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213 musicians are releasing “core” records at 0 threshold_Amber_Works_Pre-sale

213 musicians are releasing “core” records at 0 threshold_Amber_Works_Pre-sale
213 musicians are releasing “core” records at 0 threshold_Amber_Works_Pre-sale

Original title: 213 musicians are releasing “core” records with zero threshold

Amber’s self-publishing PASS program helps original musicians realize their recording dreams. Since August this year, Amber’s self-publishing PASS program has attracted a total of 213 musicians to join Amber’s self-publishing camp and use PASS cards to directly earn income. Whether they are well-known star-level artists or niche independent creators who are gathering music fans, they have all chosen to self-publish music PASS cards on Amber and obtain their own music income by directly monetizing “core” records. .

For many musicians, especially independent musicians who are not signed to labels or record companies, releasing physical records of their works is often an elusive dream. Without company endorsement, musicians must advance production costs of hundreds or even thousands of copies, and bear the risk of slow sales and overstocked inventory. However, in Amber’s self-publishing PASS plan, these are things that musicians don’t need to worry about.

Musicians only need to upload the information required to create a PASS card in the Amber Artist Backstage, and they can directly and unconditionally start group pre-sale. It will be put into production as soon as the pre-sale starts. Each group purchase is based on 100 cards. Even if they are not sold out within the pre-sale period, the remaining PASS cards can be flexibly processed through Amber buyback and other methods to ensure that no music is given. People create financial burdens. Amber provides musicians with comprehensive protection to ensure that their works can be successfully published as physical recordings.

For musicians, every song and every record is like their own child. The reason why many musicians are unwilling to cooperate with large companies is that they are unwilling to hand over copyright and creative freedom. However, after Amber releases the physical album, once all music PASS cards are uploaded and approved, Amber will apply for blockchain certificates for songs and albums for free. After successfully completing the group pre-sale, Amber will advance the funds to apply for ISRC copyright certificate for the PASS card album. In this way, original works can be fully protected, ensuring that musicians have 100% copyright autonomy over their works.

In addition, Amber’s staff will provide follow-up guidance services to musicians throughout the process to assist them through the entire process. All musicians who create PASS cards during the self-publishing PASS program will also have the opportunity to receive one-on-one promotion and operation guidance from the weekly live broadcast event of the video account “Amber APP” “Amber Self-Publishing Studio”, and even have the opportunity to personally participate in “Amber Self-Publishing Studio” Self-Publishing Studio” live event, face-to-face communication with the founder of Amber and outstanding musicians!

In order to further assist the promotion and dissemination of original musicians’ works, Amber officially launched the appraisal officer mechanism. From senior singers, producers and DJs in the music industry to managers in the recording industry, Amber has invited a number of well-known industry insiders who also love music as recommendation officers to support the self-publishing of all original musicians. All music PASS cards created and sold during the event will be sent to the music judges in batches after the initial screening for selection and listening by the judges. Works that share the same spirit as the recommendation officer will be recommended or reviewed, and you will have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the recommendation officer at the Amber Self-Publishing Studio!

Good music should be heard and recognized! The Amber Self-Publishing PASS program is just such a platform that allows original musicians to realize their dreams of free publishing. By assisting the promotion and dissemination of original music, Amber is injecting continuous vitality into the future of music.Return to Sohu to see more


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