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Jolin Tsai’s new single “OH LA LA LA” in 2023 will be launched on all major music digital platforms at 0:00 on 11/20 – China Entertainment Network


  China Entertainment Network News Jolin Tsai’s new single “OH LA LA LA” in 2023 will be launched on all major music digital platforms at 0:00 on 11/20! This song can be called the “dopamine song” of the year! Once again, we teamed up with Richard Craker, the producer of “Beautiful” and “Brain”, to create a joyful and unrestrained melody. The MV is directed by the new generation director Peng Dawson, and the dance is choreographed by Kiel Tutin, a world-class choreographer with whom he has collaborated many times. It combines elements of surrealism and stage drama to create Jolin’s crazy fantasy world; Jolin transforms into a working girl, and follows the non-stop “OH LA LA LA” brainwashing lyrics and a magical dance!

At the end of 2023, Jolin Tsai once again surprises music fans by launching a new American Motown style single “OH LA LA LA”. The rhythm is full of unrestrained joy and catchy lyrics, which seems to send a happy signal and make people’s brains Dopamine is automatically released within the body, and you can feel full of pleasure just by listening to the song, conveying the core concept of “simple happiness is all around us”! The song was co-written with Richard Craker, and Presto’C and Wen Xiaofu also participated in writing the lyrics. Jolin added: “OH LA LA LA in this song is what I imagine I can’t help but say when I eat satisfying food. I hope my voice can convey simple happiness to everyone.”

This song was jointly produced by Jolin and producer Richard Craker across the sea. Richard Craker, who has collaborated with Jolin on the songs “Weirdly Beautiful” and “Brain Man”, already has an excellent tacit understanding with Jolin; therefore, despite the distance, The two were unable to meet physically, but Jolin said: “We already have a certain sense of trust when we write songs together, and they are often full of strange laughs. I feel that we both have some kind of serious and gloomy humor.” Jolin even revealed that in music He is often indecisive when it comes to production, so Richard Craker has to take his computer on vacation and discuss and post-mix remotely from London and Bangkok via the Internet. The most difficult part was the communication between arrangement and sound design. Jolin described himself as like a baby learning to speak. He went online very seriously to learn the timbres of the instruments one by one, and finally completed this high-concentration happy song!


This MV invites new-generation director Peng Dawson to direct, transforming the happy melody into a surreal world of fantasy, and creating the three joyful treasures of “OH LA LA LA”: “A childlike heart/contented enjoyment of the moment/everything “Love people and things” as the main concept. In the MV, Jolin falls from the sky from a hot air balloon and falls into a messy and fast-paced office environment. Under the high-speed printer and heavy pressure, she has whimsical thoughts and suddenly transforms into a gorgeous queen, dancing to the rhythm with stunning and charming moves. The impressive magical dance instantly filled the entire office with an unstoppable magical atmosphere of joy! This video combines stage play design with colorful scenery and various imaginative pictures, giving people the illusion of falling into a surreal world. Jolin’s pink love hot air balloon and European-style elevators and castles with imaginative and non-realistic tones. The picture is filled with the ultimate joyful fantasy style, and the interweaving of reality and reality conveys the true meaning of happiness.


Jolin, who transformed into a working girl in the story, couldn’t help but laugh when she stepped into the office designed by the director: “I thought to myself at the first moment, ‘Oh my God! It’s so messy.’ As soon as I walked in, the table was full of Things made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. Even when we were filming, the desk in the office was so messy, so all I could think about was how to help clean it.” I was kidding myself that my Virgo “mysophobia” trait was suddenly revealed at this time! Not only that, in terms of styling, Jolin even wore three-dimensional love braids on her head. All her favorite elements are put in the MV. I hope everyone will feel full of happiness and satisfaction when watching the MV! The MV for “OH LA LA LA” will be online at 8pm on November 24th! Stay tuned!

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