines some of the techniques of Sartre and Brecht. “I hope readers can understand the play. The characters in the story empathize with their fate, but at the same time they are also calmly critical of the story.”

 Young people encounter difficulties, “Don’t be blown down by the strong wind”

“Whether it is a historical figure or a social celebrity, when I enter the performance, I try to put the character in the framework of a ‘person’, understand the human side of living individuals, and cannot go astray.” The industry has commented that “Solid as a Rock” and “Second Hand” In “Masterpiece”, Yu Hewei shuttles in the world of tragedy and comedy, vividly interpreting “textbook-level acting skills.” In this regard, he admitted that he cares more about the character itself. The stronger the inner conflict of the character, the better the play and the more tension it will have.

“Life is the biggest source of wealth and confidence for acting. When I played Chen Duxiu before, I noticed his little posture of crossing his feet when taking pictures, and got a lot of inspiration.” Yu Hewei said that when he was acting, he would classify people into different types, thinking about this The genre is similar to what content in life. “Looking at the historical photos, everyone else was honest. Only Chen Duxiu stretched his feet in front. I think this detail can be analyzed to show that in addition to his arrogance, he also had a vivid and uneasy temperament.” When it comes to “Three Kingdoms” “The Romance”, which is different from the image of Liu Bei as a “good old man who loves to cry”. Yu Hewei’s acting style is deliberately closer to the evaluation of “invisible emotions and anger” and “a hero of the world” in official history. He performed Liu Bei without anger, self-power, and self-control. The ambitious side.

“I’m a little confused, and even fell into the darkest moment. Should I roll up, lie down, or lie down?” During the on-site interactive session, some students raised questions about their living conditions. “These three states are not desirable.” Mo Yan paused and gave seven words of advice – “Don’t be blown down by the strong wind.”

“There is no time when you are completely comfortable in this world. When you achieve a goal, you will have new thoughts. There is only a stage where you work hard to find a position that makes you comfortable.” Yu Hewei said frankly that when he just graduated from college, he also experienced a stage when no one cared about him. “I had self-doubt about being an actor, and I even thought about returning to my hometown. But once on the set, the director gave me a seemingly understated compliment, and my mentality changed, and my state suddenly changed. In fact, I thought After thinking about it, this has little to do with external evaluation, but mainly with the active adjustment of one’s own heart.” He sincerely expressed his thoughts – “It doesn’t matter if you are frustrated, don’t care too much, have a good sleep. Think more about happy things, Don’t hold on to the pain. It’s not a big deal.”

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