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The 100th anniversary celebration of Disney Animation and the premiere of the original animated film “Star Wish” was grandly held with a dazzling star cast and a colorful event to pay tribute to the creation of Disney_Audience_China


Original title: Disney Animation Centenary Celebration and the premiere of the original animated film “Star Wish” was grandly held with a dazzling star cast and a colorful event to pay tribute to Disney’s creations

Disney Animation’s Centenary Celebration and the Premiere of the Original Animated Film “Star Wish” was grandly held with a dazzling star cast and a colorful event to pay tribute to Disney’s creations.

Time Network NewsAccording to news on November 17th, Beijing time, the Disney Animation Centenary Celebration and the Chinese premiere of the original animated film “Wish” were held grandly at Shanghai Disney Resort today. Disney Animation’s centenary celebrations will be held in China for the first time. Movie fans. More than a thousand fans and media joined the carnival on-site, and fans and audiences across the country participated in the event through multiple live broadcasts, starting a celebration for movie fans, witnessing the lighting of the star wish moment, and paying tribute to Disney’s century-old dream-making legend.

The premiere red carpet ceremony was star-studded and created many exciting moments. Mickey and Disney Friends start with a surprise. Zhou Shen, the singer of Disney’s 100th Anniversary Animation Carnival’s beloved suite “Movement of Adventure” and a popular singer, and Zhang Liangying, the singer of the Chinese theme song of the movie “Star Wish” of the same name and a powerful Chinese female singer, made stunning appearances.

The new-generation actor Yu Shi, who voices the cute, witty, loyal and lovely goat Valentino in the film, continued to ignite the enthusiasm of the fans as soon as he appeared on the stage. Liu Yifei, the well-known Chinese film and television actress who plays the heroine Asha in “Star Wish”, made her final appearance and cordially expressed her excitement about renewing her partnership with Disney after “Mulan” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Disney Animation.

star wish

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92 minutes – Animation/Fantasy/Family Released in the United States on November 24, 2023

The red carpet ceremony was extremely popular, and the festive atmosphere inside the premiere was even more of a highlight. The surprise opening performance of Mickey and 27 Disney friends took the lead in igniting the audience’s enthusiasm. Many Disney celebrity friends specially recorded videos to send birthday wishes for the centenary of Disney Animation, adding even more starry sparkle to the event.

The four celebrity guests who appeared on the red carpet, Zhou Shen, Zhang Liangying, Yu Shi, and Liu Yifei, took the stage again at the Walt Disney Grand Theater to share their indissoluble bond with Disney, talk about interesting behind-the-scenes creations of “Star Wish”, and also participated in the fun on the spot. Games to share your favorite Disney animated characters and beloved Disney hits. Zhou Shen sang excerpts from the beloved suite “Movement of Adventure” for Disney’s 100th Anniversary Animation Carnival, and Zhang Liangying performed the Chinese theme song of the same name from “Star Wish”, leading the audience to appreciate the charm of Disney animation’s golden songs with her highly contagious and moving singing voice, and be the first to experience the beautiful music. The “Star Wish” moment continued to increase the popularity of the premiere celebration.

On the night of the premiere celebration, a special projection of the theme castle for Disney Animation’s 100th Anniversary and the Chinese premiere of “Star Wish” was exclusively unveiled at the Enchanted Storybook Castle in Shanghai Disneyland.

The classic representative works of Walt Disney Animation Studio spanning a century are successively dreamily unveiled in the castle. The movie scenes of “Star Wish” are beautifully presented and cleverly interspersed with the turning moments of technological innovation from plane animation to 3D animation. It echoes the characteristics of “Star Wish” that creatively combines the charm of classic hand-drawn animation with CG animation in the picture creation. The dreamy projection of the words D100 and the gorgeous fireworks complement each other, becoming a witness to Disney Animation’s century-old dream-making journey, and also lighting up the beautiful wishes of “Star Wish”.


As “Star Wish” was unveiled for the first time in China, the first round of media reputation was overwhelming. The beautiful magic kingdom and exciting adventure story successfully conquered the premiere audience, who said it was “an unmissable masterpiece of the year”. “Wonderful stories, charming characters, warm emotions, and wild imagination, every scene is breathtakingly beautiful!” And the surprise special commemorative short film “Disney Animation·100 Years of Dream Building” also moved people of different ages. audience and received unanimous praise.

Stars shone brightly in the Shanghai night sky, and audiences across the country participated in the event online and offline. The 100th anniversary celebration of Disney Animation and the Chinese premiere of “Star Wish” ended magnificently with splendid fireworks, and the enthusiastic comments from the first batch of mainland audiences were heartening. The upcoming release adds to the anticipation. Disney’s annual animated masterpiece “Star Wish” will be launched in Mainland theaters on November 24 in 2D, 3D, CINITY, Dolby, and Chinese giant screen versions. The gorgeous adventure of pursuing the “Star Wish” in your heart is waiting for you to start together!

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