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Original title: Studying in Film Abroad | Overview of Australian film majors, school recommendations, curriculum and application related!

Although the first choice for film study abroad has always beenBritish and Americanbut there are also some students who will consider other countries for various reasons, such as those that have developed well in recent years.Japan and South Koreaand adjacent to the United StatesCanada.In addition, those located in the southern hemisphereAustraliaIt is also a good choice, with its own advantages and some very good colleges. Today I will give you a detailed introduction to the situation of studying abroad in film in Australia. I hope it will help you in your choice and application.

Although the overall number of universities is not as large as that of the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia is also a country with a large number of prestigious universities. Students who pay attention to the QS rankings should notice that Australian universities basically have high rankings, and the same is true for colleges and universities offering film majors. For example, the University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology, University of Technology Sydney, etc. are among the top 200 universities in the world. A high comprehensive ranking is also a good trend point for us Chinese students. After all, the inspection of international students in all walks of life now involves the ranking of institutions.

In addition, in terms of industry scale and film education, Australia is also in the second echelon after the United Kingdom and the United States. Australia itself has close ties with these two countries, and the film industry is also closely linked. Australia has produced many famous directors and actors, such as George Miller, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman and others who all started their career in Hollywood. An Australian director and actor who has made a name for himself. Related industries have also driven the development of film education. Australia attaches great importance to this investment and has made a lot of efforts in subject education and talent selection, cultivating many outstanding filmmakers for the world.

Griffith University


Master’s degree: SCREEN PRODUCTION (2 years)

Griffith University Film School is located in the rapidly developing state of Queensland, Australia. Courses offered include two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer animation production, film and television production, opera, multimedia, digital game development, business administration, etc. The college focuses on developing innovative art disciplines, especially in film production and digital media production. Many graduates of the school have successfully started businesses, established their own companies, and made great achievements in the field of innovative arts.

bond university

Undergraduate: Film and Television

The university is located on the Gold Coast, a world-famous tourist destination in Queensland, with a very beautiful campus environment. The Department of Film and Television at Bond University offers professional courses at different levels and has a team of experienced professional teachers, many of whom are professional film workers. The film and television industry is a rapidly changing art industry, and the school pays special attention to the practicality and innovation of knowledge and skills. During their time at the school, students will be asked to create and produce a series of their own student works.

Queensland University of Technology

Undergraduate: Film, Screen and New Media

Queensland University of Technology, Australia’s leading school for studying film and television, offers a wide range of undergraduate courses. Students are free to choose from a variety of courses and have the opportunity to participate in various overseas exchange projects. At the same time, the employment rate of Queensland University of Technology graduates is also higher than the average employment rate of Australian university graduates. The course emphasizes students’ personal creativity and innovation in film production, directing, script writing, cinematography, editing, sound and multimedia production.

Victoria College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

Undergraduate: Film and Television

Master: Film and Television

Australia’s leading visual and performing arts school. The affiliated Department of Film and Television is committed to cultivating film professionals with high artistic and technical standards. The school encourages students to be independent and innovative, constantly experiment and explore, and use their professional knowledge and skills to present their own ideas to the audience through movies. While encouraging students to learn and explore independently, the school provides students with advanced equipment so that they can operate hands-on and master professional skills in practice, especially in script creation, directing and editing.

University of Technology Sydney

Master: Media Practice and Industry

Its curriculum combines academic theory with professional skills, and its teachers have rich teaching experience, some of whom have won multiple professional film awards. The works of the school’s students and graduates are often screened at world-wide film festivals, such as the Oscar Film Festival, Emmy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Australian Film Industry Awards, etc.


Here we take Griffith University’s master’s degree as an example to explain the analysis.

First of all, this is a two-year master’s degree. The school’s courses combine practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge of the screen. The course has a strong collaborative component and will help students understand their professional roles and the actual filmmaking process. Have a full understanding. Students will develop strong connections with peers in all aspects of the filmmaking process and leverage the Griffins network for future professional practice.Students can choose between two branches of refinement, one isAdvanced screen production,one isdigital film production.

Designed for early and emerging filmmakers, Advanced Screen Production focuses on developing students’ practical skills and, based on student interests, ranges fromCinematography, Documentary, Serial Writing, Filmmaking, Production Design, Visual Effects, DirectingThese seven aspects are taught.

Digital Filmmaking is designed for students who wish to further explore screen-based storytelling techniques.Film production, directing, script, cinematography, editing, sound,as well asnarrative designandinteractive narrativecore skills. Hone your business, entrepreneurial and leadership skills while creating your own business plan. Network with industry through networking events, mentorship programs and domestic and international study tours.

Let’s take a master’s degree from Griffith University as an example.

The latest tuition fees for the Master of Film at Griffith University areAUD 38,000equivalent to approximately RMB180,000this tuition fee is similar to the tuition fee for film study abroad in the UK. The total cost of studying in Australia for one year is approximately350,000-400,000 RMB.

It should be noted that the main academic start season in Australia is spring, including at Griffith University, which starts at the end of February every year, so the corresponding application timeline is staggered from that in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Language Requirements: The language requirement for Griffith University’s master’s degree is IELTS 6.5 or above, with no individual component lower than 6.0.

Portfolio requirements: Corresponding works that can show your professional abilities, including short films, scripts, pictures, etc. You need to give an introduction to the submitted portfolio and indicate what role you are involved in. You will also need to write a short personal statement describing why you want to study for a Master of Film, as well as your background and future study goals.Return to Sohu to see more

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