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The replacement of the voice actor of the Bleach Heroine has caused heated discussions. Should the character and voice actor be consistent?_Sifengyuan Yoichi_Official_Black


Original title: The change of the voice actor of the Bleach Heroine has caused heated discussion. Should the character and voice actor be consistent?

1. T1 won the League of Legends S13 event, and Audi’s advertisement “Congratulations to WBG for winning the championship” instantly turned into a joke.

2. Japanese voice actor Taku Yashiro caused a traffic accident by driving a vehicle with an expired vehicle inspection. He issued an apology and reflected on suspending live broadcast activities.

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5. The “Half-Life” series celebrates its 25th anniversary, and Steam launches a special event to give away the first generation for free (ends at 2 a.m. on November 21).

In Europe and the United States, where the zzzq problem is rampant, the racial correspondence between animated characters and voice actors has become a commonplace issue. Recently, the replacement of the voice actor of Shifengin Yoruichi in the British version of “Bleach: Thousand Years of Bloody War” has triggered heated discussions in Europe and the United States.

In the British version of the anime “Bleach”, Wendy Lee has always been the voice actor of Shifouin Yoruichi. However, in the 22nd episode of “Thousand-Year Blood War” (388th episode overall), the voice actor of Shifengin Yoruichi was suddenly changed to Anairis Quiñones.

The old voice actor who had been dubbing the character for many years was replaced, and the voice actor Anairis who replaced him was a black man. Many viewers believed that the official operation was to cater to zzzq, and strong dissatisfaction broke out. Perhaps feeling the pressure of public opinion from the audience, Yoruichi, voiced by Anairis, only appeared in one episode. The official soon announced that Yoruichi’s voice actor would be replaced by Wendy Lee.


The dubbing studio Studiopolis mentioned in an official statement that this problem was caused by their own casting staff. In fact, they have always wanted to retain as many of the original dubbing actors as possible. The casting staff mistakenly believed that Wendy could no longer voice Yoruichi, so the role was offered to Anairis. However, the real situation is that not only can Lee voice Yoruichi, but he is also very interested in the role. When the official noticed this error, it was too late to correct it for episode 22, but they finally decided to change Yoruichi’s voice actor to Wendy.


Although it’s unclear whether Studiopolis really made a mistake in casting, or was forced to change the voice actor back under pressure. But such “repeated jumps” undoubtedly aroused another wave of dissatisfaction among groups. Some people think that “as long as you yell loud enough, you can change the voice actor.” Such a result is the official compromise with racists. There are also accusations that this is not conducive to the diversity of anime dubbing, and fans do not care about the harm caused to black voice actors.


However, regarding the debate on the race of dubbing people, someone pointed out a core issue: Although Yoruichi has darker skin, she is not black. Whether she is dubbed by a white person or a black person, it actually has nothing to do with zzzq… In addition, some viewers complained, In “Bleach”, he is probably more black than Yoruichi or Tosen.


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