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Zhang Yi, the lead actor at the premiere of the movie “The Point of the Knife”: The film is more about life – International Online


A few days ago, the movie “The Point of the Knife” held a premiere press conference in Beijing. Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Film Group, producer and chief producer, director Gao Qunshu, original author Mai Jia, starring Zhang Yi, Huang Zhizhong, starring Gao Jie, Jin Shijia, Xu Li, Zeng Mengxue and other main creators all appeared. At the premiere, several of the main creators opened up and talked about the five years it took for the film to be released.

Photos provided by the main creative and co-producers of the film

“The Point of the Knife” is the second collaboration between Gao Qunshu and Mai Jia after the movie “The Wind” released in 2009. At the press conference, Gao Qunshu still praised his old partner Mai Jia. He said that Teacher Mai Jia not only wrote the novel well, but also gave very impressive names to the characters in the novel: “Everyone in “The Point of the Knife” Every name has its own characteristics. Take Jin Shen Shui for example, gold can kill people, depth is mysterious and unfathomable, and water can carry and overturn boats. A person with such a name is destined to be a very special person. Amazing people.”


Zhang Yi Photo courtesy of the film crew

Everyone has a negative side and a positive side. No matter the character or identity of the people in the movie, it cannot be explained clearly in just a few words. Zhang Yi said that he had at least three identities in the film: “Because my wife and children were killed, I joined the military command; later, in order to lurk, I joined the Wang Puppet; after meeting Lin Yingying, I began to move closer to the anti-Japanese organization.” Zhang Yi also said He said that “The Point of the Knife” is different from previous spy war themes: “This work is not a story that makes people guess who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. It mainly talks about life and what drives a person to grow and change.”

Huang Zhizhong said that Lu Jingyu, who he played, “has many boats” and can be said to be a speculator; Xu Li, who played Cheng Xiaolu in the film, revealed that he has a dual identity: “First, I am a clerk in Lin Yingying’s family, and later He joined the anti-Japanese organization under the influence of Lin Yingying.” Zeng Mengxue, who plays Ge Ling, also said that she has dual identities, namely Ge Ling, the daughter of Ge Ling, and the military agent “Confucius Temple”. Director Gao Qunshu reminded her that she had another identity Heavy identity: “She is a nurse in a traditional Chinese medicine hospital.”

Yu Zhiren, played by Gao Jie, is the director of the Security Bureau and the director of the police department in the film. He said that he took on this role because he has been admired by director Gao Qunshu for a long time. This collaboration was also very pleasant, and what made him happiest the most was It’s been a long time since I met Zhang Yi again. “We got to know each other about ten years ago, and Zhang Yi later recommended many dramas to me, so it’s been a long time since we last met.” The two have such a tacit understanding that even Gao Qunshu is surprised. Surprised: “I didn’t expect you guys to have collaborated so many times?” Zhang Yi said with a smile, “I always fool Brother Jie”, while Gao Jie responded with a smile, “Thanks for the fool”.

It took five years from the filming to the release of “The Point of the Knife”. Now that the movie is about to be released, Gao Qunshu admitted that he is so worried that he can’t sleep every day. Zhang Yize broke the news: “He has always been very nervous. Every time after meeting the audience, he was relieved when the audience said they liked the movie; then he became nervous again before the next meeting, and he was relieved when the audience said they liked the movie. . He has been in such a state these past few days, sometimes relaxed and sometimes tense.” Mai Jia comforted his old friend at the scene: “I don’t think there is any need to be upset. What we are now more about is looking forward to it. I used it for this novel. Director Gao also put all his thought into the film, so my expectation now is that everyone can see the charm of the movie and the director’s efforts, and the audience’s recognition is our greatest vanity.”

When it comes to the feelings of the movie after it was released five years ago, every actor has a lot to say. Jin Shijia, who plays Qin Shiguang, said frankly that he was still a fledgling student when filming “The Point of the Knife” five years ago, “I was the youngest among everyone at that time, and then in this scene, Brother Zhang Yi, Brother Zhizhong, Brother Sha Yi, Everyone was a senior that I looked up to when I was in school, so I was very scared at the time. Director Gao kept praising me that I was good, but the more he praised me, the more scared I became. I always felt that the director was going to give up on me.” Gao Qunshu said aside He responded, “You are really good. I am telling the truth.” Then Jin Shijia sighed, “Looking back now, thinking about the scene of filming 5 years ago and the aura at that time, I still feel deeply impressed.”


Yu Dong, Gao Qunshu, Mai Jia (from left to right) Photo courtesy of the film crew

During the five years while waiting for the release of “The Point of the Knife”, Mai Jia created “The Sea of ​​Life”, which also achieved very good sales results. Mai Jia revealed at the scene that day that “The Point of the Knife” may be his last spy war work. “Although I will no longer write spy wars, I will continue to persist in literary creation. In the past five years, I have created “The Sea of ​​Life” “Thank you for your support for this work to achieve good results. Here I also hope to share some of the good luck of “Sea of ​​Life” to “The Point of the Knife”. Thank you for your support.”

Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Film Group, producer and chief producer of “The Point of the Knife”, is full of confidence in the film: “Director Gao has always said that he is a ‘non-professional director’, but his first film “Tokyo” “The Trial” won the Huabiao Award for Outstanding Director and Outstanding Feature Film; for “The Point of the Knife” I was conquered the first time I saw the rough cut. The director who made “Conquest” once again used his strength to Conquered me. So Bona was also fortunate to participate in the post-production work, assisting the director to complete this work, and bring the film to the national audience in November this year.” Yu Dong said bluntly: “In the past five years, I have There is no need to worry about the story of “The Edge of the Knife” being spoiled, because this work is unsurpassed.”

It is reported that the movie “The Point of the Knife” will be released nationwide on November 24.

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