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‘Youth Is Different’ Nanshan Weekend Music Festival concludes in Shenzhen

‘Youth Is Different’ Nanshan Weekend Music Festival concludes in Shenzhen
‘Youth Is Different’ Nanshan Weekend Music Festival concludes in Shenzhen

Source: Yangcheng Evening News Yunshang Lingnan
Author: Wang Jun
Publication time: 2023-11-17 23:25

In a perfect finale at the 2023 Shenzhen Talent Carnival Night held in Shenzhen Talent Park, the ‘Youth Is Different’ Nanshan Weekend Music Festival marked its triumphant conclusion.

As part of Shenzhen’s inaugural Talent Carnival, the event drew a diverse crowd, showcasing over 10 musical compositions. The intertwining voices and melodies echoed amidst the mountains and sea, with youthful singers Su Wanyu, JINGJING, and Boosts Guawang (single) passionately performing. The atmosphere ignited, providing a fulfilling conclusion to this vibrant youth story.

Introduced as one of the public cultural events in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district for 2023, the Nanshan Weekend Music Festival, themed ‘Youth Is Different’ unfolded with enthusiasm from September 16th. Over the past three months, the festival featured 18 groups of popular artists from the trendy music scene, eight presenting unique concerts.

As a central district in the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen’s Nanshan district continues to enhance its brand event influence. On one hand, it cultivates refined musical events, crafting a batch of artistic masterpieces to interpret the grand era. On the other hand, it introduces inclusive cultural activities for the public, allowing everyone to share in the rhythms of popular music and elevate the city’s cultural lifestyle through music.

Notably, the Nanshan Weekend Music Festival stands out as a cultural welfare project initiated by the Nanshan district government for 14 consecutive years. It aims to direct high-quality cultural resources and services to grassroots levels, bridging the “last mile” of public cultural services .

The music festival was a collaborative effort between the Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality and Tencent Music’s QQ Music. It featured original trendy music from local youth and campus singers, injecting youthful vitality into the Nanshan district, an urban center of music.

Shenzhen: “Youth is Different Young” Nanshan weekend concert ends

Recently, at the night of the 2023 Shenzhen Talent Carnival held in Shenzhen Talent Park, a Nanshan weekend concert with the theme of “Youth Must Be Different” came to a perfect conclusion.

As one of the series of activities of Shenzhen’s first Talent Carnival, the day’s event attracted many citizens to participate. More than 10 pieces of music were presented one after another. The intertwined human voices and musical sounds echoed between the mountains and the sea. Three young people, Su Wanyu, JINGJING and Boosts, The singer sang passionately, and the atmosphere in the audience was explosive, which brought the youth music story to a successful conclusion.

According to reports, as one of the public cultural activities in Nanshan District, Shenzhen in 2023, the “Youth Must Be Different” Nanshan Weekend Concert will be staged on September 16. In the past three months, Nanshan Weekend Concerts have gathered 18 groups of popular popular music artists were selected to present 8 unique concerts.

As the central urban area of ​​the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen Nanshan District continues to enhance the influence of brand activities. On the one hand, we create elegant music brand activities, carefully polish a number of literary and artistic masterpieces, and use literary and artistic masterpieces to annotate the great era; on the other hand, we launch cultural activities that benefit all people, allowing everyone to share popular notes, and use music to enhance the quality of urban humanistic life.

Among them, the Nanshan Weekend Concert is a cultural benefit project created by the Nanshan District Government for 14 consecutive years. It aims to guide high-quality cultural resources and cultural services to be more inclined to the grassroots and open up the “last mile” of public cultural services.

The “Youth is Different” themed weekend concert was jointly created by the Shenzhen Nanshan District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and Tencent Music Entertainment Group QQ Music. It invited Shenzhen young singers and campus singers to bring original trendy music, injecting it into the Nanshan Music City of youthful vitality.

Text | Reporter Wang Jun
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Editor | Wang Nan
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