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The movie “Doomed” is released today. Chinese warehouses unite to survive in a foreign country and escape from prison_TOM Entertainment


Today, a prison break Hong Kong film directed by director Sun Li-kei and starring Zhang Jicong, Cheng Haonan, Cai Hanyi, Zhang Jiansheng, Huang Guangliang and Lin Xue,“Doom”Premiered on iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku! Sun Yichen, a working man, was imprisoned in Southeast Asia for a rape and murder case. Faced with a sudden prison disaster and trapped in a dark and sinful transnational prison, how will Sun Yichen redress his injustice and defend himself, and what kind of prison whirlpool will he get involved in? Go online today and watch honest people save themselves from desperate situations!

A Southeast Asian migrant man was imprisoned for rape and murder and was unjustly imprisoned in a transnational prison. The dining room is frightening to the prisoners.

The movie is mainly adapted from the true story of the protagonist who was imprisoned for an unjust case of rape and murder and fled across the country. In the film, Sun Yichen’s beautiful secretary was raped and murdered in a hotel in Southeast Asia. Sun Yichen arrived in time but was outnumbered and was knocked unconscious and injured by two tall muscular men. When he woke up, only the naked and cold body of the female secretary was left. The police who then broke into the door directly arrested Sun Yichen and sent him to a transnational prison to serve his sentence.

This dark prison imprisons the most vicious criminals from all over the world. The environment is extremely harsh and the management methods are cruel. The prison warden played by Zheng Haonan is moody and the biggest devil in the entire prison. He kills people whenever he disagrees and does not enforce the law. In prison, Sun Yichen was not only bullied by the warden, but also tortured by perverted inmates. Although he was always doing his job, he was bullied. He was imprisoned in a restaurant for several days and had to rely only on water to survive. He almost died. Faced with the inhumane prison warden, the wanton bullying of inmates, and the exploitation and oppression that can lead to death at any time, can Sun Yichen survive smoothly in prison?

The movie

The movie

Zhang Jicong relied on knowledge to help himself step by step. The Chinese team united to survive in a foreign country.

Unwilling to be wronged, Sun Yichen asked his wife to look for evidence outside the prison, but she was ruthlessly rejected and filed for divorce. Frustrated, he studied Southeast Asian laws and languages ​​day and night, and embarked on the road to appeal. When the Chinese warehouse was being squeezed, cholera broke out in the prison. Sun Yichen, played by Zhang Jicong, used his knowledge to prepare a medicinal soup for everyone to treat the disease, so he won the favor of the warden. He gradually took over the prison’s finances and labor supervision, organized prisoners to open factories to make money for the warden, and gradually became a tool on the assembly line. An unexpected coercion in Cangtou involved a group of people in Huaren Cang into a shocking plan, and some people will pay the price with their lives.

The movie

The movie

On the one hand, the Chinese Cang Cangtou played by Huang Guangliang cannot bear the bullying of the Chinese by the warden. On the other hand, he cannot bear the crisis that his rights outside prison are gradually being evaded by his younger brother played by Lin Xue. Escape plan. Sun Yichen was forcibly drawn into the plan because of his knowledge and brains. Huarencang does the most tiring and dirty work every day. One day, he received the task of repairing sewer pipes, so he had the opportunity to plan. A strange fire broke out and several people in the Chinese warehouse disappeared collectively. The warden found out in time and launched an extreme pursuit. In order to protect everyone, Sun Yichen failed to escape and was caught in the dark water restaurant. Cangtou led everyone to escape from the sewer. Just when they saw the light again, the warden led a team of people and surrounded them at the end of the pipe. However, everything before was just a prelude to the storm, and Sun Yichen’s perfect jailbreak plan had just begun…

The movie “Doomed” is produced by Guangzhou Guofan Film Co., Ltd., Guangdong Shengge Media Co., Ltd., Pinxiang (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Anhui Xinzhuo Film and Television Culture Partnership, Honghuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Hainan Guofan Film and Television Produced by Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Xixi Yangyang Film and Television Culture Wuxi Co., Ltd., Guangdong Chenyue Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xinfan Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuxuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shenbojin Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Human Resources Preferred It is jointly produced by Internet Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Xinyi Consulting Services Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Hainan Aoyang Entertainment Media Co., Ltd. and Shengge Media (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and exclusively promoted by Pinxiang (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd.

The movie

The movie

The movie “Doomed” is officially launched on iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku today! Watch exciting prison break movies, break the dark rule of transnational prisons with Hua Rencang, and escape!


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