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  China Entertainment Network News Su Huilun recently recorded the fifth season of Dragon TV’s “Our Song”. She collaborated with her music partner Amber Liu Yiyun on many wonderful songs. When performing the classic song “Duck”, she added a dance performance for the first time to amaze the audience, with a free and easy and more oriented stage. The performance was well received by fans and netizens, making it one of the biggest highlights of the show this season! Su Huilun laughed at herself. Will she start to transform and move forward to become a singing and dancing singer? In the latest episode, Su Huilun and Ren Xianqi reproduced the classic song “OK? OK!” and once again showed their singing and dancing charm! He also made his first major breakthrough in rap with another competition song “To the Clouds”. The audience and fans are also looking forward to every performance of Su Huilun!

The “Our Song” program was recently recorded. Su Huilun and Amber Liu Yiyun formed a team with fellow singers Ren Xianqi and Gao due to the results of the competition. The six people named the group “Baoshan Baohai”, which symbolizes music and stage performance. It combines various music styles and is all-encompassing. Sure enough, in the collaborative competition song, the trio of Simon Yam, Su Huilun, and Amber Liu Yiyun reproduced the 1996 Su Huilun classic song “OK? OK!”. This song was composed by Ren Xianqi, Su Huilun, and Luo Baiji. The rap songs sung by a group of people have created a funny and novel genre, and are so popular that almost everyone can sing two or three lines! So far, Ren Xianqi and Su Huilun have rarely performed this song on public stages and programs. This program can be said to be a very rare collaboration. The two discussed with the program how to add more designed and interesting dances. Unexpectedly, this The next couple, who are not good at dancing, basically dug their own holes and danced. They had to practice the “opening dance” customized by the dance teacher for “OK? OK!” in just two days. These dance moves and complex movements were very suitable for Su Huilun and Ren Xianqi are even more of a challenge! During rehearsals, Ren Xianqi was in danger of being slapped in the face because of his complicated positioning and being too serious about it. In the end, the three of them worked hard to live up to expectations, and the performance results earned this episode a good score!

It is well known that Su Huilun and Ren Xianqi are artists who attach great importance to maintenance. They are very self-disciplined in work, rest, diet, and exercise. No matter how busy they are at work, they still maintain perseverance in life. Netizens compared the photos of the two when they debuted in variety shows with their recent photos, and the time has faded. There are not many traces left. The golden boy and girl at that time are now the kings and queens of the music industry, and their singing skills and appearance are in excellent condition! In addition to singing “OK? OK!” during the Rolling Stones era, Su Huilun also filmed the MVs of Ren Xianqi’s “Lean on”, “A Person”, and “Orange Perfume”. The two people who had established a friendship for a long time also cared about each other, and Ren Xianqi entered the show. In the video, Su Huilun also participated, taking the initiative to share her experience in recording the show, and also encouraged her to relax and maintain an enjoyable mood. If she had any questions, Ren Xianqi was always available to help answer them, like a warm-hearted big brother.


In this episode of “Our Song”, Gao Wuren was also added as a new member of Ren Xianqi’s team, as well as the singing guest Bai An. On the scene, Ren Xianqi, Su Huilun, Gao Wuren and Bai An were all singers from the same school who believed in music. When we got down, we chatted with each other. It felt like a reunion night on New Year’s Eve. It was very harmonious and warm. Among them, Su Huilun rapped for the first time when singing the competition song “To the Clouds” together, which was amazing, presenting another kind of comfortable murmuring. Singing guest Bai An wore a red one-piece dress and sang with fresh and ethereal voices. Gao Wuren’s Yun An ascended the stage and sang as if he was playing high in the clouds. He joked that he was standing on the top of the mountain and looked down at the fairies floating up to the clouds. The chorus and vocal design of Su Huilun, Gao Wuren and Bai An made the song more vast. It is so melodious that the audience seems to fly through the clouds and into the sky. The fifth season of “Our Song” is broadcast on Dragon TV every Sunday night at 21:00. For more information about Su Huilun, please follow Su Huilun and Believe Music’s official Weibo and WeChat.

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